Unbinding Our Limiting Beliefs

Whether we realize it or not, we are the designers, directors and producers of our own lives, regardless of our apparent situation. We experience our current lives because of how we have created them, probably unintentionally, in the past, not necessarily the forms, but definitely the vibratory quality. The limits that we live within are self-imposed and resolvable. If we have a clear intent, we can resolve the limiting beliefs that are hidden deeply within our innate consciousness by examining them in the light of what we know in our heart is intuitively true.

We have learned to regard the empirical world as solid and available for the stimulation of our senses. This is a play within our own consciousness. Quantum physicists have found that what we recognize as matter is actually electromagnetic energy patterns. Even what we recognize as sub-atomic particles, which comprise everything in the empirical world, are actually patterns of conscious, spinning energy waves, which stimulate recognition through our senses. It is our conscious recognition that gives them the quality that we recognize as substance. We can change our recognition by changing our perspective. We can intentionally unlimit ourselves, resulting in a different world of experience.

When we realize that the empirical world exists as we believe it to be, and that it is our beliefs that keep us locked into experiences within a limited band of wave patterns, we can decide to open ourselves to awareness beyond time and space, while modulating the energy patterns in our experience. Our emotional and mental state of being has an energetic vibration. This is what magnetically attracts energy patterns in the quantum field that align with our vibrations. We may go from positive to negative polarities and back again. We may imagine having unscrupulous rulers, and everyone around us may imagine the same thing. This need not affect us.

We are free to have our own perspective. We live within the vibratory patterns that we entertain in our awareness, those that we dwell upon and align with. When we choose to imagine feeling joyful and unlimited in every moment, we enter this state of being, and we no longer interact with negative, low-vibration energies. We can live in a higher dimension of harmonics and light by being in nature. We can feel ourselves aligning with the energies all around us, and we can open our awareness to universal consciousness and unlimited creativity.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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