Council of Overseers: New Moon, January 31/February 1st, 2022; Higher Heart

Expansion, Love and being open to adapt to sudden change. This has been building for a while now as the frequencies shift throughout this Galaxy. NOW with this New Moon, the focus on transformation continues to be paramount, with the ability to shift quickly. Adapt more quickly. Loving yourself in the process, more unconditionally.

This New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st (for some of you January 31st) is at 1:46 am AST. New Moon energy is the frequency of new beginning. Mercury Retrograde is still taking place and will lessen in its impact February 4th on. Venus at the time of the New Moon will begin its post ~ Retrograde shadow till March 1st, 2022.

This New Moon is square Uranus. A very tense energy of sudden outbursts of rebellion, resistance, anger, revolt, may take place. Now as all energy and transformation always is WITHIN oneself first. When possible, regulate your own energies and emotions by TRULY observing your own thoughts and impulses. Although this strong impulse may be present and depending on your own frequency will impact your inner world, then your outer world as result. We also MAY experience Venus trine Uranus, more powerfully.

For some of you the anger and revolt and increased intense energy may occur. For some of you Venus trine Uranus may be felt more powerfully. Venus trine Uranus offers through true inner LOVE to offer solace and comfort during change. During major upheaval.

As within you so is the World, the Galaxy the Universe. The changes through the Central Sun are impacting ALL in all moments. This may be experienced as the Quantum Field and also as your own personal life plan through your original Blueprint.

The intense energy of the Magnetic pole shift are profound and the energy from the Sun, impacting all in all moments, even if someone is unaware of this.

This inner pressure is akin to being a diamond in the rough. IT is not there as your enemy. It is present to help with you transformation to the Gold; the eternal you, that you are.

Staying present in ALL MOMENTS, being the observer of what is creating your reality.

TUNING in to your heart and higher heart in all moments through your breath. This only is what helps you through what is to be and to go through you, as your ASCENSION.

This will be experienced in many different ways as in personal experience.

The TRANSCENDENCE of the old world, is within. YOU NOW can live in the evolved world or your own inner making. The Cosmic God Self YOU is ready now.

This is through your Higher Heart.

We bless you in this, Beloved ones of the Eternal Divine to which we now activate. In the Sacredness of LOVE and the Higher Heart eternal voice. Only now.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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