From 3D To 4D And 5D: The Symptoms

All these symptoms are caused by the flow of powerful energies coming to Earth and transforming the being of the Fifth Race into a Light, highly vibrational Sixth Race.

On a Subtle Plane, the flow looks like an aimed Ray. It formed an ethereal field around the planet which is now stabilizing as a 4D Matrix. It’s saturated with the codes of the Absolute, and by them, Co-Creators accelerate the transformation not only of people but also of all living nature.

The Ray descending to Earth has not only a highly vibrational energy field but also has Intelligence. Its flow penetrates each of us, scanning whether our physical and Subtle Bodies can accept and launch transformative programs. Thus, those who can absorb the energy of the Ray and live in new vibrational conditions are selected.

With each passing day, the energies of 4D are compacted and increasingly affect the conscious and unconscious inhabitants of 3D. Now there is not only a division of 3D and 4D Matrices but also people into two Races that are moving further away from each other.

Those, who don’t want to leave 3D, and those, who are ready for the Transition or are already in 4D, accept and assimilate quantum streams in different ways.

In those who have developed this ability by Spiritual practice, and resonate with the energies of the Ray, it transforms the heart and brain. In others, for whom it’s easier to die than to change, the destruction of the physical body and accelerated withdrawal from the current incarnation are triggered.

Penetrating the seventh (crown) chakra, the Ray reads out and transforms the neurons of the brain. The intense flow activates the chakra that causes a migraine which is the first sign of both acceptance and non-acceptance of new energies.

The Ray has a similar effect on our heart, its chakra. Everything in total determines which of the 16 timelines each of us will go to.

As for people who have isolated themselves from the Ray, it flows around them along the contour of their biofield and begins to affect areas of mental structures where there are breakdowns.

Thus, destructive energy processes on the physical and Subtle Planes are accelerated, according to the developed karmic program.

To preserve Souls, they are removed from 3D bodies.

Each of us now consciously chooses accelerated delivery of karmic lessons.

For some, this brings the completion of the current incarnation of the Soul, for others, it helps to enter a new qualitative round of life.

So the prophecy comes true: “I tell you a mystery.

We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.

For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.

For this perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality”

(1 Corinthians 15:51-53).

Sometimes, during meditation or prayer, a picture appears in the forehead area in the form of circular, three-dimensional waves, red and yellow spectrum of different saturation. It resembles a hologram.

This is how the AETRON Radiant energy affects us. It has Intelligence and is embedded not only in all systems of the planet but also in our bodies, helping those who follow the path of Spirituality to develop faster.

The planets of the Solar System, receiving new quantum streams from the Source, sort them by energy intensity and saturate Earth with vital energy so that it can nurture the Sixth Race. Switching to new timelines, we get the corresponding programs.

Under the impact of AETRON energy, our brain is reprogrammed. Its layers, tissues, and parts are warming up with different levels of intensity, creating new neural connections, and removing worn-out ones.

There is a full brain update. New programs are loaded instead of the old soft. The cells are washed with energy flows, being cleansed of unnecessary information.

The software of the third dimension is archived. In the future, it will be useful to Co-Creators in other parts of the Local Universe, where nothing goes to waste.

Locks are removed from those functions and programs of our brain that could not be used in the third dimension but were originally laid down. Are also unpacked downloads that were blocked as a result of our negative development.

The connections of the brain with the rest of the body are re-coded and tested. It causes tickling, itching, sudden brief pains, irritation, and the like. Some sort of contacts check-up. The functions of various structures and parts of the brain are updated.

At the same time, the program of our Transition to the new 4D space is being laid. This is how we are prepared to interact with unfamiliar energies.

The load on all brain structures is increasing. It needs support. Therefore, these days many of us were drawn to sweets.Now it is better not to overwork our heads with unnecessary information, excessive intellectual pursuits. It is worth listening to what our body wants: to sleep, relax, take a walk in the fresh air and clear our head, sit, lie down, be alone, etc.

The process that is currently taking place is global. We gradually get increasing doses of vibrations, and our task is to take it or not.

Isolation and detachment from this world help many to adapt. They perceive everything that is happening like a movie, where all the actors are just characters, and no longer invest the energy in this soap opera.

With an increase in vibrations, hypersensitivity appears. We begin to see and feel with each of our cells someone else’s pain as our own. And it blows our minds.

Compassion, sensuality is our depth. It’s easy to fall in love. It is incredibly difficult then to let go of everyone we care about.

Letting go is a matter of great concern to us. Until we let go of everything, there can be no question of complete withdrawal from 3D.

As noted above, vibes’ density is being added to us every day now. And only those who let everyone and everything go will be able to accept high freqs. These are the vibrations of Ascension. This is what dilutes our dense tissue to an energetic state.

Many of us noticed how suddenly our relatives or friends abruptly changed their attitude towards us from love to detachment. And suddenly those, who had not appeared for a long time, are out of the blue/called/wrote. Rapprochement and separation…

There are more and more unusual symptoms. The atoms in our cells are spinning faster, and our Subtle Bodies are shining brighter. And many of us see flashes jets from ourselves.

Co-Creators help us. The plasma of the Universe’s ocean washes our Souls, purifies, and frees us from everything that we have taken upon ourselves.

Now everything is ignited from the depths from within us. Everything sparkles. Everything is electrolyzed and waiting for the climax.It can be accompanied by many other reactions. Flatulency. Pressure, pulsation, and compression in the bridge of the nose, frontal and ocular part of the skull, and inside the head. A lot of mucus goes away. The skin becomes lighter and thinner. All our veins and capillaries are exposed through it. Flaking (nodules) can form on the palms with strong pressure.

The body hums vibrate and pulsate. Feeling of anxiety. Heaviness in the body. More often, the entire right side (organs, part of the skull, right arm, and leg) suffers. Floating gait, it’s hard to walk. Apathy. Pain and tingling in different parts. Compression of the jaws – hence the pain in the teeth…

We wake up every day, as if in different places. And again have to get used to a new space. Everything is not clear here, and it isn’t comfortable. By the evening, we think we got used to it. And the next morning, everything changes again.

And here the main thing must be not to drown out this daily discomfort. It is good for those who have already learned to accept uncomfortable states without the desire to correct them. Who doesn’t want to get rid of this discomfort, for example, by watching a movie or music clips. Intentional distractions (the old-fashioned way) only distance us from accepting and dissolving new energies in our living space.

The energies lead us upward. We need a strong immune system so as not to break down. Do not be capricious but remember that everything changes daily. Do not get tired of going and accepting with humility and peace of mind what comes into our life.Now it is not we who are creating our usual day. It’s created for us the way we need energetically. We are only responding to what is happening. How gently we adapt to new energies depends on this response in the form of our actions, emotions, and states. Because there will be more of flows tomorrow.

Every day is a challenge and a test of our readiness to ascend. That’s why it’s so important now to listen to ourselves and our desires. The Soul knows better what will help us feel more comfortable in this process. And by the fact that during the day the morning feeling of discomfort will dissolve into events, we can track how well we have established a connection with our Soul.

Is something aggravating the discomfort? So, we stepped into the wrong place.How long will such a process last? By spring, the energies could be softer, and we will get used to the space that is being updated for us, we will acquire the skills of maneuvering in it. It will still be too early to rest. But we’ll cope. Our life is equal to one working day of our Soul.

**By Lev


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    This is so en.light.ening and enlightening. Thank you all for your love and light and this revealing article.