The Call

If our entire cosmos is a “Temple”, and if the planets and stars are the chapters and verses of the COSMIC HOLY BOOK of that Temple, we are perhaps being “called to prayer” without realizing it as solar flares, solar winds, helio-spheric current sheets, coronal mass ejections, and more pour down upon us “holy anointings” as we experience, for example, numerical synchronicities or ringing in our ears.

These are definitely not coincidences because too many around the globe are having these experiences. Let us explore this a bit more. People are steadily reporting the sighting of double and triple numbers such as “22”, “33”, “55” ,”1111″, “222”, “333”, “444” on clock faces, on sales receipts, on television commercials, on billboards, on vehicle license plates, etc.

Sometimes these numbers are called “Angel Numbers” or “Divine Codes”.

The number “444” is thought to be the special number of the Archangel Raphael whose name translates from Hebrew as “God Heals”.

Some persons analyze numbers from the perspective of the Pythagorean Numerical System and some from the more ancient Kabbalah.

Just analyzing “444” (four hundred forty four) from a Kabbalistic orientation is extremely enlightening.

The number “400” is the letter TAV whose message is “Our mission in life is to redeem our own Souls and by doing so, to help to redeem the Earth.

Thus, we must constantly seek to express and to nurture our highest qualities.”

The number “40” is the letter MEM, and its message is “Venture into the depths of the Soul, for the sea of human consciousness is powerful; intuitive knowledge is key.

Be aware of spirit guides.”

The number “4” is the letter DALED whose message is “Every person we encounter and each experience is a spiritual passageway to Higher Consciousness.

We unlock these passageways via concentration on the Divine, for through the Infinite All we are given the key to the door of Higher Consciousness.” (My thanks to the research of Kabbalist Edward Hoffman).

Therefore, the overall message of “444” is “Redemption of the Earth comes via connecting with the Soul and its intuitive communication because in this manner we are opening a Divine passageway leading to Higher Consciousness”.

Since the word “angel” is from the root Sanskrit term “anjali” which translates as “offering” and “to pray”, we can indeed say that the double and triple numbers being constantly seen are the higher realms endeavoring to reach us, and the messages they contain can be deciphered in many ways according to various metaphysical systems.

The point, however, is that people must study these metaphysical systems and not allow themselves to be “indoctrinated” by notions of those who are not adequately knowledgeable about ancient Divinely-revealed teachings.

In the Pythagorean system, the number “444” is 4 plus 4 plus 4 which equals 12 which rounds out to 3 whose final message is “creativity”, “expansion”, and “prosperity”.

This is a great message of abundance.

Some, however, would not further add “444” and say that its message is a triple “4” and the number “4” is “structure and perfection” in its higher message or “hard work for little gain” in its lower message.

So here, the lesson is that according to a person’s level of consciousness, he or she will experience the higher or the lower aspect of the number which drives his or her lifestyle of thought, feeling, words, and actions.

These, too, are vital teachings. therefore, in both systems—Pythagorean or Kabbalah—we can derive important information.

In Protestant churches, devotees are called to altar prayer after songs by the choir and a sermon from the Minister who usually then says: “Let us pray”.

In Catholic churches, bells are rung.

In a mosque, the congregation is called to prayer before the services begin by a man calling the “Adhan” from a pulpit, and the loud call is “Hayah Ala Salat (said twice) Haya Alel Salah” (said twice) which loosely translates into English as “Come to prayer. Come to salvation.”

In Sanatana Dharma (mistakenly called “Hinduism”), bells called “Tingshas” are usually rung three times to begin ceremonies (prayer or meditation) in a Mandir” (“Temple”).

A Buddhist monk usually pounds upon a huge gong to announce ceremonies.

Various paths of service to SOURCE have their unique ways of announcing that time has arrived to honor the CREATOR and Divine revelations as espoused through the many holy books.

Perhaps the sounds in the ears that so many of us are now regularly having whether the sounds are soft or loud ringing, gong-like resonances, or blaring tones are the human collective being “called to prayer”.

Perhaps the so-called “problem” that many people and doctors are naming “Tinnitus” is not really a hearing imbalance at all.

If people would pray and meditate when these experiences occur, perhaps a Divine revelation would happen in the form of an audio-psychic message, an open vision, or an inner knowing because these are sounds from other dimensions.

Perhaps because “modern” mankind has become so arrogant, egotistical, and has tampered with Nature, and has disconnected from the “Divine Throne Room” in so many ways, other methods to reach the human collective have mercifully been “arranged” by SOURCE.

The ancients (as long as they were righteous and devoted to SOURCE) were more receptive of metaphysical, spiritual, and mystical, occurrences than many “modern” people who render ancient beliefs as superstition, witchcraft, or demonic.

The “Now” requires that we recognize that “modern” humanity has not done a very good job of taking care of the planetary home.

Humanity has faltered in its having been given dominion over the Earth (known in other languages as “Gaia”, as “Geb”, as “Bhum” and more).

Let us consider that with the numbers or with the ringing in the ears as wlll as with the solar flares, flashes, winds, plasma particles, increasing light from the Great Central Sun and the Photon Belt, crossing through a solar sectory boundary, seeing sparkling comets that refuse to soar into the Sun and melt, explosions from super novas—we are being called to prayer by the GREAT SPIRIT–by SOURCE—in so many glorious ways.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali