Twin Flames Ascension Report: Valentine’s Day Portal

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time, with much news to share with you ever evolving humanity.

It’s very important at this stage in our personal and collective evolution that we take full responsibility for who we are as co-creators of this holographic collective matrix.

The old powers that were, have convinced everyone to focus on the world that they do not want to create. And so much time, money and effort has been placed within an agenda to keep humanity locked into timelines, whereby they are obsessively focused on that, which they do not wish to experience.

It is time that we, as a human family, awaken from this paradigm of immaturity and spiritual illusion. We are all fractals of the living God, and as such, our powers are activated when we speak the words, I am.

May all of you reading these words, take full ownership of your creative powers, and from this moment on, start speaking the world that you wish to experience into manifestation.

You have a choice in every moment, to choose to focus on the world that you do not wish to experience or to co-create the world that you do not wish to experience.

There is no judgement. The choice is always on you. I hope and pray that through reading these words, that you attain deep inspiration to apply this message to every area of your life.

I promise you, you will experience profound transformation and upgrades in all the areas that you apply this principle.

There are so many huge shifts taking place within the collective consciousness at the moment. And the plandemic narrative is collapsing in real time, as we speak.

There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment, and the globalists are quivering in their boots. None of them accounted for this level of awakened humanity when they curated their nefarious plans to harm humanity.

Indeed, one truly enlightened person is enough to completely derail their agenda, but they did not account for a whole army of fully enlightened awakened gods and goddesses standing tall in full remembrance of their spiritual duty and responsibility to serve eternal love.

Because of this, this has activated huge shifts within the collective timeline, and there is a very powerful, great awakening timeline that is predominant within the collective field.

The more of us that can focus on this great awakening timeline, the more we can actualise it into our physical reality, because we are all co-creators of this holographic version of reality through the thoughts, attention, and intention that we perpetuate.

The energies are now building up towards the powerful Valentine’s Day portal. And this promises to be an extremely powerful and auspicious portal date for all of us on the Twin Flame Ascension path.

I have been guided to host a transmission for Valentine’s Day, which I will be hosting earlier than usual, as I will be launching my second Twin Flame container on Valentine’s Day.

Please see below to receive information about my second Twin Flame container.

The Valentine’s Day transmission will involve an extremely powerful protocol to detach ourselves individually and collectively from the Archonic degenerative ageing program.

It is very important that we address this issue and understand that ageing is a program that was implemented into humanity’s DNA at the time of Atlantis.

Please remember that we are the ones that we have been waiting for and praying for and through our multi-dimensionally awakened avatar consciousness, we are able to entirely change the nefarious scripts and create the timelines that serve us.

Please know that in the transmission, we are going to be addressing this issue of completely detaching from the old Archonic ageing program. And we will place ourselves on the brand new timeline of eternal life and perpetual youth.

In the Valentine’s Day transmission, we will also be activating an extremely powerful and auspicious blessing for all the 144,000 Twin Flames. I will be sharing a transmission and download of the highest order that will calibrate you towards physical union in a way that I have never ever transmitted before.

Please know that I will not be hosting an after party for this transmission, as the after party will be the second Twin Flame container. Please see below.

There are other aspects to the Valentine’s Day transmission, which will be revealed in due course.

The divine feminine collective is rising now like never before. She is wearing her crown and owning her divinity and moving through the world as a fully awakened goddess.

This is sending codes and signals to her divine masculine counterpart that she is completely dis-attached and has let go.

This is enabling the divine masculine to awaken in his own time, as he is feeling the absence of her spiritually vibration-ally and emotionally at the moment. This has all been ordained to activate the next level of the divine masculine’s awakening. And if you are reading these words and are a divine feminine in separation, please know that there is a huge number of divine feminines that will be receiving contact from their divine masculine over the Valentine’s Day period.

This is such an exciting time for us all to be alive. We have the best seats in the universe. Please get your popcorn out, brothers and sisters. 2022 promises to be the most extraordinary year we have ever experienced.

In love and eternal light

Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.


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