Be The Bridge to Love; Tap Your Inner Strength Amidst Volatility

To meet the increasing volatility of February, we are called to go within and tap our inner strength sourced in love. The Year of the Tiger that started February 1 can be our ally. Continue reading to learn how tiger energy can help you be the bridge to love regardless of how volatile things get.


Tiger energy can take things up a notch – especially in 2022 with the US Pluto return becoming exact this month. Since Pluto signifies death and rebirth on a mega scale, look for amplified events and unexpected twists-and-turns. What we have unfolding will have both personal and collective impact for years to come.

Tigers as An Ally

How can tigers be our ally? Tigers are a symbolic power animal, associated with strength and the ability to courageously act on what we believe is right and just. In shamanic traditions, tigers are a teacher — bringing truth to light and providing energy to walk through the fire of volatility and unknowns.

These times require that we face what is in front of us, and use it for our own awakening and to bring light into seemingly unsolvable situations. We do this with unbounded inner strength, which we have been learning to source over lifetimes in preparation for being alive now.

We are not new to challenges. Living on this Earth plane is full of them. We are seasoned, beyond what we know and remember!

3 Ways to Use Tiger Energy to Be The Bridge to Love

Invoke tiger energy daily to help you find the courage within yourself to be compassionate when those around you are caught up in fear that stops them from doing the right thing.

Call upon your inner tiger to open your heart to those who cannot find love in themselves.

When you get overwhelmed or stuck, ask your inner tiger to light a fire of inspiration within you – helping you to connect with one single step you can take to get calm and present. Take that step–even if it’s simply a walk in nature–and you will find within yourself a boundless reservoir of creativity to lift yourself and others higher.

**By Selacia


One Reply to “Be The Bridge to Love; Tap Your Inner Strength Amidst Volatility”

  1. John Robbins

    Being a Dragon, Tiger energy feels more aggressive than powerful, but that free spirited Tiger aggression should be sublimated, and so it turns protective and nurturing energetically.

    A year to take more time for myself, with the goal to bring a healing balm to the Awakening Collective, is my personal take from this message.