Master Babaji: Injustice Removed

Shri Babaji has come for the sake of justice and to remove injustice. He is the supreme spiritual power and yet has a human body to accomplish what no other power can. Babaji remains in Heidakhan with his human body, and yet he manifests everywhere in the world.” (Babaji Speaks: Prophecies and Teachings, G. Reichel Publishing House, p. 86)

JJK: To eliminate the injustice – to this my question: Was there ever a time when the injustice had such dimensions, was it ever so world-wide and total?

BABAJI: Yes! In those societies that develop linearly like this and worship artificial intelligence as their new god, there injustice is absolute and every human right is abolished.

Societies where people are unfree but feel free have perfected injustice and very few still think for themselves. The way out is cataclysms.

The ancient Atlanteans

Happened in Atlantis when towards the end of this initially glorious culture only the manipulation with energies, which finally could not be tamed anymore, played a role. Atlantis sank because there was no other way for the healing of the abused people. And those ancient Atlanteans are you today.

You who are reading this have witnessed the abuse of atomic and electromagnetic energy on Atlantis. That is why you are here today, to make it better today. That is your mission that you were born with.

JJK: And you’re helping us do that?

BABAJI: That’s right! I stand with you and I hold the gates open for all people who have chosen the light-filled and nurturing future in the fullness of God, that they can also reach this goal.

That is what it is all about!

I defuse explosive situations where they could become life-threatening for the light warriors of this time. Experiences of self-empowerment are incumbent upon you, but whoever remains inwardly focused on the good, on life and on God, will never end up living on a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence or by the abuse of power and energy.

You are here so that – as long as it is possible and necessary – you provide your knowledge, your energy and your love for the awakening of your human brothers and sisters.

It is a service of pure love. Even if you meet rejection, if you are rejected, if you are even met with hatred:

Don’t expect to be loved by everyone for what you do, just expect that at some point every act of love will have a positive effect on the whole. And that’s what it’s all about.


I remove the injustice in this world and I end the darkness on this earth.

I light the light in your heart, as you have earned it and as it is due to all people who place themselves under my protection.

Do not worry, for I care for you!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


11 Replies to “Master Babaji: Injustice Removed”

  1. Stacy

    We are still here in this 3d realm, and it’s still very easy to have linear thinking, and assume along those lines which we have been programmed to do. Love is abound and rampart and in the heARTS ~of many, and always we are expanding out and pouring out love into the filaments and affecting the collective consciousness. Game is over for the lower vibrations, it WILL be impossible for them to withstand these energies. Let love live~

  2. Susan

    Ok Wanderer, basically you are saying you would rather live under the rule of a Putin, or China or the Taliban and not a democracy. Not that our democracy and trial by jury system is working as intended right now since the law never applies to elites the same way it applies to the rest of us. And I admit, if I came home to someone thrashing my 87 year old Mom, my 1st instinct would not be forgiveness. It would be to take my biggest cast iron frying pan and beat the crap out of them, before calling police. But instant execution by a judge and jury of 1? I don’t think you would like where that leads to.

    1. Wanderer


      Basically I’m saying that if I happen to meet a snake standing up and beginning to open its mouth, I would at once take the axe and chop it into pieces before it can bite me.
      (This already happened.)

      And by the way: Democracy is an illusion. In democracies always the (stupid) majority decides. It’s like two wolves and one sheep deciding about the next meal.
      Got the point? 😉

        1. Wanderer


          These are two comparisons, therefore the brackets.
          Here’s another one: “Democracy is the dictatorship of idiots.” (Friedrich von Schiller)

          “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” (Thomas Sowell)

          Democracy has totally failed. Otherwise we would not experience what we do today.


          1. Wanderer

            By the way, Susan,

            the thought that 3D is an illusion has been played into Your mind and therefore is in itself an illusion (Latin ‘in’ + ‘ludere’, to play)

            If You want to find out whether this is true or not, simply slip on the staircase and break a leg. Then You will see and feel how real this “illusion” is.

          2. Susan

            Yes Wanderer, I agree, we dont really have a democracy. It’s failed. I guess it’s just the thought of people going door to door executing the ones they judge as wrong that seems like a worse system. I have a soft spot for animals, and am a huge advocate of animal rights against abuses. What if someone decided that was an evil perspective. Would it be just to kill me?

            And to your comment about illusion: I have often held your view and struggle with the illusion story. Maybe it’s just a way to soothe the pain and upset I feel when I look at all the suffering, a way to detach from it because I feel powerless and impotent to actually change it, like a David standing up to a Goliath. Is meditating and sending out love enough?

            I don’t know. We are all doing the best we can. I appreciate the exchange of ideas here, and wish you well.

    1. Wanderer


      Yeah, You’re right!

      So, if someone rapes Your daughter, don’t punish him. Instead, hug him and give him a kiss! – Love for all! ♥️♥️♥️😁

  3. Wanderer

    Injustice will never disappear through love only. That has been proved for millennia.
    Injustice will be removed as soon as justice comes in.

    The war between the Darkies and the races of the Light is ages old and will probably continue for more ages if the menace doesn’t get finished off for good.
    DEGAUSSING the enemy may be the simple magick that could bring lasting peace to the galaxy.

    Otherwise remember this: “The measure you use to judge others will be used to judge you.”

    This means that we should not judge the Darkies by our standards but use their own rules to judge them, which in case of most draconians and their minions means death-penalty “on the spot”.

    My opinion.