Blossom Goodchild, White Cloud, and a Surprise Visit from the Federation Of Light

To post this video has taken some courage. I feel rather … I guess … ‘vulnerable’ would be the word. I have never known White Cloud to be so emotional … AND … A surprize visit from The Federation Of Light. It is so rare that they speak through me.

Anyway, gotta be done … Here it is. Enjoy!

8 Replies to “Blossom Goodchild, White Cloud, and a Surprise Visit from the Federation Of Light”

  1. Evan Nonge

    No comment, however, I am desperately looking for Blossom Goodchild’s email address. We electronically met long time ago in around 2003/2004.

    She asked me then if I had already told people as to who I am, of which I haven’t even at this time, because of a particular reason I would like to discuss with her.

    Evan Azwinndini Nonge.

  2. John Robbins

    Thanks dearest Blossom, White Cloud and GFL. This was riveting from the start. I didn’t want it to end !!

  3. Susla

    I am always feeling bad vibes when listening to her white cloud.
    First time I listened to her white cloud person I was a fan of hers, but he was very judgemental, and I started listening more carefully to her stuff, and using more discernment, as a channeling is not suppose to be judmental if it is from divine.

    1. sea

      Oftentimes channels don’t realize they’re channelling trickster energy. If something in the message feels odd, red flag. Most just gloss over it because they’re hearing most of what they want to hear. It’s not going to help them in the end.

  4. J

    What a Beautiful message from White Cloud and the Federation. 🙂 Much love to you for bringing these messages forward to humanity.

    1. Kelly

      I love you Blossom! Thank you SO much for sharing as there are many blessings contained within.

      Tremendous love and gratitude to White Cloud and the Federation Of Light. Am also including Mr Goody!

      There have been several times when the thoughts of celebrations have been with me. It’s been a blessing for me, too, to remember this… knowing that each threat is only a threat. Also that all that is happening is meant to be. That it has to happen in order to wake up sleepers.

      Each soul is a tuning fork. Higher vibrational souls are raising the vibrations of others. Just by being. Just by holding the light, love, and truth. It’s a wave of energies which keeps rippling through and increasing. Thank you for just being YOU!