Council of Overseers: Accessing Your Supoerpowers

We are present with you on Planet Earth, we are The Divine Council of Overseers. We are blessing your awareness for your personal greater Union with all that you are, already.

The Divine Glory that exists eternally now, is accessible for all through their heart.

This Divine Marriage and Mystical Union, which has been sought after throughout the millennia, ironically, already exists for you. The attempt to grasp something that one is not aware of, that seems out of reach, becomes counter intuitive.

The very nature of Divine power would be to most humans a sought after SUPERPOWER, which may include many different types of powers. Yet also for some, Divine power does not exist in their awareness at all.

Celestial power, unearthly power, psychic power; telepathy, psychokinesis (among many) which may include, metaphysical awareness, healing, transcendence, miracles, ascension, bilocation and much more, would be incomprehensible for most to imagine as real.

Yet all of these SUPERPOWERS are held within your heart. They exist already, potentially dormant in the awareness of accessing them now.

Your Mystical Union that unites you with your eternal you, that already exists as the ASCENDED you, Divine Cosmic God Self, is the uniting yourself on Earth with all of your Divine Powers.

When the conscious awareness of truly living in the moment BECOMES your way of being on Earth, the floodgates of all that you are eternally, begin to awaken within your own awareness.

The shift in your awareness from that which is separate from you, to that which you already are eternally, is the very process of access and awakening to your mystical union. To your Divine power. To your accessing your true SUPERPOWERS.

You have just temporarily forgot what you really are, if you are not living as this now. All the codes, everything is in place for full activation AS BEING the eternal one that you ARE now.

Never on Earth before, has the magnitude of frequency reached this level as to activate most easily, the most profound shifts, incomprehensible for most, on Earth right now.

We are speaking miracles. You let go of all perceptions of limitations. Of all that has appeared separate from you.

In this blessing of miracles for you, remembering all that you are, as you unite with your eternal Divine Cosmic God self and access your very own Divine Powers, we are present with you, in Divine Love and Glory, now and eternally.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian


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