Message from Merlin: Shadow and Light

Recently Merlin came through in a channeling where he spoke about the magic of surrender and appreciation in the face of any challenge. Here are Merlin’s words:

“The opportunity to align with love is your highest priority at all times.

When you feel out of sync it can be for a myriad of reasons, some of which just have to do with physical exhaustion or needing a break and not taking it.

Or you encountered a pressing situation in your personal or professional life that required your full attention.

And so you might feel torn, and that depletes you – and you may lose touch for a little bit with inner peace and grounding because you haven’t taken time for yourself to breathe and rest, in order to replenish and be fully available to attend to all the matters at hand.

When that happens, when you are out of sync, the old programming takes over.

It can be for just a split second – and then you just as quickly slip right back into your alignment with Source, with love…

Or it can last longer.

It could last a whole conversation, where you are using the old operating manual, pushing the old buttons or allowing your own buttons to be pushed.

In that case you will experience the other side, the shadow side.

These are all wonderful learning lessons. They are not to be judged because the experiencing of them is what strengthens you and strengthens your resolve to practice.

It strengthens your spiritual practice, your dedication to generosity, joy, calmness and peace of mind and being completely non-judgmental.

Judgment of yourself or judgment of others is when the separation occurs.

So when you move into an experience of the shadow, and you feel the shadow-side of any person or a situation or something you’re reading or being told, you can transmute and transform that energy.

You can alchemize it in an instant by staying in your own frequency of love and sending compassion.

That pulsing out of compassion and love transmutes the shadow.

The shadow cannot move forward, cannot make inroads because you are so strongly emitting the highest frequency there is – love, light compassion, gratitude.

And when you align with joy and light, you transmute, transform and alchemize the very thing that is trying to make inroads.

You are lifting, uplifting the energy beyond your own experience because that other is trying to make inroads. So it is attempting a connection. And thus, there is an opportunity to stay the course with your frequency and at the same time, reach out and touch the other that is trying to connect with you for whatever reason.

  • This is why we don’t want to push away.

We don’t want to fight anything, no matter how dark it is, that comes our way, because it is always an opportunity to connect in a way that supports love.

Appreciation is the key.

When you start appreciating through acceptance, you align immediately with peace.

There’s no way to judge when you appreciate.

Try that. When you are about to respond in a way that is defensive or judgmental or just wanting to get a point across – why not at that moment instead appreciate the person, the situation.

  • What gifts have they brought to your life?
  • What has it helped you with?
  • What has it guided you to do?

Then you have a total non-judgment of the situation or a person, because you are tuning into how they are supporting you.

You are appreciating the person or situation and thanking them.

The appreciation itself is your gateway into total surrender and love.”


Love and Blessings,

**Channel: Tania Gabrielle