The Joy of Letting Go

A surprising number of our daily struggles stem from our attachments.

Let me list a few:

  • Overeating: There’s nothing wrong with eating, but when we eat out of the habit of comforting ourselves or not knowing when to stop, it can lead to feeling bad or having worse health over time. The attachment here might be an attachment to comforting ourselves with food, to tasting certain foods every day, or to finishing everything on our plate even if we’ve already had enough.
  • Overworking: If we’re working too much, there might be an attachment to getting as much done as possible, maybe to feel like we’re good enough.
  • Putting things off: This can be caused by a number of things, but one possibility is an attachment to doing it right or to getting a particular outcome that makes us feel good about ourselves or safe.
  • Frustrations with other people: The attachment here might be to having people behave the way we want them to, or to having them be happy with us.
  • Feeling overwhelmed: We might have an attachment to a feeling of order, simplicity, or knowing exactly what to do.
  • Addictions to social media: The attachment might be to a feeling of comfort, or maybe a feeling of being entertained.
  • Clutter: If we have too much clutter, we might have attachments to the comforts and security of shopping and receiving packages in the mail, an attachment to possessions for emotional reasons, or it could be the attachments mentioned in “Putting things off” above.
  • Social anxiety: There are lots of reasons for social anxiety, but the attachment might be to having people view us a certain way, or a feeling of comfort or safety.

I’m not going to pretend that these are easy problems to deal with, or dismiss them in any way. I’m saying that our attachments are at the heart of these problems.

If that’s true … can we let go of our attachments? What would it be like to gently release what we’re holding on to?

I try to practice a joyful letting go.

Let’s take a look at how that might go in practice.


The first thing is to realize that our struggle comes from an attachment. Review the list above and see if any of them apply. It can be easy to point the finger in someone else’s direction, or to feel bad about things. But what if we could simply notice where we’re feeling attached to something?

Once we can see the attachment, we can practice with it, and see if we can release the attachment.

It might go something like this:

  1. Breathe. Turn towards the present moment.
  2. Let yourself feel the emotion associated with the attachment. Just be with it, mindfully, and feel it as sensation in the body.
  3. Ask if the attachment is serving you.
  4. Ask would it could be like without the attachment.
  5. Joyfully release the attachment like releasing your grip on a balloon … and let it float away! See if you can experience a few moments without the attachment, and see what that’s like. What’s available to you when you are free of the attachment?

Try it now — is there something you’ve been frustrated about, avoiding, addicted to? Could you notice the attachment that you have and joyfully release it?

What would that be like for you?


6 Replies to “The Joy of Letting Go”

  1. Harriet

    I would suggest saying outloud this prayer/intention everyday that: You ask for forgiveness from anyone that you have hurt or harmed in any way in any of your lives. Also state you are forgiving them and yourself. Tell them you love them and yourself and send them and yourself light.
    Also, realize and believe that everything we have done to harm ourselves, others, and Earth is not our fault. We as humans are the result of a veiled life, with negative interference from others, and most of our parents (unknowingly or knowingly) taught us fear, hate, weakness, racism, judgement, competition, violence, etc. Also, God and our Angels do not see us or think of us as sinners or with fault. We are loved unconditionally and they know how difficult it is for us to live on Earth. We need to realize that too.
    Perhaps repeatedly saying this prayer/intention will work for the unconscious thoughts and feelings as a trickle down effect or as an all encompassing energy.
    I found for myself it was much easier to forgive myself and others knowing that everything we have done in all our lives was not our fault and we are greatly loved.
    Also, knowing that God Creator is in us/me helped, as I knew I had God’s power and energy to use for healing myself and others. I try to remember to use God’s energy too in everything I do.
    I learned a prayer years ago and always felt better when I asked for help with this prayer:
    Lie down on your back for at least 20 minutes.
    Say: I ask all Gold Light beings to come to me now.
    Wait a minute for them to come to your side.
    Say: Please remove and disentangle all cords that are attaching me to my discomforts in this life and all my lives. Please include the cords attached to discomforts I am not aware of and are hidden from me. Thank you.
    Remain lieing down for at least 20 minutes for the Gold Light beings to help you. It might take a couple times to feel better, but you will find that some issues that bothered you will bother you less or not at all. After doing this a few times, you can request the Gold Light beings to remove and disentangle cords to specific people, events, issues, feelings, thoughts, etc. Be careful when requesting people if you still want them in your life. If you do, you will request the cord removed for an event or issue with that person, and not the person themselves. You do not have to remember specific details like dates, locations etc. For example I said, please remove and disentangle the cord for when I stole the doll and I was whipped with the stick. Or when I lied about the money for the car. Only request 3 specific cords removed each time you say the prayer, and only say the prayer once a day.
    I hope this helps you. Love and Light to you all.

    1. Spectrum

      Thankyou very much for taking the time and effort to reply. Much appreciated. I’ll put your suggestions on my “to do” list.

      I hope too, that you’ve cleared any remaining issues that you have had in your life.

      God bless.

  2. Spectrum

    Minor conditions and issues are easy to rid one’s self of.

    But it is very different to remove more entrenched and debilitating ones. I have a long term emotional blockage which I suspect was caused by the infliction of guilt ( though I don’t know for sure – which is frustrating ! ).

    I can try letting go of it, and it might make me feel better for a while, but I doubt that would make it go away at all. And certainly not permanently. It would still be present and affecting me after I exited meditation. After all – think about it – if meditation was the solution to all our problems and illnesses we wouldn’t have any, would we ? And psychologists, social workers and the like would have no clients.

    What I require personally is EXTERNAL healing, because similar to letting go, I cannot heal myself. I need it from God, or some other higher spiritual source. So far I have not had that healing, despite my pleas for it to occur. Thus I feel abandoned. I feel my faith that things will get better for me has been betrayed, leaving me feeling bitter and cynical.

    What’s worse is that I realise that being negative like that is not going to result in Ascension, which compounds my despair. As you can see then, I’m in a quandary. Trapped in a vicious circle.

    1. C

      As God uses/places all things for our highest good, perhaps consider “giving back” this blockage and all that is connected, interconnected and resultant from it TO GOD and then seeking with discernment Gods perspective as to ‘why this space is being held’ in the way that it is. Meaning – ask through prayer/meditation what Gift this is helping to bring manifest for God, for You and for All Others. As you do this allow the knowledge that there IS dissolution and disintegration of the blockages – even if not readily ‘apparent’.

      This may need to be a repetitive action.

      I so feel this struggle alongside you, and I truly hope my words don’t come across as dismissive nor insensitive. I have had a difficult time learning and accepting that there is Beauty within our struggles; I have experienced the vicious cycles. I have also experienced profound shifts in understanding, and release through the practice described above.

      I thank you for your experience, and keep you in good thoughts 🙏

      1. Spectrum

        A sincere thankyou for your concern, C.

        These channelings all tell us that meditation is a key part, even an essential part of the ascension process. This also presents an obstacle for me. Why ? Because I have tried self hypnosis and standard hypnosis ( via a professional ) in an attempt to remove or even to discover what caused the block. But all I can do is become deeply relaxed. I cannot visualise anything ( I must have a weak imagination ). This made me angry at myself and when I discovered that meditation is required for spiritual evolution it makes me sceptical of the value of it, because meditation is a similar state of mind to hypnosis.

        So I am reluctant to try meditation as I don’t want it to fail me and push me further into depression. Also I need a OCNVERSATION with God or spirit to help me understand why this has happened to me and what I’m expected to do about it. What can I realistically do ? I can’t physically pluck the block out of my mind and throw it in the bin – much as I wish I could. If I could discuss it with God or my guides, angels e.t.c. in normal intelligible language, it might assist. But will they cooperate ? I doubt it. They haven’t done so up till now. It would be easy for them to materialise in front of me – I then wouldn’t need to meditate. They have the power to, and they’ve done so to many humans throughout history.

        I know I shouldn’t feel like a victim, but it’s difficult not to when your pleas for help are ignored. Yet the extraterrestrials are always assuring us that they are “always with us” to assist. “You are not alone” they say. “Just call on us when you need to”. Yeah, sure….