Archangel Michael: New Harmonics

Today we acknowledge the emergence of New Harmonics in your world and we invite you to tune into these energies and frequencies. They are within you, your energy system and in the planetary field as a whole. Each and every human being can access these energies, but you will need to come into resonance with them, to experience them and to discover the newness and see how this speaks to your personal experience of wholeness.

Life is opening up in new ways. This is part of the ongoing evolution of consciousness in your species. The goings-on in the world while they can feel very intense, upsetting, violent, challenging, or even simply disruptive to you, you can still meet each moment with openness. You can take any experience and use it, in service to Life and in service to the evolving experience within you. To be clear — things do not happen in your world to “make you evolve.” This is not so and to think that way is to misunderstand your freedom. So please be clear on this.

What goes on in your world happens as the natural outcome of previous choices and states of being that you have and share with others. Each of you are free to use your will as you wish. To choose in every moment how you orient to Life. Everything you experience is something that you are in agreement to, and so as you begin to orient to new fields and new states of consciousness you begin to expand upon what you are in agreement with and what you experience and this is how Life changes on Earth.

Everything you are in agreement to, is therefore, affected by you. And in fact, ALL LIFE is affected by your choices, your energy, your presence, your very being. You are a significant and unique aspect of Creation. We know you this way and we love helping you to feel this as real yourself.

There are new potentials now in many ways. We’ve been saying this for some time, but it continues to be true. There is an ever-expanding field of light and information arising within the planetary field and each and every one of you and those of you attuned to your inner knowing, have likely felt the inner shifts and changes.

What we’d like to focus on here, now, in this series of transmissions, specifically are the new potentials, the new harmonics of timelessness, inner harmony, peace and beauty. These are wonderful aspects of your experience and they are ripe, now for being accessed and used in new and expansive ways.

So to do this, we invite you to join us for a New Harmonics Soar Fest. A New Harmonics Fest in this year — 2022, which is a year which, from our perspective, could be seen as one of discovering a deepening understanding of the value of human life. And a new beginning in which you each open to live with a more active valuing of your own life and the lives of all other human beings on the planet.

This is a powerful moment in time in which great shifts are possible. More and more of you are acclimating to the fluid uncertainty of your time, and beginning to play then with the possibilities. As you begin to accept the uncertain and the unknown aspects of new life unfolding on Earth, you begin to become, as you naturally are when rested, relaxed and calm — curious and interested in Life! This is a wonderful state to be in and one in which you can experience insight and growth as well as inspiration and the strong drive to create new things.

We anticipate all of these manifestations from your participation in this Soar Fest. We will usher you right up to the March Equinox and that too will be a wonderful balancing and harmonizing alignment for integration and new expression.

It is a beautiful time of immense change, expansion, reorganization, and unexpected possibilities lie within each of you. The newness of Life Itself on your planet can fuel your expansion and the inner healing which will help you to feel more at ease, more courageous, more open and more loving. More of who you truly are, here! Now!

We say all of this fully aware of the goings on right now in the world and in no way ignoring them or looking away. We ask you to do the same. Look at what is going on. Dare to be open to your own experience of it. And also, realize you are powerful creators here to bring forth new ways of being and living.

The difficult things you feel and see, when you look out at the world, or even in your own experience, can be met more openly and with greater strength and confidence as your inner clarity and connection deepen and become increasingly, how you are oriented to Life.

Let us come together and be a powerful field of love and light in these times. And let us together, explore the new potentials so that, you and we, together, might seed the collective field of humanity and Earth, with the expanded possibilities for wholeness that are emerging now. That you might consciously become more of who you truly are, your infinite eternalness, here in this beautiful world, in your beautiful body, in this potent time.

We love you very much.

We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with Ailia, Mother Mary, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light.

We bid you, a most open and expressive experience today.
Let yourselves, be LIGHT!

**Channel: Ailia Mira


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  1. Denise

    Thank you for the beautiful message, I’ve been feelings this for a bit, nice to know what it is!🙏🙏🙏