Concerto Blasts

In the late hours of Saturday, March 12th or early hours of Sunday March 13th according to individual time zones, a very powerful Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) surged into Earth/Gaia creating a level “6” (“storm”) on the KP Index and a “G2” geomagnetic storm condition according to scientific organizations around the world such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Auroras, which are signs of CME impacts, have been seen all over the world.

This particular CME was slow-moving because it blasted from the Sun a few days ago with expected arrival in the afternoon of Sunday, March 13th.

However, it has arrived earlier than predicted as such cosmic events often do.

Also, an asteroid has entered into our planet’s atmosphere but broke apart prior to making a full direct impact of the planet’s surface.

Small pieces of it, however, landed on various parts of the planet.

Solar winds have been in the upper normal as well as over normal levels (normal wind speed is approximately 300 to 400 kp/s [kilometers per second]).

With KP ratings being either “quiet”, “unsettled”, “storm”, or “severe”, this CME, having caused immense energetic frequencies in the magnetosphere creating intense density, even traditional mainstream news media is reporting this in various nations—especially the nearly-direct asteroid impact.

However, they are not discussing the “spiritual” dynamics of this event—just the basic “scientific” information.

Earth/Gaia is experiencing major “uplevelings” in “Her” inner core and outer field of electromagnetic frequencies. Subsequently, all of creation is being given a further “upgrade” in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, and in non-local consciousness capability.

The continuing “Cosmic Concerto” has reached a potent blast of “notes”, and it is not ceasing its “Concert” as the “Concert Master”—SOURCE—orchestrates the music!

The usual “Light Activation Symptoms” have heightened as almost everyone—whether elevated, beginning to be elevated, or completely remaining of a “3d” experience—are having particular “symptoms” of extreme exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rhythms, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

Some people are reporting a strange sensation of feeling in one realm (dimension) and yet still in the “3d” realm with daily activities to pursue. This is almost like being transported to “another place” but not yet having fully arrived in the “other place”—as if the molecular structure is not yet fully re-formulated.

This is because the physical vessel, emotive responses, mental focus—all have to “catch-up” to the elevation that the “Consciousness” has already entered as it makes contact with the “Super-Consciousness”—the Higher Self—the Soul.

All of this may seem yet difficult to fully understand, but as the process of DNA crystallization continues, the ability to understand this transformational “Concerto” will be easier.

The coming Full Moon on the 18th and the Equinoxes (in the Northern and Southern hemispheres) on the 20th are already being heralded as the current CME energetics continue to “play” in the “Concert Hall”.

It is advisable with such “blarings”—albeit beautiful attunements to SOURCE FREQUENCY—that we achieve profound rest (even if that involves merely reclining and not actually sleeping), drink lots of spring water (because of its mineral contents), and perform a special “Pranic” breathing technique throughout each day (breathing-in slowly and deeply through the nose from two inches below the navel and breathing out also slowly and deeply with the mouth slightly open), doing gentle Yoga movements, walking in Nature, eating very light meals of salad or soup (or just having a smoothie), chanting calming mantras such as “AUM SHANTI AUM” (“Oh, Divine Peace, Oh Divine”), wearing calming crystals and gemstones, and meditating.

In other words, we must allow the LIGHT to do its sacred work by not interfering with its Divine mission by insisting on “business as usual”.

As LIGHT moves into the human vessel in this “Now”, it is stronger as it “re-wires” the nervous system, clears cellular debris, and as earlier stated, “upgrades” the complete collective and individual entity known as “humanity”.

At the same time, our planet and our galactic home is being transformed and delivered stronger LIGHT.

The trajectory of the LIGHT is not stopping. Its focus is towards a “New Era” with greater Light, a faster spin on a shifted axis, and the creation of a “Golden Age”.

All of this has happened before.

There are many ages or “Yugas” as they are termed in the ancient Sanskrit language—hundreds of thousands of years of ups and downs in experiences—lowered consciousness, elevated consciousness—depending upon humanity’s willingness to proceed through to SOURCE FREQUENCY, and thus, greater spiritual knowledge— or remain in the density of its own mistakes of misaligned free will.

SOURCE has given humanity much time to study and to anchor to and acclimate with “ITS” LIGHT—many eons—now LIGHT is moving ahead with gusto with higher and higher, louder and louder “Concerto Blasts”.

Dimensions are opening.

The SOURCE LIGHT SHIP is sailing on Divine Waters and is picking-up people along the way who are ready to elevate and to dock at the “Port of New Earth” and “New Galactic LIGHT”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali