Message from the Earth: Your Mission on Earth

Dear friends,

I am the voice of Earth. Feel my energy encircling your feet and legs.  I welcome you.  Please enter into your bodies by allowing your muscles to relax.

Remember that you are always carried by my energy. I want to carry you, like a mother.  You are one with me, because you are living inside a physical body, and at the same time you bring in something new, something not of the Earth. It is your star light, your consciousness, which is the gift to this plane of existence. You bring life to this planet, to me, not physical life but the inner life.

You are meant to bring awareness and consciousness to all living beings on Earth. For instance, if you have a garden that you love to attend, or if you have animals in or around your house, you radiate energies toward them. By connecting with them, they feel something that is new to them. They do have their own beauty and innocence, but all creatures of nature yearn for a more rich inner life. They want to grow and evolve into conscious beings.

Each has a uniqueness, just as do you, and you are actually assisting them by being here. The energy that will help them most is the energy of love. For example, the flowers in the field do not know how beautiful they are, but when you look at them with admiration and appreciation, they feel a spark in their soul of something awakening. And this is essentially symbolic of your relationship with all of Earth.

You are like angels descending here with a torch of light. But as you descended to Earth, you went through a long evolutionary process, and I am speaking here of many, many lifetimes, a vast expanse of time. You can imagine when an angel leaves heaven it can become confused and bewildered, because for the first time the angel gets acquainted with the energies of fear and separation. So even though its essence is still an angel, at the level it is incarnated, it is like a child.

There is this difference and, to some extent, even a big gap between what people are in their inner being and how they manifest themselves in the three dimensional world. When you look at the world around you and at how the Earth is treated by humanity, it does not seem like angels are running this world. It is more like confused children who have lost their way. And actually, I, the spirit of Earth, will allow a lot from these children.

You are allowed to lose your way and to misbehave for a certain period of time. In fact, it is part of your path to explore different ways of relating to yourself and to the world, and that is because your consciousness is so powerful, it has free will and the ability to choose. You have to get to know darkness and to make mistakes before you understand the true nature of light.

I, myself, am connected with cosmic energies and forces who are assisting me, and together, we feel that a new step in the evolution of humanity is happening. It is like the childlike part of humanity is now evolving and becoming wiser and more mature. But the situation at this moment is quite critical, and at a certain point, children will have been allowed enough room to explore. It is time for them to surrender to a bigger truth which they already know in their hearts.

Humanity is now actually being torn apart. Groups of souls want very much to move forward, while others remain stuck in pain and struggle. And you who are here, and who are sensitive on the inner level, can feel that anguish of being torn inside. I want you to take a step back and to look at the whole situation from a bit more distance, because even though you are a part of this whole movement, you are also a unique individual unto yourself.  And I want you to realise who you are, and what your place is in this world.

Imagine that you now literally take that step back and can feel behind you the presence of the original angel that you are, just behind your physical body. Try to see how much this angel is affected by the pain and suffering on this planet. I am asking you to do this, because I want you to distinguish between the pain and suffering of humanity and the people around you, and your own pain, your own position in all this.

I am asking you to now release from your energy field the pain that is not yours, because it is essential that you remember who you are, and that you are free and independent of this world. It is when you feel completely free and independent that you can contribute most to this world. So feel free to connect again with the feeling of being an angel.

You often make yourselves so small. You are hiding your true strength and even dare not show the joy and the light in your heart. But I am now telling you what your mission is on Earth – it is to be an angel on Earth. You do not have to change the people around you; you do not have to get involved in politics, or that kind of activity.  What you are meant to do here as a lightworker is to anchor a certain vibration.

I told you before that there are different groups of souls on Earth right now. And as you express yourself in this world, and be who you are, some groups of people will not respond to you, will perhaps not even notice you. But you should not be bothered by that, because there are actually groups of people who do respond strongly to your vibration. Sometimes your effect on them is invisible – you are not aware of it, but your task, so to speak, your mission, is to be as true as possible to your purest vibration, and to do what really inspires you and gives you joy.

Earth and nature will respond to your doing that. I am inspired by humans who follow their soul. Remember that there is a connection between us, independent of human society. Being truly present on Earth is about connecting with me, feeling safe in your body, feeling free to be yourself, so you can take a step back and look at the human world from a distance. You do not have to be warriors fighting for a new world; your work is more subtle than that. And you are allowed to have more fun, even if there is suffering around you, and hardship. The energy of joy and smiling and making jokes is so welcome here on Earth.

I would like to end by asking you to visualise that you are somewhere in nature that you really enjoy. Maybe you see yourself walking along the ocean shore, or walking or sitting in the forest. And in your imagination, touch me; touch Earth, the sand or the soil. Sense how it feels to your skin, to your hands, or feel the wind on your skin.

You are a physical being, and the physical contains so much energy that is not physical. I want to nurture you, and not just on the physical level, but also all your energy. That is my gift to you. I want you to experience the joy and the bliss of being in a human body.

I want you to know that you are very welcome on Earth. You are carrying the energy of a new world inside you, and that is all you have to do – carry it proudly inside you.

Thank you very much.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe


10 Replies to “Message from the Earth: Your Mission on Earth”

  1. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    This thing concerne me a lot because my body is in very bad shape starting years ago as result of all my tragedy non stop fuftheen years now . I am not anymore auto sufficient and I have also 58 old my body is full of pain bad heart and tired mentally I surrender everything but Is true to that after all the study research faith believe hope love and kindness, make me little sad end up as this little energy that is totally whiteout any kinda of personal sparkle and p seepersonality. Is not who I am , because I want be active with my body and soul and be revalidate from my environment of life. I deserve because I was able to rebuilt myself as soul after get shattered in all value that a spiritual man deserve to be after all.
    I am a not happy and is not for ego but can’t accept anymore to be in poverty and put down as the last of the line. Sorry but my feeling i do
    This is not what I was expecting. I want be proactive and notice to help the humanity have a new fair law system and life ahead I want be proud to serve and duties in the name of the Devine Universe as the Universal Love

    1. Denise

      I understand, I’ve had many similar feelings and thoughts throughout this journey, chronic pain patient for 2 decades, 53 yrs old. Before my Awakening I was so confused and angry with people, that was a year and a half ago and in that period I have changed SO much from who I was then!
      I AM almost weaned off of all my medications which is HUGE for me, I am no longer full of anger at humanity & Im not even close to being finished with changes.
      It looks so hopeless at first the farther down Societys ladder you exist but in time you start to see the huge strides you have made from where you used to be.
      I’m at a place where most of pain is gone and if you would have said THIS is where I would be a year and a half ago I wouldn’t even have been able to visualize the impossibility of it.
      Just break it down, down worry about steps 2 and 3, worry about one goal at a time and I promise before you know it you WILL be moving on to those next steps, one at a time. Love and Light blessings

      1. Vladimiro Di Vito

        Denise Saint Words your.
        I am not mad , I let go things long time ago. I did accepted everything as priceless shool and Instead be bitter Is decide to e better. I never a lack of faith in 15 years and I surrender myself with pleasure. My point is because very serious heart condition I get stuck now three years in bed and terminal I’ll because after 11 heart attacks they can’t help me no more. Read the channeling I had sense that we need serve mother nature and us fine but I refuse to still living in this condition I want serve but being proactive and fighter that is who I am and not as a transparent irradiant energy with no validation seems
        That hurt me.