Accelerating Ascension

We are in the state of immense changes, inner and outer, and thus what is not truthful, what is not in highest alignment with Divine Will, and Purpose, within and without, yourself and all of humanity, will simply be churned up to be finally dealt with, forgiven and released for all eternity.

With this we will be pushed more and more out of the old life, the old way of being, living, existing, as all disintegrates at the seams, as we now are being moved in the higher 5th dimensional state and accelerating ascension into the 7th.

I am literally seeing the New Earth and New Crystalline Energy Grids, and the New Crystal Pyramids and New Arks of The Covenant rising everywhere. They are indeed programmed to do so, many millions of years ago, when it was already foreseen, and by Divine Decree degreed, that the Old Earth would cease to be and the New Earth would be fully born, and the Age of Aquarius, the New Golden Age, arises and the Totally New Epoch begins. In the Bible it is often referred to as the thousand years reign of Peace, as the Christ Consciousness returns and is amplified by the Power of the 7th Central Sun of Illumination which is now fully reinstated as the Central Sun under which the Milky Way Galaxy falls, and thus all is now being illumined from deep within and without.

All of this is literally now creating a totally new Creation!

Our New Adam Kadmon Lightbody form is now geared to start to incorporate as we rise even higher into the 7th Dimensional state in the next 70 years or so, to fully embody all 330 chakras and the Higher Spine Energies, as the 33 vertebrae move into 72. Thus we will indeed in this highest state, return to the full Power of the 72 Names of God/Goddess as encoded within our new DNA.

This means that we literally are stepping up and into a totally new creation!

We cannot take any baggage from the Old Earth and Old 3D with us in any form and way. We cannot cling onto anyone or anything any longer. We need to let go.

When we start fearing anything, including the letting go, and indeed the fear of stepping totally into the, as yet, unknown, the heart center closes. Therefore, when fear or whatever kind arises, immediately go deeply into the Heart Center and ask yourself what the worst scenario is you fear happening, or whatever it is. Then go and ask yourself if this happens, what is worst case scenario, and then immediately go and look at the BENEFITS of this happening. For instance, you may lose a spouse, because they do not wish to step into the New Earth but are choosing to stay behind. Now look at how this is BENEFITTING your soul. You are being freed from all past life and present life contracts, you now gain freedom for your soul at all levels and indeed you are finally freeing yourself from all old patterns ever created before. You now have the freedom to stand fully in your own light and in no one’s shadow and indeed you are gaining a deeper love for self, which is unconditional and experience Divine Love in the highest sense, and there is no one pulling your energy into other directions and depleting it. You can now indeed be readied to step into much higher type of love and loving wholesome relationships in the New Earth, which are based fully on wholeness, unconditional love, trust and respect and a DEEP ONENESS and UNITY with the Divine, and thus sacred, holy and sanctified in a much higher way than you can even dream of right now.

The more you let go, of all attachments, the freer you become, the higher you can rise.

Remember the Divine cannot send you much greater and much higher forms of life, and gift you with this, as long as you refuse to let go of your comfort zone and cling on for dear life who what is now whole, and all the pain and suffering you created for yourself and others in the Old 3D, along with everyone else.

We are transcending all of this now.

For how can you hurt or harm a brother or a sister? You are only hurting and harming yourself!

In the New Earth everyone will indeed honor their brother and sister in the deepest and most holy way, and give them the freedom to be simply themselves, and everyone will be equal to everyone else, and thus there will be unity and harmony and peace, because in truth there is nothing to fight about and nothing to fear.

There is only the Power of Love and living love in the highest degrees and adhering to the law of One and with this comes a deep love, and respect for the New Mother Earth and all living creatures and all upon and within her.

A totally new and much higher life and way of life is now there for us to truly make our own if we choose to do so.

**By Judith Kusel


One Reply to “Accelerating Ascension”

  1. Harriet

    I agree with a lot of this, but here is the big BUT: if it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times: NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. If you are not destined to ascend, you will experience some discomfort perhaps, and you will pass away as is your destiny. If you are alive during the split, you WILL ascend. Yes, there are billions who have yet to wake up, but give them time, this split isn’t happening tomorrow. Your loving energies along with Creator and cocreator’s help is destined too to help us all along our ascension.

    In the meantime we are given the strength and love to ignore, deal with, and solve 3D behaviors, issues, and problems and help our others to rise to their 5D destiny. We are living on a 3D Earth after all. We can’t hide in the closet till the split. We are meant to be here to help in anyway we can and with our love and light to help our others and Earth become Heaven on Earth again.

    It was said the reason there are so many people on Earth right now is because the growing love and light we are creating is helping Humanity and Earth to ascend. All 8 billion of us are needed! Yes, millions will pass on before the split. But whenever some one wakes up to our destiny, they start loving and shining and help the next one to ascend. Each one helps the next and they help the next, until we all are loving and shining. Do not doubt this plan. If you and your loved ones are alive YOU WILL ASCEND. WE WILL SEE ALL OF US SUCCEED.