The Mayan Equinox Forecast 2022

Equinox cycle from 3-21-2022 to 3-20-2023
Mayan Astrology for the year of 1 NOJ and 7 IK
A forecast blending the energies of two sacred Mayan calendars.
March 18, 2022

Mayan year of 1 (jun) NOJ (earth)
Mayan Kiche’ Calendar. (Traditional Calendar)

The number 1 is all about the opportunity to access pure energy to initiate the beginning of any creation. Number 1 can come with a great force, a higher power, and can also have the element of surprise. It is a restart button.

It is considered the first gear in manifesting something greater and beyond our current reality. But the first gear does not turn easily. It will need time and patience to readjust the current reality. We will need to build a new framework for the following gears of time to be built upon. There could be many false starts and many readjustments to having life flow within these new frequencies.

The day sign of NOJ, acts as a great initiator as well. It is one of 4 day signs that are keepers of the cosmic cycles and calendars. All things that manifest in a new cycle come from the energy that NOJ emits. It can bring the frequency of great potential for this entire year, yet will not manifest on its own. NOJ is the dream but not the creation. The vision will manifest once it is acknowledged and then the proper action is taken. All the other 19 day signs come together, through earth and humanity, to manifest a dream. This is how we build the dream as the ONE, yet from 20 unique perspectives. It is a collective process with each day sign flowing through this year, giving a unique blend of energy needed to build the future. NOJ is about gaining new knowledge of the mind, and great wisdom of the heart. This knowledge/wisdom will initiate new aligned actions needed to begin the building process. NOJ means the creation energy of the Earth. Many light workers, healers, etc. are feeling a great need to anchor a mass amount of high frequency LOVE that we are finally beginning to emanate from our hearts. This heart frequency builds new foundations but also withdraws energy from those things that need to fall away. We are called to anchor The LOVE into all the Earth’s sacred places, and into the ley line grids, which acts as a circulatory system for the planet.

(Auspicious days for the traditional Maya in this calendar year are … June 29th 2022 on 10 NOJ. (Green outlined box) This is the most powerful manifesting energy for this year. Newly birthed creations will begin to flow more easily now. November 30th is the very sacred and holy day of 8 BATZ (Blue box). This day comes every 260 days. The Maya all around Guatemala gather in the re-creation of the 260 day calendar with powerful and complex fire ceremonies that were given to the Maya people from Star Elders from the 7 Sisters, a.k.a the Pleiades. February 19th, 2023 on 11 E, is celebrated as a solar new year.)

The Mayan year of 7 (uc) IK (wind)
Mayan Astrology Calendar. (Yucatec Modern Calendar)

The number 7 is a place of profound resonance with life. We are not fully in this physical world and not fully in the spirit world either. But we are in a place where we have a foot in each, but are never really anchored to either. Mystics and shamans have used this bridge to do their work for eons. It can be a place where we can touch spirit and bring it back into the physical world to elevate the physical reality. But the number 7 can also feel very ungrounded. When we are under the influence of the energy of the number 7, we might feel invisible, or unacknowledged, or unheard. Because of this, IK can be a real ego killer, and especially so for those born with the 7 in their birth chart. Those who live with an out of control ego, like the “faux” powers in the world, will need to return to authentic humbleness or face the possibility of crumbling their empires.

The day sign of IK means in this year we will be able to easily live more from the heart and from the new incoming frequencies, rather than acting from the head which is now mostly wisdom of the past. IK is able to bring in and translate the messages from spirit into a more usable form that can be applied to the new Earth frequencies. IK is also a day sign that can help us learn to live multi-dimensionally, within spherical time, and the ability to operate from many perspectives at once. In this year there is the opportunity for everyone to access this ability. We will begin to rely more on spiritual instincts, than on posted facts from all forms and all sides of media that are outside of ourselves. When we live our lives based in spirit, we also live from the ONE true source and the cosmic center between physicality and spirit. If we tune in will be able to hear the breath of spirit moving through us, and know how to navigate around the falsehoods that are now already dissolving away. The downside is we might become too idealistic, and forget to look at the realities around us. Even though reality is changing like the wind, it’s important in each moment to acknowledge the physical 3D reality, but work from limitless spirit and our open hearts. It will be a year where we might find responsibilities weighing too heavily upon us and we might need to lighten the load. Many are already doing this. We might find that it is just not quite the time to make large commitments or large decisions. So much is changing in the world that by the end of this cycle, when we look back, we will be astonished how far we have come, how much is changed, and what qualities the new earth has for us. Hang on. It is going to be a roller coaster ride, so don’t get hung up on the past, and allow the new frequencies to rise up in us.

**By Aluna Joy