The Group: Changes in Earth Rhythms

Greetings, dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time.

I join you this day with a very special notion. You have moved a tremendous amount of energy in a very short time, and it is almost as if reality is trying to catch up with you. We know that you see the troubles rather than the successes and advancements you’ve made. It’s helpful to understand that you’re not going to see it all. You have a very limited perception of where you can focus, not only with your eyes, but with your attention in general. Much of what is slipping past you is actually the good news, the advancements taking place. Yes, you are making rapid advancements on the planet, which is why you also seem to have more challenges because everything has been speeding up.

Healing Circle

The world has recently changed. Today, we bring you together to hold hands for all of humanity, as you work through the aggression that has surfaced. This has been planned for many years now. The collective of humanity will ultimately deal with this, but until then many are suffering. The next level of attack is with misinformation about the actual events. Yes, these are masters of misinformation. If humanity becomes divided by the misinformation, then this aggression will remain for some years to come. But if humanity stays united in its opposition, it has the best chance to resolve quickly. Although land can be occupied by force, the hearts of the land can never be taken.

Many of you are experiencing your own challenges and issues with the physical body as well. Every time we come together, we bring you an opportunity to not only heal yourself, but to send your healing energy out and around the globe to bring peace. Because many will see this at different times, set the intention that your energy is joined with ours in the illusion of time.

Global aggression has surfaced yet again. Many innocent people have lost their lives and many others who have left their lives behind. The collective heart of mankind is very heavy this day, as nuclear terrorism has surfaced. Both the humans and the Earth are taking a hit, and there is much work to do. Help where you can and hold a vision of harmony in your hearts.

See a circle in front of you. In that circle, place your intent to heal and send love out onto the world. Take a deep breath. As you release it, forcefully blow that energy into that circle as you exhale. Now watch as everything inside the circle starts to fade from view and blend with the background. Take a deep cleansing breath and blow it out slowly. And so it is…

Be willing to live in health, for in addition to the healing it takes a conscious choice to walk forward in a different rhythm. Why? Because there’s always comfort in the known and discomfort in the unknown, until you know it.

Setting a New Rhythm

What this does, dear ones, is interrupt your rhythms. People fall into rhythms when on the path of least resistance; it is repetitive in form. If you’ve ever known anybody who is depressed or experienced it yourselves, know that there is energy in that rhythm. Rhythm is energy expressed in a timeline, and often it takes something to change that rhythm. There have been many times on your planet where you brought a catastrophe into your life, so that you would have something else to focus on. Humans are creator beings, though at times they can become destructive when bored.

Perfect Spirit

Your spirit is perfect, it is the humanness that experiences polarity. What that means is when you wake up each day, you set your rhythm with your morning routine. What you will find is that moving into higher vibration, that rhythm will need adjusting to experience the highest in each moment. Dedicate a time in your morning routine to intentionally setting your rhythm for the day.

We’ll share more about the rhythms of the Earth the next time we come together, because you have a profound effect on this. You see, the Earth has a rhythm. It is a different rhythm than humans, yet it is in a perfect harmony; she also absorbs your tensions. Most see Earth as a big blue ball with all these little people walking around. But you are multidimensional, and so is she. It depends on the angle of perception you’re looking at it from. It’s very simple, everyone is evolving; everyone has to change rhythms and so does the Earth.

You don’t do the same things you did before. Sometimes you, you even talk about your rhythms of thought. Actually, what you experience when you wake up in the morning are those rhythms. You think, “Oh, what am I going to do today? How am I going to work with this? Who will be watching me? What body suit am I going put on to play the game today?”

Your connection to the Earth is critical, not only for you, but also for her. She’s making some very interesting decisions coming up, and we’ll tell you a little bit more about that soon. Right now, let’s focus on finding a new harmony with the Earth. Every human is carrying a physical body that was made of the elements of Earth. It’s very simple. Your spirit inhabited that body, gave life to it and brought the connections of Home onto the planet. And those are very powerful, indeed. And yet, as the Earth changes her rhythms there’s a pause. There’s that moment where you reach for your stability and it’s not always there. Well, that causes all sorts of things to take place. But right now, what we’re going to do is to simply give you an opportunity to shift your rhythm slightly to match the earth. Take a deep breath once again, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take another breath, but this time a very fast one in through the mouth, then out through the mouth very slowly. Can you feel that energy moving through your system? That’s adrenaline. And now open the heart chakra and make a very deep connection with the planet herself.

Earth’s rhythms are quite different than yours, and yet they are in harmony. What happens if they move slightly out of that harmonic? They jump into another dimension. We will share much more about that in the future. Right now it’s about the connection, because it not only assists you in your journey on the Earth but it also aids her. Now take another deep breath, and as you slowly let it out feel that deep connection. Whatever part of your physical body is making contact with the ground, bring that energy up through the surface of the Earth. Let the Earth introduce her new rhythms to you, so that you can feel where she is at this moment. And that’s really all that is necessary, because you are part of the Earth as well. It will automatically adjust and find that rhythmic harmony. Take a deep breath and again, release it very slowly. Anchor in that deep feeling of love and strong connection with the planet that you fell. Well done, dear ones. Take a deep breath and blow it out forcefully as you anchor the light.

As you walk forward with that new connection, with that new harmonic supporting you, you are also supporting Earth. The energy is here, you have made it. Whether you traveled back 300 years from the future or whether you lined it up in the moment, it’s only perception. The reality is that your space has been reserved on this planet. Your name was on that chair before you were ever born. You made it, dear ones, welcome Home. There are a lot of wonderful things taking place. In the midst of the darkest night, the light has its greatest opportunity to effect change. We try to remind you of your magnificence and the wonderful effects you’re having on the planet. Yes, there is much of what you would call difficult or bad news. Keep in mind that on social media, the negative and fake news travels six times faster and farther than the truth. You may have found yourselves in a reality where it pays to lie, so do not be surprised when you see it.

For now, just know you’ve done a great job bringing this forward. The connections to Home are all around, dear ones. That is your area of responsibility, just your own area, right in front of you. It’s an incredible time to be alive. As we say, your space has been reserved for a reason, whether you’re aware of it or not. You’re carrying tremendous energy, which can not only help heal the Earth but also assist in moving to the next level. If you find yourself in the midst of chaos, your influence will be that much deeper. These are exciting times on Earth from our perspective and we hope you can see the same. Take a deep breath and know that we love you dearly. It’s simply not possible for anyone to be alone in your experience of planet Earth, and we’d appreciate it if you’d stop trying so hard. Welcome Home, dear ones. So, it is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together, for you’re creating magic. I am the Keeper of Time and I love you dearly. Espavo, dear ones, Espavo.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Elrah of rhythmic service.

Greetings everybody. We should talk to you a little bit about the rhythms of Earth. Oh yes, you may have heard of the Schumann resonances of Earth. They are often referred to as the heartbeat of Earth. We would use a different analogy, of the human blood pressure system where there are systolic and diastolic pressures. At the very core of the Earth, there is an inner pressure and vibration and that is where the changes are happening now. Those are very slight vibrational shifts, which have the ability to produce amplified change as they reach the surface.

Planetary Rhythms

You’ve heard a lot about the different rhythms of planet Earth, even the frequencies that she works on, but it’s much deeper than that. And more importantly, there are a few things going on with planet Earth that we wish to bring you up to date on. First of all, you are not separate from Earth. You know that you feel her stress sometimes when she’s going through a lot of changes, especially having to do with the magma movement. This has been happening in many different places throughout your planet, which is actually getting things in position to change the rhythms.

Earth’s Decisions — End of the Holocene?

The rhythmic changes having to do with planet Earth are going to reset everything. Some time back we told you that planet Earth was winding down in the Holocene, holding your temperature stable for 10,000 years. The game was going to be over in about 1,000 years, as a natural cycle would shift and she would not support life as you know it. That timeline has been pushed forward due to the industrial revolution and the carbon it placed in the air. But now a few things taking place that may change that timeline. Also when you hit that 8 billion mark, which is going to be about a year from now, the planet herself will make some decisions. She’s going to decide her own path forward, what it’s going to look like and how it will work. This runs much deeper than most think and you should prepare for the magic ahead. But in the meantime, let’s talk about the rhythmic harmony of Earth.

The rhythmic harmony of Earth is very simple, for she harmonizes with everything that’s part of her. Your certain rhythm allows you to attract other rhythms of the same nature. There are many rhythms out there. There are entire worlds that live in spaces that are not perceptible to you, as they don’t vibrate within a range you perceive.

If you’re not familiar with these, they are actually what your sciences are calling dimensions. But there’s much more to that, for we would call them frequency ranges. The most important part is no matter what dimension, whatever state you’re in, if you’re vibrating at a certain rate then you’re harmonizing with all of the beings that are there. So, what takes place when you have to change your rhythms? Well, that’s the next evolutionary state, not only for humans, but for planet Earth.

You see, planet Earth is a big lady and she cannot change easily. Like a freight train going down the track, if she’s going to make a right turn she can’t do so quickly. You have to slow way down and prepare for it ahead of time, and that’s what is taking place with Earth right now. When a rhythm break happens, it may feel a little empty. However, it’s simply that she put a pause on everything. So even though she’s vibrating, she has to exist in this realm that you exist do. She’s vibrating in those ranges, but you can’t feel it the same way as you did three weeks ago. It is similar to Earth holding her breath.

And what that does for most humans is you’re wandering around saying, “Where’s my base, what am I doing here?” Memory and a general brain fuzziness are common, and that’s because you’ve disconnected a little bit from the mother. Actually, she disconnected a little bit from you while she’s resetting a new rhythm, space, and angle to work with.

Sometimes she needs to reset her rhythms to get this new energy and cover everything she needs to. Now, from your perspective that can be a challenge. Because the resetting of energy can feel as if your base is being pulled out from under you in some way. And yet, it will provide you with not only opportunities to move further, but the first chance for the planet to move with you. That wasn’t there before, so even though it’s a break in the rhythms we welcome it.

Good News from the Sun

On top of that, you’re also receiving solar flares. Oh, we love to hear those words! CMEs, coronal mass ejections coming from the sun. You’ve had dozens of them in the last few weeks. It’s magical and these are charges the Earth can use. For a long time it looked as if this solar cycle would be a weak one, which would have added to the Earth’s problems. But recently there was a change in that. Solar Cycle 25 will at least match the energy of the previous cycle, and it will be well underway by March or April of 2023.

You must understand, you are infinite spirits. You’ve borrowed these funny little bubbles of biology that you call bodies, but you are truly spirits. Now with that, quite simply your next level is going to be more of the spirit and less of the physical body. That happens as one learns to carry more light and let the spirit shine through most of the time. To be able to do that, everyone has to reset their rhythms. The collective vibration of humanity is not quite there yet, so relax. Each individual will need to consciously reset their own rhythms. That’s part of the reason I’m here right now with rhythmic service. That’s coming, but before that the Earth is resetting her rhythms. It will take some time for the reset to work its way from the core of the planet, and it’s just beginning. And we can’t tell you how much applause and joy we’re sending from this side of the veil.

It’s an exciting time on planet Earth, dear ones. The magicians of the game board are here working in a new way. And with this, although you may feel a little bit unfocused right now, it’s only temporary and you will adjust. Now is a grand time to work with the Earth herself. And one last piece about the Earth, she picks up all of your stresses. Oh, yes. She’s deeply connected to you in more ways than you know. With all the stress on Earth, she picks that up too. And that’s one of the reasons she has to reset her energy at this moment, because you’ve got major stress on your Earth. What’s taking place in Ukraine right now is taking a huge toll on her energy. Look at many of the things that are taking place in different areas. You’re probably not even familiar with many of the areas of stress throughout the planet, yet she balances them all.

Here you are at a magical time of change, embrace it. Dear ones, connect with the Earth in any way you can. Sometimes just going out and spending time in nature can be a huge connection, which adds to her vibration. Know that the Earth is a grand lady and you are here on purpose. Why is she changing vibration, what is the most important part of it? Well, you see, she sees something you don’t, for there is an opportunity ahead for both the Earth and for you. It’s a magical time to be here. Dear ones, as we have said before, your name was on that chair before you got here. We called you in from a long time ago. And for those of you who were there already, we called you back from 300 years in the future to be here at this moment. Well done, dear ones.

Now, all you need to do is to reach out and hold each other’s hands. These vibrational shifts can bring up all sorts of problems, challenges, insecurities and perceived weaknesses. That’s such a challenge because you are creator beings. So, whatever is balanced between your heart and your head will manifest. Now more than ever before with those energies creating, we ask you to be very careful what you hold in your heart and your head. How does that work? It’s very simple. Heart energy will play out as love or fear. Do you love the thing you’re talking about, or do you fear it in some way? Now that’s your heart, what about the head? Your head is going to take it all apart, put it into different categories, and think it through. If you can find that part where your head says it’s okay, and your heart matches, then you have a manifestation that will happen one way or another. Soon we’ll share more about being able to build a matrix around that so you can reuse the same systems over and over again, to work with the energy. That’s actually very similar to the matrix that you work in now. Welcome Home, dear ones, you’re in such a special time on your planet. We know it’s a time filled with challenges with discontent, but key people are now in place.

All eyes of the universe are upon you. Have you ever been on one of those beaches where you see sand for miles and miles? Those grains of sand are so tiny and small. You don’t even have numbers that could count how many grains of sand are on a single beach. If you take all those grains of sand from the beaches and oceans on planet Earth, then compare them to the stars like your own sun, you have almost five times as many stars in the universe as grains of sand. Now that may make you feel infinitesimally small, as if you’re just a speck of dust in the wind. You’re carrying a rhythm of love, the rhythm from Home. Although you’re inhabiting a physical body, you’re a spirit deep within.

You are magical creator beings, holding every part of your vibration in front of you. Take a deep breath, dear ones, and let it go. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in these ways. I ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together as you create this brand new game. I am Elrah of rhythmic service. Welcome Home, dear ones.


The Group.

**Channel: Steve Rother


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