From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Wake-Up

If the current dynamics continue, after December 21, 2022, the high-vibration 4D Matrix and a new scenario for people with consciousness of fourth dimension will be fully activated on Earth.

The awakening and awareness of each of us will determine which timeline we will move to as a result of the perception of ourselves, our inner world and outer space.

How is the wake up taking place now, embracing more and more people? What will happen if everyone suddenly realizes that they are part of a single whole consciousness? Will it work for the highest good of incarnated Souls?

The awareness flashes, that cover the planet in waves, tear the blinders off people’s consciousness, allowing them to see and feel what has remained invisible and intangible for a long time.

For some, this is a great insight and tears of joy from the returned cosmic memory. For others, the reality is not so rosy, because they find themselves alone with what they have been creating inside themselves for many years.

At such moments, we realize that nothing accidental has ever happened in our life. Each of our choices had several options, and their chain led us to the conditions and circumstances in which we are now.

And everyone found themselves in the company of their own kind. This is already so clearly manifested as KNOWLEDGE in each of our cells that it is no longer possible to deny or conceal it. Everything secret becomes clear, no lie can exist anymore.

Here is a demonstrative example.

On internationally reputed TV channel, an important, pompous commentator, broadcasts financial news with a smart look – about markets, crisis, sanctions, bonds and stocks, rates and prices …

Nearby, an invited expert analyst is on hand: yes, there are problems, challenges remain but everything is under control.

Regulators are vigilant. There is no reason for alarm…

But an attentive viewer sees: both understand that they are full of nonsense, that their whole paradigm has not the slightest connection with reality, and they themselves are intellectually naked, and frankly lying because they absolutely have no idea what the near future will bring …

However, there is a live broadcast, and both are trying their best, and continue to speak into the camera, although there is fear and horror in their eyes: “what will happen now?”

Neither of them fully understands what is occurring but both realize that they have spent their whole lives in vain, and this is clearly read in them as poorly concealed shame in front of themselves, studio staff and viewers.

Today, many discovered that the world they are used to has become completely different. Idols, ideals, prestigious awards, cars and yachts, villas and bank accounts, suits, ties and watches from the best companies, plans for a weekend in an elite club, veneration – all this no longer makes sense as the content and purpose of life.

All barriers and disguises of the true essence have ceased to exist because now everyone is visible through. Nothing can be hidden – not a single thought, not a single act, not a single skeleton in the closet – everything is like in an open book.

Secrets hidden hitherto by the masks of pious citizens and aristocratic manners, pedophilia and Satanism, corruption and venality, betrayal, envy, cruelty, narcissism, greed, arrogant contempt for everyone except themselves come out with streams of bile and demagoguery.

There is unsynchronization in the perception of time and information. In some, the work of the brain has accelerated significantly, in others it has slowed down. The first chatter, not having time to put into words the received intuitive flow, the second indistinctly mumble.

The fact is that the brain filters the speed of perception and without this synchronization of individual types of Souls in a single reality is impossible.

Different types of thinking work on different channels of perception, logic, intuition, perceive and transmit info according to their specific protocols, they have different processing speeds.

That is why, now, the minds of many go to pot, complete chaos, an outright madhouse. A lot of people, who were not affected by the epiphany process, remained the same.

It is not difficult to imagine how they perceive everything that is happening today.

For that reason, they don’t take off their blinders. But those who wear blinders should remember that the kit also includes a gag-bit and a whip.

Some thank the Source and Co-Creators for the epiphany and awakening from sleep, themselves – for inner work, experience, and acceptance, removal of blocks and plug-ins, endless opportunities for development, for the Gift of Life.

For others, the division of reality into 3D and 4D has become a shock, albeit sobering but very painful for the psyche because the truth about self and the world can no longer be hidden or distorted, as it was in the past…

No presidential/historical/scientific/religious arguments and proofs can be accepted as justification for all the atrocities and outrages that have been going on Earth for thousands of years.

No armies, spec services, secret societies, money, underground bases and technologies will save from the inevitable reckoning for terrible deeds. Everyone will get what they deserve, and everyone understands this.

The current civilization ceases to exist before our eyes. Co-Creators control its dismantling, and they will not allow hot mess.

The evacuation from Earth of those who do not belong here for one reason or another is increasing. There is a frequency separation of realities and earthlings on the principle of like to like, including those who are more dead than alive because the energy of their Spirit is minimal.

Awakening is an awareness (often sudden) of oneself as something more than just a body; it is a recollection of oneself, of one’s true essence. As an illustration, here is another typical woman’s story retold in the first person.

One day in 2010, I had my first conscious awakening. It was night, I suddenly woke up, and it was more than I needed to, and realized that many sleep soundly, even during the day. Even at work, and actually they go to work mostly just because they sleep.

I also felt sleepless people. I didn’t know who they are. Everyone I knew was asleep.

All my senses were sharpened. I sensed anew what life is. I became so painfully sad from everything that needs to be done and hopelessness that I cried for several hours and then fell asleep in every way.

Now I regard it as an awakening, as a hint from my Higher Self. Something similar happened years later.

2012 with all its predictions passed for me in a dream. I wasn’t interested in anything transcendental, I hadn’t even heard about the end of the world. I had a lot of work and all sorts of important things to do.

But since January 2013, the most interesting thing began: my brain was very sharply activated, and I realized that it was time for me. And the bells went off.

I describe the rest in episodes; the interval between them is no more than one day.

1) I was walking through the underpass, and suddenly began to see with my back. That is, I suddenly felt all the people around me with my whole body.

I knew how many people were following me, whether they were men or women, whether there were people around the corner, in which parked cars someone was sitting and which were empty, whether there were cats or dogs in the area, whether a bird was flying over me, where the right product was in the supermarket, etc.

Going down to the subway in such a state was physically unpleasant. People moved in groups, in flocks, like in a horror movie, like in Hitchcock’s “Birds”. I felt in which direction they would go, and how many men would get off the arriving train at the station.

At that moment, I realized how animals feel others – by physical vibrations. But in my case, something strange happened: I realized that all these people were not my biological species, and I began to feel sick.

2) The next day I was walking through the city, and suddenly the whole world slowed down: people, cars – everything seemed to be stuck in jelly. Only some kids and animals were not in the general gel but moved at a normal speed.

I could maneuver between them and overtake them without speeding up my pace.

I thought then that this is probably how athletes who have overcome their body and are moving at super speeds feel. The spirit overcomes the body, and then the work with reality goes on.

3) In the evening at home, I no longer logically but physically realized that I had to move out of my high-rise building because here I am hanging in the air, it is like a cattle pen, it is simply impossible to live in it.

I began to feel all the neighbors, and realized that during the night I manage to feed half the house with my energy, and I wake up tired. I didn’t know anything about energy protection at that time, new realizations and sensations were just showering on me.

4) I decided not to get behind the wheel in those days, I only used the subway. In the flow of people, I was getting worse, and my eyesight was getting sharper.

Suddenly something happened that turned my whole perception of the world upside down: I saw that many people are dead. That is, literally, physically dead but they continue to walk, work and even enjoy life.

At first, I looked aghast at the crowd of marching zombies, controlled from a single center and walking along a given route, and realized that horror films about the rebels and the rotting dead are documentary truth.

I experienced a real shock, but after what happened over the previous three days, my psyche hardened a little. So I just caught my breath and went into the subway car. The corpses were not so scary there, because mostly they were sitting, their eyes closed, others were chewing something, and still others were buried in smartphones.

And then – oh, a miracle! – I saw that not everyone is dead. There were two living people in the carriage besides me! One lovely woman was reading a book, and did not even suspect that she was surrounded by the dead.

The remnants of my common sense were enough to tactfully remain silent and not inform her about such an unpleasant circumstance. I just looked at her more closely and realized that she was sleeping soundly, and I wouldn’t be able to wake her up now, even if I had a bucket of ice water with me. Then I remembered both of my previous brief awakenings, and it became clear to me where this was going.

5) And then, the fear came. It started when realized that I was now visible to those who put everyone to sleep. It’s like walking in a crowd with a bright light bulb on your head.

I was scared, and was shaking for a couple of days; there was no one to talk to. I started sleeping with the lights on. What’s remarkable is that after each such night I had to change all the light bulbs in the room because the devices within a radius of 50 meters stopped withstanding my presence. From the jump of my emotions, the light bulbs cracked and burned out.

The fear intensified. As if for a dessert of enchanting sensations, my hand curled itself into a fist and hit me in the face. That is, I also magically cut my lip myself. It became even scarier.

6) The next day, already with a split lip, I went somewhere again, I suppose, for light bulbs. And I saw the movie “The Matrix” in action. I realized that people are a single organism. The System detected that I was awake, and people I didn’t know, its adherents, turned on me.

Independently, they began to frighten me. Some faceless passerby from the crowd could bark or shout at me without any reason.

I remember a man coming up to me on the street and saying one half of a threatening phrase in my ear, and a few minutes later another supposedly random person finished it in the other ear. The threat was from the series “stop doing this, be careful in the dark.”

The matrix for me then cracked at the seams. Time slowed down and accelerated, space was either hard or soft, periodically turning into some kind of soup or jelly.

Or here’s another interesting case from the same fun week. I come out of the entrance and see a hellish-looking old man with a stick. After a couple of minutes I get into the minibus, and this infernal fogey is already sitting inside and continues to stare at me.

It sounds unreal, but it looked even more unreal, and in general, all that unforgettable week there was a Truman Show in full swing.

Again, what is real and what is not? The world on TV is no more real and no less absurd than the events I describe. Everything is relative. Only a person with a very stable psyche can see and endure the real world, I realized that at the same time.

7) When my fine vision sharpened, the System began to frighten me more subtly. From unfamiliar passers-by, their possessors looked at me, sometimes several at once. I didn’t have everything clean myself then, to put it mildly.

There were also pleasant moments. Works of art became clear to me, I realized which of the writers or artists did not sleep; that the sleepless and the living leave hints to each other even through the centuries; I began to see people and more often meet the living and the sleepless. They became attracted to me and helped me in many ways.

That was such a fun period: very much increased sensitivity and physical sensations – constantly buzzing in the ears, burning in the back of the head. There were no other special changes. Gradually, I learned to control my body so as not to knock out electricity, turn off my subtle vision and intuition when required.

In general, life after waking up began to change rapidly. I took care of myself, and even got bumps in it. I will not describe the next two years of insights – further sensations were no longer so shocking.

But my development is going at a tremendous pace; my worldview has expanded globally and continues to expand every day. There were various practices and hypnosis sessions. Then I realized that awakening has many facets, and this process is endless. Everything flows, everything changes.

I want to say that I am a normal person, I have not left society (although sometimes I wanted to), I am not going to the wilderness, I do not join galactic councils, and I am not a fan of esotericism.

I am doing what I can to awaken other people and I feel that such work is going on all over the planet now. At the same time, I am quite successfully engaged in ordinary affairs, I do not preach truths on the square, and if not asked, I do not interfere.

I realized for myself that to keep a balance and not cause aggression, it is advisable not to talk to the dead about the fact that many people are dead. Although sometimes despair attacks from all this, I want to note that compared to what was a few years ago, there are now many more awake and alive.

Lighthouses don’t run all over the island looking for a boat to save – they just stand and shine.

There were other discoveries. If there are any quarrels in the family, heavy emotional experiences, illnesses – all this hangs in energy clusters around the house. During quarrels, stress, etc., heavy thought forms form around us, serving for the creation of primitive harmful entities.

Imagine that all the thoughts of people who have ever lived on Earth will suddenly materialize, become tangible to us. Monsters of debauchery and blood grudges, larvae of religious hatred and racism, chupacabras of corruption and evil eyes, ghouls of vanity and betrayal, scrapers of greed, laziness and gluttony, and other demons of human thoughts, intrigues and internecine fights will manifest themselves in space, on the streets and in our homes, displacing pets from the upper shelves of the chiffonier with their gnarled slimy bodies flowing with condensed fear of the unknown.

And this is exactly what will happen when we begin to realize ourselves as part of a single whole. After all, this one is far from being as glamorous in our reality as many would like to believe.

We will carry this exotic zoo with us until we OURSELVES remove it from our lives, clearing it of everything we have done and thought about.

Out of humane motives, Co-Creators stretched the general awakening in time so as not to traumatize the earthlings. They invisibly control planetary processes and loudly hint to everyone ready to wake up that the time has come. Then it all depends on the choice of everyone.

We can change everything. Some will awaken the few. Few will awaken many. Many will awaken all.

**By Lev


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  1. Harriet

    This is the best thing I have ever read of this topic. This is great. I suspected it was something like this. I wish I knew this lady that I can learn more. Does she have a blog or a site? This is wonderful. To have this insight and abilities, it’s incredible. I’m happy for her. I wish everyone the power to transcend yourselves in the way that is great for you, much love and light to you all.

  2. Douglas A James

    Lev also said we would all have full disclosure and nesara already.. now Decemeber.. no we want it right now! No more waiting f the waiting game.. make it happen now this has taken far far too long already 2012 we were supposed to have the solar flash…yep ..10 yrs ago…