Activating Our Magnificence

As fractals of Creator consciousness, we have unlimited potential. In our human expression of being, we have limited ourselves within the empirical world of dense energetics and duality, and we’ve closed off our awareness from our true Being, but there is no requirement outside of ourselves and our limiting beliefs to remain in this condition. There are procedures that we can engage to expand ourselves greatly. Let’s examine our own involvement in this realm.

Our primary tool in creation is our ability to focus our attention on any level of vibration that we can imagine and feel. We can choose our polarity—mentally and emotionally, positive or negative. We were curious about fear, and so we experienced it. We’ve enslaved our consciousness to it, even believing in gradual life-diminishment as we age and die, with possible termination of our conscious being. This is the realm of negative polarity, which stimulates fear in us.

By intentionally being positive in every moment, we transform our lives and are able to do miraculous creations. We can talk with our Innate Being, who controls every cell in our body. Our Innate does not reason, it just follows directions and expresses the vitality of our body in alignment with our state of being. It listens when we acknowledge it and communicate lovingly with it. We can be grateful for the creation and vitality of our body, and we can forgive ourselves for messing it up with our ignorance and lack of loving attention. We can reach into the energy of our heart and be compassionate with ourselves. Our Innate can regenerate every cell instantly when we know this is true. In positive polarity, doubt does not exist.

Making the leap to positive in every moment requires strong intention and perseverance, along with developing sensitivity to intuition. When we realize positivity in our state of Being, we can communicate in confidence with the angels of the air, the Spirit of the Earth, and all conscious beings. We can ask the consciousness of the air to bring us the weather that we desire, and we can know the response intuitively. We can enter a higher energetic dimension by aligning with its vibrations. We can even disappear from the other dimension that we inhabit, and then reappear wherever we desire. It seems miraculous, but it’s because we learn how to control our attention and awareness, directing our focus into positive, life-enhancing scenarios.

Our awareness expands into universal consciousness, which contains the empirical world, as long as human consciousness recognizes and feels its energetic patterns. We can include our body consciousness as we expand our awareness into a vibratory level of joy and gratitude. Our Innate loves to follow life-enhancing instructions of regeneration and increasing vitality. It is our natural state. We can communicate together for great benefit.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


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  1. Harriet

    What a great reminder and with encouragement and very inspiring. Thank you again and again Kejraj and Kenneth!