Archangel Michael: Loyalty to Love

I am archangel Michael and nothing is more important than faith, hope and love.

Faith, hope and love are a unity that is essential to life itself.

Everyone of you are opening up to a greater reality, because Mother Earth is now fully working from the fifth dimension.

At first you might feel that you do not recognize yourself as you are used to. This is because you are used to hold on to the old, you have become customed to having a routine, with your guide and so on. You still have your guide, but you are not holding on to anything anymore.

You are now free floating instead and you can not hold on to the edges anymore.

Many years ago you thought of your own path as a spiritual being you where taking steps up a staircase, and learning and expanding your light knowledge.

But the reality is, there where no staircase, there was a circle. All the time you have been floating in this big circle of trust of love, of faith and hope and joy.

And now you are floating around completely free inside your own beautiful orb, like a globe of love. And you are no longer clinging on to its side anymore and you might feel there is nothing there anymore?

But it is just because you are floating freely now!

All of your guides are still there watching you. Whenever you need them they will reach out to you, aiding you if you need and will.

But now you have matured into an adult lightworker and you do not need to hold hands anymore.

But you have to get accustomed to this new sort of reality.

You are now your own creator.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to create?

What are your thoughts? Be loving to yourself as thoughts are energy.

Do not be afraid. Be love. Be loyal to love, to faith, to hope and joy at all times.

And most important: You always have to love yourself no matter what challenges you are going through, make sure to have a daily loving prayer moment and routine. And you already know about this of course.

But now the reality outside has become harsher and it is of outmost importance that you are seeing through the war of fear that many souls are going through right now.

If you always are loyal to love, hope and faith you will automatically keep up with your highest purpose on earth as a love ambassador from the higher realms.

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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  1. Tess

    Thank you for always guiding, loving, protecting, and teaching—infinite blessings, love, and light. Tess M