Working Through the Incoming Energies

I hope that everyone enjoyed the equinox. It is the astrological new year as the sun returns to Aries. This is a long write-up, but there was so much to share!

The Equinox energy brings in a reawakening of life force energy. It is the bursting forth of new life, growth, and transformation. It is the seed cracking with life to send out a sprout through the dirt, searching for light.  I often wonder how it must feel to the seed to split open, rupture within in the hopes of becoming its fullest potential. How terrified it must feel during that time between a sprout beginning and when it finally breaches the soil. Even then, when it begins to feel the sun, there is no guarantee that it will become a grown plant, much less one that blooms. Yet, it bursts forth anyway. It cannot stop the process once it begins, it’s simply must go forth on faith and trust.

All of this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The seed begins its journey to the light when the timing is right. It feels the energy, the quickening and it responds with growth.

We too are responding to the energy, the quickening, and are being asked to grow. Grow beyond the past versions of ourselves that we have surpassed. Grow beyond our fears and limitations. Grow through our resistance and self-sabotage. Grow and grow until we become the light of our true being and bloom.

This process isn’t easy by any means on any level. Many are feeling the pressure cooker of this time. We are being challenged on all levels. Mentally and emotionally we are being shown how we create our own reality. We have the opportunity to own all of our creations, positive and negative so that we don’t have to keep recreating them. We are truly learning that we don’t need to keep the same plotline going. This process has us facing ourselves, our wounds, shadow, and programming. Themes and patterns we have experienced our entire lives are surfacing. Can we let go of judgments, self-persecution, and sacrifice? It is asking us if we are ready to move beyond now or do we have more to learn.

Physically the body is going through it as well. Quite a few I have talked to lately are having acute body symptoms, pain, and even injuries surface. The body seems to be freaking out in some cases as if it has no clue how to handle the incoming light. Truth is, it doesn’t. It hasn’t been in the space before. To hold all the light that is available to us now is to push the body beyond limits it had reached in prior incarnations. It is for this reason that we have been urged to talk to our bodies and hold the deepest compassion and understanding for ourselves (and others going through this).

Spiritually, we are being asked to continue awakening and to see through the illusion. So much is coming at us from all sides to break through the spell of sleep. It is asking us to walk in clarity and to connect with the truth of our being.

It is the seed going through the combustion of growth as it births itself.

Recently I was talking with someone and it was expressed that I must be having an easy time of it in comparison to the rest of the world due to my spiritual abilities. I could only laugh.

I too experience moments of disconnection, confusion, apathy, and fear. There are moments I feel like the “hot mess express”.

Here’s what I do to bring myself back into my center.

1. I align by saying the following aloud with conviction:

  • I align and calibrate to my highest divine timeline.
  • I align and calibrate to the highest divine aspect of Source.
  • I align and calibrate to the highest Divine knowing, hearing, and seeing.
  • I align, calibrate, clear, and open all of my chakras from where they begin with Source to where they end deep in the earth.

2. I ground myself fully into my body saying

  • I ground myself into my body now from my head to my toes” while deep breathing and pushing the energy down through my feet into the earth.
  • I then feel the floor touching my feet, I notice the energy in the room, I listen for the minute sounds such as the heat coming through the register or the dog’s breath. Becoming hyper-aware of your senses helps to bring us back to presence.

3. I breathe. I do a series of 10 breaths. On the inhale I count to 4, I hold for a count of two, and then exhale for a count of six.

  • This helps to reduce anxiety and helps me to ground further into my body.

4. I take a custom flower essence tincture that I crafted specifically to help me through my individual transition, hitting my needs.

5. I take a shower or a salt bath while connecting with the water asking it to assist me with clearing and grounding.

  • On a side note, I noticed recently that the shower floor felt dense with energy and realized it’s an area I have been neglecting when smudging.

6. I smudge with either white sage or Palo Santo. I first do my body, then my space.

7. I get outside and connect with the sun or moon. I breathe in the fresh air and push that energy through my entire body.

8. I turn on my favorite songs that just lift my spirits and help me feel less alone in the world. I find myself moving and dancing, shifting the funky energy out of my body.

  • My two current favorites: Be Love by Satsang:

  • This Place by Trevor Hall & Satsang:

9. I journal and pour out the overflowing or stuck emotions onto the paper and let it go.

10. I get a hug and hold on for 30 seconds or more either from my husband or my dogs.

This is my top 10 survival list right now. I have others I use from time to time, but at the moment these are my favorite ways to bring myself back to presence.

What is in your tool kit? Write them down and pull from it when the fear and overwhelm hit.

This process isn’t going to stop, we will adapt and grow so that it doesn’t feel so brutal. In the meantime, our self-care and self-responsibility need to be on point. At times staying centered is work and we are the only ones that can do it for ourselves.

Take care of yourselves and create that toolbox of ways to bring ease during this monumental transition. At times I feel as if it is going to slow… other times I am shocked at the intensity lol.

Much love to you all,