Ashtar: The Cabal’s House of Cards is Collapsing Rapidly

I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time, in these moments, these special moments that are upon you now, as all of life is awakening around you.

All of life is moving more and more into the higher vibrational frequency as life and energy continues to flood into the planet from the cosmic source. And yes, indeed, the fifth-dimensional sun is expressing through now more and more.

Up until recently, we and our ships have been holding this energy back so that it would not come too quickly into the planet, would not interfere with your central nervous systems, as they were not quite ready for this. But more and more now, this is being allowed to come through.

And as such, everything is coming down around the third-dimensional illusion. The house of cards is collapsing rapidly more and more now.

And those that have been in the shadows, those that have held the truth back from the population of this planet, are now being forced to bring this information forward now, even though they do not want to. They cannot hold it back. For they believe that they have to bring this information forward in order to stay in control. They have been tricked in this way.

For as this information comes forward throughout your internet and your many sources of media, the truth is coming forward. And as the truth comes forward, those that have attempted to hold it back are falling and failing rapidly.

Those of us in our ships that have been watching over this entire plan, helping it here and there wherever we could, wherever we were allowed to. More and more we are being allowed to give more and more assistance where it is needed, where it is called for, where it is asked to come forward.

We, of course cannot do it alone. You are our Boots on the Ground. You are the ones that are calling this energy forth, bringing it to you, bringing the truth forward in any way that you can.

And, as you have heard many times, this cannot be stopped, no matter what those of the dark forces attempt to do, those of the cabal, the Illuminati, the deep state, whatever you wish to call them.

They are no longer in control. Within the illusion, they appear to be in control. But they are not. Because the illusion of the third-dimensional matrix is just that, an illusion. The reality is coming forward more and more.

And those of the forces of light are many steps ahead of those of the forces of darkness. Many steps ahead, so that they can see what is coming, even before they put that plan into action. And as they [the dark forces] attempt to bring total chaos to the planet, the chaos that they then intended to bring order after, they are not able to do that any longer. Yes, they can provide the chaos. But they are not the ones to bring the order: you are. You, all of you, the Alliance, the White Hats, all of us working with those forces here on the planet: we are all bringing this about, bringing the end of the chaos.

And the chaos is coming to an end. First there shall be more chaos, though. More seeming chaos, I will say. For those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, it is not chaos. It is simply the falling of the veil, the falling of the illusion more and more.

And you all are in place now, just as you intended to be many, many thousands and thousands of years ago when you volunteered to be here, you are in place now, exactly where you need to be.

And more and more of you will feel the call now, feel the call that is reaching out to you to move you ahead upon your mission, whatever that might be. However you feel that you can contribute, now is the time to do so. Find it within your heart, within your high heart. Listen to the call from your Higher Self who is now not only whispering, but is beginning to shout more and more to you.

Listen to those whispers, and listen to those shouts, for it is all up to you, the collective you, as to how this will continue to play out. But play out, it shall.

Know that as indeed one of yours said earlier on your call, you have the power, each and every one of you has the power within you to blow this system wide open, to be those System Busters that you came here to be. So do it. Just simply do it. Whatever that might take, do it.

I am Ashtar. I so appreciate these times that I can be here to share with you, and to give you just a glimpse here and there, as you read between the lines, that myself and many of us as we bring these messages to you, what you call “little hints here and there.” For there are always those messages within the messages for you to decipher and for you to discern.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Go forward now and be those ones that you came here to be, those System Busters. For this system must fully come down before the new can arise from it.

**Channel: James McConnell

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24 Replies to “Ashtar: The Cabal’s House of Cards is Collapsing Rapidly”

  1. Harriet

    Well, gees, Gustavo. I wasn’t intending to offend.
    People are dieing every day. Worldwide 2 people every second, 1.16 million every week.
    I’ll try to put it this way. The 3D/4D Earth is slowly disappearing. It will be approximately 30 years before it’s gone. That’s 30 years for people to live out their lives and make their choices to ascend or not. Since no one living will be left behind when we finally do move into 5D permanently, that means everyone will move into 5D if they are still living. That’s 30 years that people can live out their destiny to live and die everyday like we do right now. If they choose to not ascend or their destiny is to die during these 30 years regardless of how much they ascend, then they will die however their destiny has planned for them, whether it’s sickness, accidents, old age, suicide, victim of crime, etc. And their death will happen before those still living arrive at 5D to live permanently.
    No one will be left behind. So either the human population will die in the next 30 years or so as is their destiny or they continue living as is their destiny and move into 5D, because 3D/4D Earth will no longer exist.
    I’m not dictating any one person is dieing or decreeing an act of God. I’m explaining something good here. The good is that we can make a wonderful world here. And in the meantime people will be born and people will die as usual. And the bonus is is that if you are still alive when we move into the 5th dimension you get to come too. It’s wonderful because no one will be left behind including you if you are still alive. If you are younger than me (I’m 70 this year), chances are real good you will get to live in 5D if you want to ascend along with everybody else. The ones who are destined to die in the next 30 years won’t make it to 5D in their present body/incarnation. And it will include the ones who don’t want to ascend. Which is fine because 3D/4D Earth won’t be here anyways.
    Sorry I keep repeating myself here. I don’t know how to say this succinctly if that’s the word.
    About the Aztecs. I said I THINK they went to 5D. If it’s the Mayans, that’s fine. I was just making a point about whole societies disappearing and we’ll get to see them in 5D.
    All this ascension stuff is fascinating don’t you think? It will be great to see the domino affect of one good thing after another after another. The transition will be so joyous and exhilarating! (after the chaos subsides)
    I hope this is more clear and helps our understanding somewhat.
    See you in the 5th!

  2. Harriet

    I’m not being negative. I’m being realistic here. A ton of events needs to happen before we are existing in a fully 5D reality. Everything has to change. Leaders into the New Age need to be born; 5 to10 years of revelations of the lies need to be released; people need to die who aren’t ascending, according to their destiny; society needs to change in every way so we are all equal and happy; disease, pain and negativity needs to disappear; ETs need to introduce themselves when they feel we are safe and won’t hurt them physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually; prisons need to be taken down; food needs to be mass produced in a compassionate way; water, air and soil needs to be cleaned up; every industry needs to be overhauled into a positive running system; competition such as in sports, games, possessions, class level in life needs to end; and so on.
    I read people will ascend to 5D Earth in waves. Which makes sense since we are moving in and out of 3D, 4D, 5D throughout the day, every day. When we can finally stay in 5D throughout the day every day we will individually or in waves move into/live in 5D permanently. Those still in 3D and 4D will continue their ascension to eventually move into 5D. I read many, many times that no one will be left behind. If you live long enough you will make it to 5D. We and cocreators don’t want anyone to perish in the agony of a 3D Earth and reality that is disappearing unless that scenario is in their life contract. We are and will continue to get lots of help from Creator and cocreators to ascend, so whoever is still living will make it to the 5th.
    I read that at the minimum it will be 30 years before we are all living in the 5D. But think about everything that needs to take place. The 5D is like Heaven with everything nearly perfect or perfect and every one is positive in every way. Everything in 5D is exactly how it needs to be for billions of people, animals, plants, trees, water, soil, rocks, air, ET friends, etc and for everyone to be happy.  Whatever isn’t perfect is being fixed or repaired. In the meantime relish the fact that everything will change for the better.
    I also read that when we ascend to 5D we are taking our reality with us. As we ascend closer and closer to 5D we fix everything towards positivity and happiness and take all of this to 5D with us.
    I believe there are already Earth humans living on a 5D Earth. They are people who disappeared from our 3D/4D existence.  I think the Aztecs are one such group.  We will join them and others.
    I am so looking forward to all the changes in the next 50 years. I don’t even think about the Event/Split/Flash. If it happens – great. If not, still great. So many wonderful things and MIRACLES are going to keep us entertained and occupied in the coming years. As said, there will be chaos to observe, 3D/4D people to help, love to give and our light to shine and that’s why we are here. We are the best of the best in all the Universes who contributed souls to this Earth experiment and it will succeed.
    As I said before if you are still living YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND. So, see you in the 5th! I truly love you all and want to see you there.

    1. Gustavo Frein

      You are thinking of the Mayans, not the Aztecs. The Aztecs were brutal barbarians. They committed human sacrifice on a daily basis and they were notorious cannibals.

      You might actually want read a history book.

      People need to die according to you? Are you the God people have been talking about?

      Who in your opinion needs to die? Please enlighten us?

    2. Mike Ohira

      Right, it’s the Mayans and not the Aztecs. Also don’t expect everyone will ascend to 5d easily because many will not. Only those who have completed their assignments will earn entry pass to 5d and those who have not will have to start 3d life all over again starting from the cave. 5d is not the goal for everyone, everyone has free will so it is up to each individual to decide whether he/she wants to ascend or not. Not ascending and staying in 3d for billions of years, that is another choice good or bad is for each individual to decide. 5d this and that is not written in stone.

    3. Jacques Vincent

      Well Miss Harriet , with the help of the Med Bed we should be able to make it
      in time … What is your thought on this ???

  3. Tracy Hill

    Conformation in it’s finest form. Thank you so much for this. I have known so much for so long not knowing how or why until now thank you for the breakdown it has made me stronger with every post from you and feedback from others. thank you love this family

  4. Mike Ohira

    This one appears to be the real Ashtar and not the copycat versions that I see time and again. At least that is good news.

    It was 2.5~3 years ago I wrote a message titled “The End of Cabal is Nearing Rapidly” being very much optimistic of the Trump administration at that time. The message was written in Japanese as my purpose was to reach out to the Japanese sheeples, many who were dead asleep and most spending time in front of their TV box. Not much has changed since then. As yet, 100% of the people are fully masked and quite a lot of them have been vaxxed, although percentage- wise not as high as the US or European countries.

    But I am very optimistic now. I have a strong feeling drastic changes will occur during this year.

  5. Diamond Black

    Who allowed them to build this empire for so long, doesn’t make sense for such a thing to exist. I think major fuckups were made and that’s all. One huge mess up and we suffer for it. This has been the worst experience, never doing anything as utterly dumb as this ever again – i will get a ship and just wipe them off the face of existence if anything like this is ever attempted again. Not putting up with these bullshit lifeless forms ever again, making an ultimatum to wipe them from existence for the rest of infinity. It’s a done deal. Will not hold back wiping the archons, dark beings, shadow beings, parasites, artificial entities from existence. This is not a lesson thing, it’s a monumental fuck up that has gone out of control and needs fixing.

    1. Mike Ohira

      Diamond, I agree what you said 100%. It is an EVIL EMPIRE incomparable to any civilizations that exist in the universe. Our earth is called a PRISON PLANET. The Darks were smarter than us humans so we were made cattle. You and I are the lucky ones cause we weren’t eaten.

      Of course it was the dark ET’s that started all evil things, but if we were to blame the humans who have done miserable things to us, the spotlight will go President Eisenhower the 34th President of the United States from 1953 to 1961. All misery started after he signed an agreement with the Grey aliens. He was in favor of the Greys and rejected the proposal offered by the Light being, the Pleiadians.

      If I should name the countries that are the most evil, they are the USA, England and Israel. These 3 countries are the worsts among the worsts along with I would say some of the main European countries. I want to screw them all.

      1. Gordon Ramsey

        And Japan never did anything bad did it, certainly not to China from 1937 to 1945.

        1. Mike Ohira

          I’m looking at the big picture here, the key players that was the root of the problems and the main enemy of Mother Earth. Of course there are countries that did horrible things in the past, Japan, Germany, Turkey etc, you name it but what these countries had done is nothing compared to the key players, the US, England and Israel.

          I’m not a historian just a man of wisdom but I know.

    2. A lightworker

      “Who allowed them to build this empire for so long” — corrupt humans did, unfortunately. Too many humans chose to collude with evil aliens, and because the default setting of our galactic family is “let humans exercise their free will”, the situation here on Earth has dragged on for a long time.

      Ultimately the responsibility is ours, not offworlder’s. Though I do agree it’s high time to change things for the better here on Earth, and fortunately our galactic family is helping. Nothing can stop the very bright future that’s ahead of humanity.

  6. Kelly

    Nothing can stop what’s coming…

    Was just reading “Fractal Time: The Secret Of 2012 And New World Age” by Gregg Braden. Reveals that every 5125 yrs that we enter a new world age. Our current age started in 2012. Also covers that only five generations in the last 26,000
    years have experienced the shift of world ages. We will be the sixth.

    Imagine that! We will be the sixth generation to experience the shift of the world ages in the last 26,000 years.

    Nothing can stop what’s coming. Yes, this message keeps popping up. As we come out of a very dark period, there’s so much to look forward to.

    Astar said, “And you all are in place now, just as you intended to be many, many thousands and thousands of years ago when you volunteered to be here, you are in place now, exactly where you need to be.”

    This is confirmation for me, indeed, that nothing happens by chance. That we are here…exactly where we need to be to hold the light to assist in the shift.

    For some time now, I keep getting the message that many souls volunteered to be here…at this time.. but only the strongest and bravest were selected… that it’s an honor to be here now.

    Love it. Just love it! Astar and James: Thank you! You rock!! Love you!

    1. Mysty

      Selected? That’s a comforting thought for you I imagine, but we CHOSE. We were not selected.

    1. P.S.

      The collective “datefag” (anon term), appears to be the end of this month is when the movie climax kicks off. Some suggest it’s the White Hats emerging from the shadows to name themselves. Some suggest it’s the financial system keeling over. Some think there’s gonna be a that legendary “first indictment”.

      No matter which specific event is named, the end of March is the time that is referenced.

      When I see this collective “something is gonna happen x time” type of pattern pop up, I take it to be generally true. Something big will happen by the end of this month, but I do not personally know what it will be or if it will be obvious. It might be a big event that kicks off a chain of events. It might be a big singular event that stands on its own.

      Thus far, anytime this collective feeling has appeared, it has been true. For example, end of December was touted as the time when the COVID narrative would start to flip. That ended up true. Dominoes in certain pockets of the world started to fall and the narrative started to turn.

        1. Mysty

          The Solar Flash is not going to happen like people think it will happen. It would be too intense for most people. It’s slowed down and has been happening for months. Continues to happen with peaks and valleys.

      1. A lightworker

        Makes you wonder — are humans correctly predicting the timing in these cases, or are humans creating the timing in these cases?

        For what it’s worth, I think the big event might be in April, but it does feel like something big is coming.

        1. P.S.

          I think both are happening at the same time, and I think it builds in strength over time.

          1. Humans want something to happen.
          2. Desire is relayed to Universe, and an event occurs as a response.
          3. Humans do not notice the event.
          4. Humans want something to happen, but more obvious.
          5. Lightworkers dispatched to magnify the signal.
          6. Truthers alerted to pay attention for the event.
          7. Event occurs, truthers and lightworkers notice and relay that it occurred.
          8. Humans still do not notice the event.
          9. Repeat 4-7 until…
          10. Signal is now magnified to the point that lightworkers and truthers FEEL the event coming before it arrives.

          So we’re at a point where the Collective desire for something is strong enough that folks like you and I can sense something is coming toward us as a response. It feels big, because the signal strength used to create the event was big.