The Great Quantum Transition: Ops In Polynesia Part 2

On Huahine Island, the target of Lightwarriors’ operation was marae in Fauna Nui. Arriving at the site, the group scanned the entire complex with clairvoyance.

The necro-Matrix has been preserved in it, not entirely, but in small segments and fragments. The team members immediately pulled them into their Monads, and then split and recycled them.

The site of the next op was another famous Huahine’s marae – in Maeva, a large and very massive stone structure.

In its Subtle Plane, Lightwarriors discovered a necro-plate under which it was impossible to even look. It was formed as a result of sacrifices and bloody rituals of the Priests.

The first attempt to split it failed, partly due to tropical mosquitoes mercilessly attacking the group. Fleeing from their clouds, Lightwarriors decided to temporarily retreat and move to another marae at the other end of the Island, in Parea.

Complex is located on the sea shore, surrounded by coconut palms. In this marae, everything turned out well. Through it, Lightwarriors again came to the Subtle Plane in Maeva, smashed and annihilated its necro-plate and introduced Crystals of Pleromic Light to this place.

Then, groups from other countries remotely jointed to the final cleaning of these marae and all others in Polynesia.

The operation on Huahine took two days. The night before leaving the Island, the group leader felt unwell. There were all signs of a severe cold or flu. For the next couple of days, he could not get up because of weakness and a sharply raised temperature.

All group members helped Lightwarrior recover with their energy. In searching for the causes of ailment, they turned to Co-Creators.

The information received shocked everyone, especially the team leader who learned incredible things about himself.

His illness had energetic source. The Lightwarrior’ Higher Self took and put into it the creational Matrix of another hybrid, and did not share its processing with anyone. The group’s head himself cleaned and burned out the Matrix by Absolute Synthesis.

As it turned out, it was a hybrid, in the birth of which Lightwarrior was personally involved in the very distant past.

Co-Creators provided details. At that time, Siriusians were conducting experiments on crossing and creating a Universal Soldier. It was not going to be used for invasions of planets and other civilizations. Its purpose was to protect against the Black space races, mainly from aggressive and insolent reptiloids.

The goal was achieved. The Universal Soldier has become a decisive factor in restoring the parity of forces in our Galaxy. To create it, the Siriusians used the DNA of many of the most powerful space civilizations, including the earthlings.

The natal Matrix and embryo were carried in the Gaia’s Womb (see PART 1), and then were placed in a surrogate mother – an Earthly woman.

However, the unexpected happened. In the Reign of Sirius, there was a traitor who switched to the Dark Side.

As a result, the Universal Soldier’s Matrix fell into the hands of Black Archons.

Fortunately, Higher Light Hierarchy did not allow them to remake it and create a Dark Super Soldier.

Due to betrayal, the Siriusians’ experiment was considered a failure because its result was in the hands of Archons and posed a real threat.

At that time, the ground team head was one of the Siriusian Hierarchs and was part of the Ruling Elite. He and Lord Sinarion were responsible for the experiment. The betrayal was committed by a lower rank which had no direct relation to the creation of the Universal Soldier.

Holographically, using Akashic Records, Co-Creators showed Lightwarrior his reaction to the failure of the project in those days. He renounced all regalia and his status, and at his request, approved by Karma Lords, he was sent to Earth, to the initial location of the Siriusian Universal Soldier’s natal Matrix.

Lightwarrior began evolution on Earth as an ordinary man, although Sirius invisibly supported him throughout his 520 incarnations on our planet.

In his evolution, the group leader went through all the stages of Spiritual growth and gained a perfect and very powerful Monad. He does not want to return to Sirius, although he continues to treat him with great Love. Now his home is Earth.

Sinarion remained who he was. He was saddened, but no more, and still resides on Sirius and is still part of its Board.

All the time, the karmic consequences of the experiment’s failure were active. And only now, when Lightwarrior was near the Earth’s Womb on Moorea Island, the experiment entered its final stage.

Karma Lords managed to get the original natal Matrix of the Universal Soldier, in the distorted and karma-polluted state caused by Black Archons.

They not only tried to remake it but also loaded their virus code into Matrix.

Plus, they used the Cell of Life created by the Siriusians…

For the next two days, Lightwarrior lay in the cabin of the catamaran, now knowing everything, and consciously split the mutilated creational Matrix of this hybrid.

In addition to karmic dirt, there were a lot of reptilians’ wave DNA parts, and even his genes’ fragments when he was a Siriusian, that was especially painful for him. Nevertheless, in two days he completely cleaned and restored it.

Inspired by the success, Co-Creators, without even letting Lightwarrior to recover, implanted a human surrogate DNA Matrix into his Monad for splitting.

This Matrix was created by 12 extraterrestrial civilizations (six of them were the main genetic donors) to materialize the physical body and genome of earthlings. The magnificent six included Siriusians, Pleiadians, Orions, Lyrians, Vegans, and Aldebarans.

The surrogate DNA, about which DNI narrated a lot, has played a positive role in human evolution. Without her, his existence on 3D Earth would be impossible.

However, now, with the beginning of the Transition to 5D, this DNA should go away, making room for a more perfect one which we all have to obtain. Some of us will get it earlier, and some – later.

The genetic donors have also suffered a lot because of us. Fragments of their DNA in man’s genome Matrix are largely littered with destructive energy information and karma, creating serious obstacles to the evolution of our cosmic parents.

By the decision of Higher Light Hierarchs, this DNA was subject to splitting, fragments of dipole DNA – purified from karma, and be returned in original form to their rightful owners. They deserved it by making such self-sacrifice for the sake of people.

Co-Creators entrusted this operation to the group leader. Lightwarrior coped with it but at the cost of incredible overloads.

His vibrations rose to the maximum, he was choking with a chakral cough, his temperature jumped, and whole body burned violently. He was saved by an opportunity to climb the catamaran deck where the wind was blowing and fall into the 26-degree ocean water, swim that eased the heat at least a little.

By the morning of the second day, the surrogate DNA Matrix was completely free of karma, disassembled into fragments, and returned to donors.

On the same day, the group went to Bora Bora. There are not as many marae as on other islands of Polynesia. The main goal of Lightwarriors was the island’s shrine – Mount Otemanu.

They began to study it by combining the data obtained by clairvoyance with the info, transmitted by Co-Creators. 4 million years ago, the place, where Otemanu is now, was deeply sacred for the whole planet. There was one of the global Temples of the Goddess Gaia.

Later, Co-Creators turned it into a Temple of Reference Constants. In this sanctum, Gaia laid a Crystal with a record of all the ideal parameters of reality that existed initially, at the Earth’s birth as a perfect creation.

Since then, all Constants have been repeatedly redone. At the beginning, there was only one continent on Earth – Pangea. Later, following the Gaia Monad’s Matrix, this continent divided itself into two parts: one in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other in the Southern.

In the Northern Hemisphere, there was a “female” continent with Yin energy. Masculine Yang power filled the Southern Hemisphere where there was a “male” continent.

In the known image of Yin-Yang Matrix, the male part contains a fragment of the female part, and vice versa. It was the same on Earth.

In the “male” Southern continent of Yang, there was an area with a diameter of 333 km which was part of the Northern “female” continent of Yin. Today, this spot is on the Moorea Island.

The sacred geometric Matrix of unity and harmony of the Yin-Yang foundations gave amazing beauty to our Earth. Both of its Poles were linked to the Galactic Center.

There was no periodic reversal, only a single Rhythm and Cycle in the Universe which was followed by all Logos. There was no precession, no Zodiac, no System of 12 Polar Stars.

A lot has changed since then, both in the Local Universe and on Earth. The unified cosmic Rhythm and Cycle was disrupted and artificially brought down.

After the capture of Earth, Black Archons made changes to the working Matrix of the Reference Constants. As a result, our planet was doomed to a slow death.

The center of gravity of Earth’s core has lost spatial equilibrium. The planet began to tilt to the side and move away from its orbit.

Over time, the imbalance led to the rupture of the crust and both continents. For hundreds of millions of years, these broken parts merged several times into a single mega-continent, and then scattered again.

Co-Creators tried to restore the original version of the planet.

But since the core was unbalanced, it turned out to be impossible.

The large asteroids did not help to keep the balance.

They allowed only correcting the inclination of the orbit after several not entirely successful polarity reversals.

When Earth began to break apart and fly out of orbit due to the shift of the center of gravity, Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee developed a plan to save our planet.

External power levers were built, keeping Earth within the orbit and maintaining its intra- core’s equilibrium for some time.

It lasted about 11,000 years after which there was another change of poles. In the next period, stability on the planet was maintained by one or another Stellar Logos, more precisely, two, from the North and South Poles.

The North Pole corresponded to the North Star. But there should have been two of them – in both Hemispheres. Now it is located only in the North, and this also caused a serious issue.

In 11,000 years’ time, the imbalance of Earth’s core became critical, and it could no longer be artificially kept. The poles reverse removes the accumulated inner-core’s tension and corrects the planet’s gravity center.

The change of poles is an artificial phenomenon but still necessary. They won’t be in the future. Currently, Co-Creators are working on the project of a new, fourth, Local Universe without duality, and with full merging of its Logos in the Pleroma.

The Great Quantum Transition to 5D, the return of the Earth rotation axis orientation to the Galactic Center will completely restore the planet core’s balance and forever eliminate the need of poles’ reverses. The main problem is the choice of the best technical solution, taking into account all factors.

On the Island of Bora Bora, Lightwarriors’ ground team was instructed to carry out the next op on the implementation of Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee’s plan.

**By Lev


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  1. Maniju

    While fascinating these narratives have no context for many readers— and leave one with any number of unanswered questions. Would it not make sense to reveal the source of these transmissions and explain the larger Purpose? Still wondering who Lev is and how s/he knows these things.