Ashian: The One Lesson You Need

Ashian: Greetings! We are pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to speak with you again.

Jennifer: It’s good to be in your company. So, I keep deleting my channels because I’m not sure what’s me and what’s you. So here we go: Take 17 – Action!

A: We wish to reassure all hearts that regardless of what is happening in the outside world, you are safe and loved eternally. There is not one moment that passes when you are not surrounded by a group of loving beings – for some it is angelic beings, for others galactic beings, for others it is a mixture – who guide, nurture and, as far as they can, protect you.

If you only knew how precious every hair on your head is, you would begin to understand how deeply loved and treasured you are, in every single moment of your life. Your every word, thought and action is cherished, even when you judge yourself. You are the Divine playing in form and that is sacred. You are sacred.

If you were to learn anything on this experience you call Gaia, let it be that you are loved.

It’s the hardest lesson, wisdom, insight and mastery, because all the clues are lined up to point you in the opposite direction. And yet… despite all the programming, something inside you whispers that you are loved, that you are Love, that there is something precious and special about you.

Perhaps you only allow yourself to bathe in that truth fleetingly, when you are at your lowest or highest point… Every single human being has this seed of knowningness planted deep within. Your mission here is to cultivate this seed until it is fully expressed and experienced in your minute by minute life experience.

The process of falling in love, of having children, of having pets or even beloved plants, is to remind you – you teach what you need to learn – of the sacred being that you Are. When you show another how special they are, you remind yourself of your precious, never again to be repeated, unique brilliance.

It all comes back to this truth: you are amazing. You are love. You are the Divine playing at being human.

J: Any tips for how we can learn that/live that better?

A: Show someone! Every smile affirms the unique glory of the other person and of You. Every time you encourage someone else along, you are affirming them and yourself, you’re reminding both of you of your sacred essence.

It’s simple.

J: Yes! It’s just a shame simple isn’t easy!

A: Indeed! And yet where would the achievement in that be?

J: Right now I could live with that!

A: Dearest hearts, you imagine you could let go of the chaos around you in a heart beat, but the reality is that you could not, because you are hardwired for this job, to see it through to the end. That’s why only the bravest, strongest and most experienced were allowed to interview for this position. For every one of you on the ground, there are over a hundred who were turned away, because they did not have the necessary character/experience/talents.

You are not here by accident.

You are here on purpose, by your own divine will.

And you are Magnificent.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


5 Replies to “Ashian: The One Lesson You Need”

  1. Harriet

    Even Creator said we are equal to Him/Her and S/He is equal to us. And all beings are all equal right along with us from the smallest particle of the atom to the largest universe.

  2. david k gates

    This was another great message. Im so past all the lecturing/teaching/learning messages.
    We’re getting so close…..ready to start seeing the truth come out and most of humanity having their belief and knowledge shaken to the core.

    The religions will have it fairly bad as they will be exposed for control mechanisms. That isnt religious people with God living in their thoughts and actions but the establishments that make up rules on how to live.

    Jesus is a magnificent Teacher, as are Buddha and Mohammed but WE’RE ALL EQUAL
    NO one is above or below another. We’re all ONE and the Same so it is not possible for any life to not be equal….unless your EGO is still in control of YOUR thought process.

    NOW….those reading this…is your own EGO ready to attack my post?

    1. Paschalis

      Bonjour sortez de vôtre matrice artificiel Jésus n’a jamais existé vous devriez écouter les travaux de Mauro biglino qui a traduit les plus anciennes Bible IL N’EST PAS VRAI QUE LA BIBLE PARLE DE DIEU
      • Les détenteurs du savoir nous ont-ils véritablement rapporté ce que contient l’Ancien Testament ?

      • Les auteurs de l’Ancien Testament ont-ils écrit la vérité ?

      Selon Mauro Biglino, la réponse va de soi dans les deux cas : absolument pas. Pour l’Ancien Testament, les responsables de la supercherie ne se sont pas contentés de ne pas raconter ce qu’il contient : ils ont délibérément et sans vergogne inventé ce qui ne s’y trouve pas.

      En ce qui concerne le Nouveau Testament, ceux qui nous ont trompés ont surtout été les rédacteurs, qui ont véritablement inventé la figure christique, bien différente de la figure historique du prédicateur judéo-messianique que fut Jésus.

      C’est ce que démontre avec brio le présent ouvrage, dans lequel l’auteur apporte également ses réponses aux critiques et aux observations que les représentants des diverses, et souvent contradictoires, doctrines ont formulées à l’encontre des hypothèses émises dans ses précédents livres.

      1« Le Dieu biblique n’existe pas, il est une invention de l’homme. Je dis bien : “ce” Dieu n’existe pas. Car j’ignore si Dieu existe ou non dans l’absolu. Ce n’est pas un sujet dont je m’occupe. Je laisse chacun se pencher en conscience sur la question. Pour ma part, je me limite à raconter ce que je lis dans les livres. »

      Il n’est pas vrai que la Bible soit un livre de religion ;
      il n’est pas vrai que la Bible parle de Dieu : elle nous raconte l’histoire des Elohim et les épisodes du pacte que l’un d’eux (Yahvé) a scellé avec un peuple ; […]
      il n’est pas vrai que Yahvé, le prétendu Dieu, ait participé à la “fabrication” de l’homme ; […]
      il n’est pas vrai que Josué/Jésus soit mort sur la croix puis ressuscité.

  3. Paschalis

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