J of the Alliance: Good/Bad Politicians

So Tired, Tired of Waiting, Tired of Waiting for …. Something that’s really not defined yet, or is it?

J: “Ah! You’re back!” I hear.

Me: Okay, I can hear you. I hear what you’re saying, J.

J: I am.

Me: He’s telling me that right now you can’t tell who the good politicians are because they’re playing “bad guy” with the bad ones. How else is the DS going to reveal its tactics if the good guys are going to resist them? They’re LETTING THEM go ahead and hang themselves, letting them go ahead and show their cards. Then you see the good guys turn tail and start in on the bad ones.

Yes, it’s the trust issue we’re facing and it’s confusing. We’re also getting this in the P community. It looks like insiders are trying to slow down the process, they’re stalling for time it seems, or some of them just have their own agenda’s and are using the community to make out like bandits and then say, “See ya later, suckers!” I can think of one General I don’t trust very much, never did.

J: Yes. You’re right. You’re always talking about energies, Sharon. Energies, energies, energies. What you have right now is a mish mash of energies that show up in the form of intentions. Humans are complex beings. Some are still self oriented although you know business always tells the person out for personal gain that they should act like they have others’ benefits in mind. So they do. They get up in front of the people and sell themselves as your saviors. Just like always.

Me: Yes, As if.

J: You have the Pillow Man. He’s taken a beating at the hands of the DS because he calls them out. Don’t think for a minute, he won’t come back financially better and stronger. Look at the effect his plight has at tugging on your heart strings.

Me: Not mine. Anyway, I have a pillow. Yes, he’s going to get a lot of new customers, isn’t he?

J: So you know when to get your heart involved and when not to. Good. The GFL is always looking for people who can discern and you’re pretty good at it.

Me: I got tripped up on one thing someone said a few days ago. Thankfully I was corrected by someone else. Russia does not need nukes. It has plenty. They didn’t go to Chernobyl for dirty bombs.

J: So you’re not perfect.

Me: I’m close. LOL

J: You’re not bad.

(J’s telling me he’s from Venus but you wouldn’t know it.)

Me: I bet I would be able to.

J: I’ll bet you wouldn’t.

Me: I sense you’re around Las Vegas.

J: I am. Pretty good. Ivo’s not telling you?
Me: Nope. You’re not 107, though.

J: I’m not. He’s an earthling.

Me: Ah, you know him.

J: I do. Why would I know so much about Valiant Thor if I weren’t Venusian?

(Getting back to what we were discussing….) Some people don’t change, Sharon. For some, it’s business as usual. So the country’s crashing? So what? They’re waiting to make a lot of money when the economy recovers or to make some now before it crashes. It’s just business to them.

Me: They should get rid of the stock market, or the shock market as I like to call it.


Me: I see what you’re saying. They’re playing the same old games. They don’t have the intentions that the starseeds do, do they?

J: Nope, not a lot of them. There is one man, the one you call Mr Right Now, that is trustworthy.

Me: I know. He’s right in on it and he’s a good player for the Light. I don’t like him threatening people with his nuclear arms, and the fact he built them up when he was in office. Do you know how helpless Canadians feel living next door to the biggest nuclear power? Never mind being in between the two biggest: Russia and America, and folks, we are because of the Arctic being in between us and Russia.

When are we going to get people in power that value life over power and money? When will we get people in office that value service rather than enslaving their people and others?

J: It’s coming.
Me: You know I hate that answer.

J: You know it’s not going to happen yet. Earth has to undergo a change of consciousness. That’s what the starseeds are for.

Me: Okay, let them run the place.

J: They’re starting to.

But you see the advertising and all the new alternative news channels cropping up. These people are yes, helping to move alternative medicine forward but they’re making money, just like always. Others are selling pillows to the P community for taking a hit from the DS. Do you see the difference?

Me: Sure, I do. Clear as a bell. But now instead of ascertaining one intention, we have to see how their intentions are either unselfish/monetary or just plain selfish monetary.

J: It’s business as usual. Earth hasn’t changed that much yet.

Me: But is it safe to say that there are DS operatives among the P movement?

J: Yes, there are. One of their tactics is to infiltrate.

Me: So eventually, they’ll be revealed, you’re saying?

J: Yes. Another type is the one who’s working for both sides, light and dark. It can be very confusing if you can’t psychically ascertain their intentions.

Me: What other motivations do they have?

J: Some want to help. Some want to stop the ones who are helping, just because they think the world is fine the way it is. They have everything they want, so they become saboteurs.

Me: Christ!

J: And there are some who actually believe the DS agenda and go along with what they say, believing this to be for the good of humanity. Many citizens are in this category, although some are in government.

Me: Brainwashed and naive, yes.

Me: So I’m correct in assuming there are layers to this. There are still many, you say half a million, working with the Galactics to liberate the planet. We’ll call them the Alliance, but I’ve heard of other groups like TLS – The Light System. I’m getting that these are masters here on earth who use their energies, but maybe there is an ET component. I’m not worried about them. I want to know what the Alliance is doing.

J: We’re letting the DS reveal itself to the public. And I know you’ve been told before, the public is what everyone is waiting for.

Me: Not up here, 70% are still wearing masks. They’re handing out test kits at the grocery stores, the only thing that’s free other than air. I refused.

What do you need from the public?

J: A change of consciousness.

Me: No less than. No wonder this is taking so long.

J: They have to refuse the old system.

Me: Taking my family as an example, they’re into it hook line and sinker. I’m afraid something bad will happen between them in order for them to open their eyes because they’ll attract it.

J: That could be.

Me: My brother has already had cancer. The likelihood of his getting sick again is now greater.

J: Yes. It could be. If this is what it takes to wake people up, you know it could happen.

Me: I know. I’ve been told. But yes, I see that people are becoming informed to the lies. They’re getting it, some at least partially. The problem I find is that some people still believe that there’s some benevolence to the system. With this in mind, they can’t understand how bad it really is.

J: True. It’s not a benevolent system. But people always believe in other people. And the bad ones just use this to their advantage.

Me: Truth. This is an agenda out to kill 80 percent of us. (Now I have an intuition – I’m reminded…) I’ve heard we’re looking for a quorum – 81 percent. Does this have anything to do with balancing out of the DS cull numbers?

J: It does. God wants all of you to be free in this lifetime.

Me: We have to save ourselves, then.

Oh, that’s a revolting thought! There are so many people dying of the jab, does this improve our numbers? That’s disgusting!

J: There is freedom in death. You feel we could be waiting for enough people to die that we would reach our 80% quorum?

Me: Yes. You’re not, I hope.

J: There are people whose souls chose to sacrifice their lives in order to wake up others, so yes, they are part of the process. Are we waiting for them to die, specifically? No, that is a bit morbid, we’re not. We’re waiting for their friends and families to wake up, however that’s accomplished is not up to us.

Me: So maybe if they see this video and tell their families, they’ll spare someone an early death?

J: That’s possible. Nothing is written in stone.

Me: It’s as if the numbers are set out already: eighty percent have to live, twenty percent could die. I’m getting that this is some kind of prerequisite. Why eighty? Why not seventy or ninety percent? Is it just that these are reasonable numbers or did someone pick them out of a hat?

J: No, it has to do with the shift in consciousness and more than eighty percent of the people on earth at the end of 2012 had contracted with the divine to live through this. The Alliance has worked to make that more possible.

Me: Okay, I researched the world’s population. In 2016, the population grew by 84 million, 2017 and 2018, the world’s population grew by 83 million. In 2020 it only grew by 81 million. It’d be interesting to see last year’s numbers.

In 2012 it was 7.126 billion. Eighty percent of that is 5.7 billion people. Subtract that from today’s population and that leaves 2.34 billion people who are unawakened. That’s a lot.

J: It is. We’re close, Sharon. We’re close.

J: Now, as far as understanding the P movement, you have to do one thing. Don’t get stuck on any one person.

Me: How’s that?

J: Just take the information, see how you come to understand it, and stay open. Don’t say you have to follow any one person, you’ll switch up from time to time, and maybe go back to that person later. Or add someone then take them out again. Why? Because as you watch, where was the P movement back during the Trump era? Who was out in front back then?

Me: I was on Facebook… let me think…. X22 I think, and geez, I can’t even remember. Oh yeah, that kid… LOL Justin somebody. Haven’t seen him lately and those two guys Ben and Rob. Haven’t seen them lately.

J: That’s right. Why? Because they’re going to change. Some people will dominate at certain stages of the movement and others later on. Some will fall because they’ll reveal their true intention was money and personal gain all along.

The other thing, Sharon, many things are staged, not just in the political arena, also the P movement. There are actors. And these actors are self serving.

What’s really happening is going on behind public scrutiny. All that’s on the surface is a test for you.

Me: I see. Yes, to make a choice, to increase our consciousness level.

J: Yes, because that’s what’s going to save humanity – yourselves.

Me: And when our consciousness rises, our physical avatar responds in kind.

J: Yes.

Me: The next question is : When is something big going to happen? When will we get some relief?

J: The next thing that has to happen is the FIAT monetary system has to crash. It’s started now with Russia and China using gold backed currency and countries not selling their oil to the U.S. The U.S. unfortunately will pay the price, the people will suffer on account of this. It’s best to prepare, I’m sure you’ve been warned to stock up and keep money at home. As soon as the banks crash, and they know that debt forgiveness is on the horizon, they will take your savings. They will start calling in debts, including mortgages.

Me: Oh, that’s great. And here I was looking for a house. Not anymore.

J: Laws will come forth to stop this collection process, of course. So what’s being created now is a new set of legal precedents – precedents that are binding to the Constitution.

Me: How long will this take then?

J: It could be a while, Sharon. But I see a huge changeover for the U.S. within two years.

Me: Yep. More hurry up and wait. And then in two years DT will run for president and save the U.S.

J: It would be grand, wouldn’t it?

Me: He’s doing a lot behind the scenes.

J: He’s still president, so yes he is. He’s working with many people on and off world to orchestrate a final cease fire as you call them, we call it peace.

He’s going to bring the American economy back, Sharon. The irony is that many aspects of it will fall while others will gain in popularity and that has to do with what the people need. Because it will get down to brass tacks.

Me: Yes.

J: You see so many new broadcasters now, yes, still based on the old financial system but nonetheless telling the truth to the people, something you can rely upon. You see the old MSM falling, disintegrating as people turn away from it. You see the evil being perpetrated by the medical system – that’s all being revealed. People are creating solutions to fight this poisoning. Now, we have to tackle the food system. That’s been left out of this but now watch as shortages occur. Don’t you think this will create space for a new system? Of course it will! “Out of the ashes comes new life!” they say and this is what this is! New life! A new way of life for all.

The next thing is the collapse of the old financial system. It’s overdue in fact but Russia is starting it off.

You know how to tell when someone’s working with the Alliance – they have an ankle bracelet. Now the President of Turkey. You know when they’re either in Guantanimo or have been dealt final justice because you just don’t see them anymore. Anyone see Tom Hanks lately?

Who was at the Oscars this week? Just have a look.

Me: I didn’t watch. That fake slap was all I saw which was really bad acting, to be honest, just camera angles.

J: With Turkey, the DS was trying to get Erdegen to start a war with Russia. They came along with their usual tactics – threats and so forth, or promises of financial compensation which they can’t meet, and then the Alliance approached the same man, he’s arrested and told he will be kept safe from them provided he works with them. Which would you take? Have your family murdered while being video’d if you don’t comply or be arrested and work with the good guys? Either way, he was stopped from starting a war with Russia.
Me: They’re evil. But yes, I’d rather be arrested and make restitution for anything I’d ever done before. What do they do with the family?

J: We have them. They’re safe.

Me: So that Alliance is offering something that has true value for these so-called leaders. They can guarantee safety for their families.

J: Among other things. We don’t offer money. But we can secure their valuables and allow them to keep them during the transition. We’ve done that for many of them. (They take the valuables of the ones who don’t cooperate, or the ones who have stolen hand over fist from the public like the royals).

Me: You wouldn’t spread their wealth among their people?

J: No. There’s plenty for everyone, believe me. We’ve also been doing deals with other extraterrestrial states to procure more money for the people of earth.

Me: Do we need that?

J: It’s going to take a lot to fix this planet.

Me: Truth.

J: We’ve gone to the councils and asked for their help. Many of them have given us valuables to put into our markets here, to back the current financial level including that of the DS, which will be given to the people.

Me: Except for the ones who have made deals with you.

J: Right.

Me: Okay, I think that’s what I need for now. Thank you. I’ll be contacting you more frequently, J, because people don’t know what to think lately.

J: I’m happy to help.

Me: Bye for now.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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    1. Mogex

      Slip n’ slide! All is wet and slippery, woe upon those without a *mental* spear in the ground.

  1. rht smythe

    Im waiting on the edge of my seat to find out which people have sold out to the Dark.
    This is going to devastate a lot of folks…. “Say it aint so!!”
    Same for so many other things as well…