From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Launch Pad

In April 2022, the strongest shock-waves of cosmic energies will accelerate the fateful turning events on Earth. It will be one of the most important, key periods of the year.

These waves will continue to hit Earth through new Solar storms and earthquakes. Today, they occur daily and in large quantities, on average about a THOUSAND.

For example, on April 4, in 24 hours there were 6 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or greater; 51 earthquakes of magnitude 4+; 119 earthquakes of magnitude 3+ and 246 earthquakes of magnitude 2+. There were also 641 small earthquakes with a magnitude of less than 2.0, which people usually do not feel.

Quantum fluxes from the Galactic Center are superimposed on the radiation of constellations and planets which also affect Earth with their fields.

This month, they simultaneously begin several new long-term cycles on Earth that will change the vector of events, the development of society and each of us.

In April-May, eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, as well as two powerful energy centers – in Pisces and Aquarius – will accelerate many processes with their vibrations.

1. The Energy Center In Pisces

It combines the vibrations of six planets into a single mix. They are:

– Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune – the whole month; the exact date is April 12 at 14:43 UTC at 24 degrees of Pisces;

– Venus in Pisces from April 5, 15:18 UTC until the end of the month;

– Mars in Pisces from April 15, 3:06 UTC and until the end of the month;

– Venus in conjunction with Neptune 27 April 2022 19:12 UTC at 25 degrees of Pisces;

– Venus in conjunction with Jupiter 30 April 2022 21:14 UTC at 28 degrees of Pisces;

– Venus sextile to Pluto 1 May 2022 10:37 UTC;

– Jupiter sextile to Pluto 3 May 2022 22:33 UTC.

Physically, all cosmic currents are neutral. Each mix has its own range. THEIR CONSUMERS CAN BE FILLED AND USE ONLY THE FREQUENCIES THAT THEY EMIT THEMSELVES.

Black Archons and Darkis are fueled by low, destructive vibrations. Light Forces use only high-frequency energies.

Today, on a Subtle Plane, the infrastructure of Dark Hierarchy is almost destroyed. The ability to receive energy from space has been drastically reduced. Now they feed mainly on human emanations.

After removing the 3D Matrix (see – Ops In Dominicana. Part 3. Disclosure News, March 27, 2022), Co-Creators and Galactic Committee have become even more active in using high-freqs energies, including of the Solar System’s planets, to accelerate the earthlings Transition to 4D/5D.

How exactly will they apply the vibes of the energy center in Pisces?

Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction for the whole month. It happens every twelve years, influencing by its energies the men’s collective consciousness. But on April 12, for the first time in the last 166 years, both planets will unite again in their Pisces abode which is always accompanied by a change of epochs. The key ideology of the new era: “Whoever saves the world is right.”

The conjunction of both planets will have an impact on us throughout April, and will last until May 10, until Jupiter turns into Aries.

In addition to rebooting the collective consciousness in which programs for the preservation and maintenance of peace on the planet will be laid, by the vibes of this stellium, Co-Creators will continue to undermine the parasitic 3D System, its financial, material and human flows from within.

At the same time, Light Forces, using the high-frequency creative energies, will stimulate promising scientific developments, especially in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine; as well as large-scale humanitarian and charitable projects.

For many in 3D, these powerful cosmic waves will have a depressing effect. Deep disappointments in the old values which will begin to be perceived as false, and a complete collapse of the usual life, if it is built on illusions and self-deception, are inevitable.It is hard for us to admit to ourselves the real state of our affairs. We don’t want to know the truth and run away from reality into any virtual niches and dependencies that 3D readily offers. But it ends with the deep shocks, frustration and losses.

Everything that is illusory, has no solid moral foundation, is based on lies and distortions, in April – May will not pass the test of a new reality and will dissolve into oblivion, plunging many of us into severe depression.

If our thoughts, desires and life goals are pure and true, if our activities are filled with the highest meaning, and our heart is open and filled with Love, mercy, peacefulness, compassion, which we selflessly give to other people, then during the formation of a new Jupiter-Neptune cycle, new opportunities and horizons for growth and development will open up before us.

From the second half of April, Jupiter will begin to enter into a harmonious sextile to Pluto, and this will add a powerful dynamic to the new cycle. By high vibrations of this stellium, Co-Creators will support creative deeds and plans but also ignite multiply crisis in all spheres for further 3D dismantling.

In addition, the energy of Neptune during the month will be enhanced by power of Venus and Mars which will pass into Pisces one after the other on April 5 and 15.Mars will fill us with productive energy only if it is directed to charity, creativity, spiritual and religious activities, self-development and self-knowledge. Otherwise, the vibes of the Red Planet will cause a weakness, loss of landmarks, and we will get deeper into hopelessness.

Similarly acts the force field of Venus. It will help those who are ready to accept the values and concepts of the new 5D era, or push those who cling to 3D with all their might into the karmic funnel of chaos and losses.
In late April-early May, Venus will pass through the junction with Neptune (April 27) and Jupiter (April 30) and form a harmonious sextile to Pluto (May 1).The exact dates and period of influence (from April 23 to May 4) will be an important time for the start of the Co-Creators’ new program related to our Spiritual and moral guidelines, what we believe and give meaning to, as well as our relationships with other people.

Depending on our Spiritual maturity, we may find ourselves in one of the two most likely scenarios for a yearlong.

In the negative version, if we do not understand our future goals and prospects, lack of a Spiritual and moral foundation and principles, focused on erroneous development strategy, conceit, false self-image, we will face a large-scale crisis, loss of authority, position and work, we may become a victim of competitors, rapists, extortionists, fraudsters, liars and scoundrels, face with betrayal in the personal relationships.

In a positive scenario, if the goals are clear, and the personal upgrading is thought out and concrete, it is based on higher moral and Spiritual values, and there is a successful experience of achieving big goals, during this period we will be able to successfully tackle many tasks.

Aspects of Venus coincide in time with the Solar Eclipse in her abode – Taurus. It will happen on April 30 at 20:28 UTC in the 11th degree of the zodiac and will give a fateful character to all the events taking place.

Against the background of strong vibrations of Pisces, transforming our habitual life, several more “centers of power” will be formed in April. With their help, Co-Creators will accelerate events, charging them with explosive and turbulent dynamics.

2. The Energy Center Of Aquarius

– Saturn is in a tense tau-square with Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis all month; exact aspects on April 11 at 14:33 UTC at 23 degrees;

– Venus in conjunction with Saturn on March 28 at 19:27 UTC at 22 degrees; time of influence until April 5;

– Mars in conjunction with Saturn on April 5 at 1:51 UTC at 23 degrees; time of impact until April 15.

Saturn will still be in Aquarius throughout the month. Through its energies, Co-Creators will continue to rebuild our world, transferring it to the new rails of the Aquarius era.The conjunction of Saturn with the Lunar Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis will help Higher Light Hierarchy to solve the evolutionary tasks of human society through a severe crisis, especially in the field of security and finance.

The foundations will begin to change. There will be global changes affecting the lives of all countries. The outdated governance of the world, the domination of a number of rulers will become a thing of the past. Humanity will continue to move towards a new order based on multipolarity.The Southern Lunar Node is located in the energetically powerful Scorpio. It increases global tensions and destructive military and financial conflicts. The Lunar eclipse on May 16 will kick off the new cycle.

The Northern Lunar Node, which by its power supports the vector of society development, is located in Taurus, in a single vibrational space with an accelerator and a zeroing Uranus. In conjunction with the energies of the latter, the first Solar eclipse in the cycle will take place on April 30.

The energy bundle of Lunar Nodes with Saturn and Uranus will be used as a battering ram.By dint of its penetrating power, it will further aggravate all confrontations and contradictions, destroying ossified stability at all levels.

The exact aspects of Saturn to the Lunar Nodes, which will close to the tau square, will form on April 11 and coincide with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

This will make the middle of the month the most stressful and difficult karmic time, which will require from all of us high inner strength, endurance, patience and perseverance, the ability to concentrate on the main goal.

Venus and Mars will pass through the connection with Saturn and aspects to the Lunar Nodes in the first half of April, helping Co-Creators to complete the formation of a new seven-year program of our most complex and responsible objectives.The beginning of this process was laid in November 2021, when Venus entered a retro loop against the background of the first eclipse in Scorpio on November 19, 2021. Then, with the help of the energies of the Morning Star, Co-Creators began another deep reset of our values and attitudes that lasted until the beginning of March 2022.

Then, they used the conjunction of Venus and Mars to strengthen a new purposeful vector of our concepts and aspirations. Both planets have been moving in conjunction since February 4, and early April are still close to each other in 5-6 degrees of orbis. The mix of their vibrations makes it easier for earthlings to get rid of everything outdated and obsolete.

On April 5, Mars joined Saturn. Combining their energies allows Co-Creators to launch the next two-year cycle of implementing our most difficult and responsible Transition tasks (within the framework of a 7-year program). This is possible only with our high concentration on the goal, responsible and serious approach, organization, discipline, and consistency.Against the background of the energies of two powerful planets in Pisces and Aquarius, the main storyline of the events of the month will be set by the energies directed through the Sun.

From April 1 to April 19, it will move along the powerful vibrational field of Aries (Mercury will support it with its frequencies from March 27 to April 11). It will charge all our affairs with initiative, active energy.

From April 20 to May 20, the Sun will move to Taurus, where the Northern Lunar Node and radical Uranus are located (Mercury will also be here from April 11 to April 29). The vibes of the Sun and Lunar eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis during this period, and Uranus energy will give all events an even greater accelerating and zeroing dynamics.

01-19 April. The Sun In Aries: Fire Time

The beginning of the month coincided with the New Moon, which occurred in Aries on April 1 at 06:24 UTC. Their vibrations gave a powerful impetus to the start of new cases and the implementation of annual plans, charging them with assertive energy.The harmonious aspects of the Sun and Mercury to the junction point of Mars and Saturn (the exact aspects of Mercury on April 7-8, the Sun and Saturn on April 13, the period of activity from April 5 to April 19) will help to act constructively, carefully, pragmatically, and purposefully.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars will last 1.5 months, from April 7 to the beginning of June (the exact aspect will be May 7, when the Sun will connect with Uranus).

The combination of their energies saturates the vibrations with a great penetrating force which Co-Creators will use to achieve their goals and get the desired result.They also take into account that being in conjunction with the Sun and Uranus, Mars will move into its sign of Aries where it is a strongest, and there will connect with Jupiter, multiplying its activity at times. This could further escalate conflicts in the coming weeks.

Additional strains will be created by the rigid quadrature of Mercury and the Sun to Pluto, bringing very great tension to most of the month (the exact aspects of April 10 and 18, the duration of April 7 – April 21).

It will manifest itself most strongly on the Full Moon of April 16, 2022 at 18:55 UTC at 27 degrees of Aries-Libra signs, forming tense aspects with Pluto in Capricorn (tau-square). This is the peak of the Lunar Month, the possibility of a cardinal turning point in current events.

In our personal affairs, it is worth taking into account the accompanying circumstances during the active phase of the Full Moon (April 12 – 20):

On April 15, Mars moves into Pisces, and the aspect of Lilith turns into Cancer, and a trigon is formed between them. Their vibrations can be productive for us if we believe in what we are doing, pursue high goals, tame inner demons and follow common sense, not succumbing to irrational anxiety inspired by the aspect of Lilith which can impose false objects, feeding them with emotions of revenge, hatred, enmity;

On April 18, Mercury unites with Uranus in Taurus, and Venus in Pisces completes a harmonious sextile. It will make easier for us to get results if we act creatively, use non-standard approaches, listen to our intuition, understand that everything can go wrong abruptly, and can use such situation to our advantage.

April 20-30. Taurus Time: Zeroing Out

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20, 2022 at 2:24 UTC and opens the eclipse season of a new cycle on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. It will last from April 20, 2022 to May 30, 2022 and will be completed by November 2023, setting a new agenda for all events.
There will be two eclipses this season:– Solar eclipse on April 30, 2022 at 20:42 UTC at 10° Taurus 28′, which will open a new stage of Transition;

– Lunar eclipse on May 16, 2022 at 04:13 UTC at 25° Scorpio 18′, which will show how ready we are for the goals and plans of the new stage.

Both eclipses will occur in the thick of Uranus vibrations, and in conjunction with the energies of Taurus and Scorpio.

It will give incredible dynamics to all affairs.

Uranus has great destructive power.

With its help, Co-Creators will continue to clear Earth’s space which is slagged with the Archons’ programs that obstruct our Transition.The Taurus is our symbolic comfort zone, our familiar, cozy material world, our well-established financial ties and close relationships with other people.

If we have not updated anything in our life for a long time, adhering to the principles of stability and immutability, then Uranus can arrange a real shake-up, pulling us sharply and unexpectedly out of this cozy zone, zeroing everything that we did not dare to change in our lives.

If we are able to discard everything that is outdated, are not afraid to take risks and experiment, are filled with movement and new aspirations, then in our life, under the influence of eclipses in the Uranus energies, a rapid pass to a new qualitative level will occur.

Mercury will be the first to move through the connection with Uranus (April 18) and the Northern Lunar Node (April 23).For us personally, the energies of this aspect (April 17-25) can bring important information that will suddenly change a lot. Simultaneous aspects of Mercury to Saturn and Neptune (April 24) can create unexpected problems and high uncertainty about how to solve them. Communication, the Internet may not work well, transport may break down, problems and stops are likely on the road, there may be difficulties with payments, etc.

From April 23, the Sun will begin to approach Uranus, going into first gear our personal matters. The exact aspect of the connection will be on May 5, simultaneously with the sextile of Uranus and Mars. Combining their energies will be comparable to a breathtaking rollercoaster: very fast, dizzying, nervous, with a big release of adrenaline into the blood.

It is important to take into account that all decisions and choices that we will take starting from April 27 may not be final. On this day, Mercury will enter a new retro loop and will exit only on June 18. In it, the planet will move back from May 10 to June 3, profoundly changing everything that we will undertake from April 27 to May 10.

Therefore, it is better not to rush to make decisions and act if we are not completely sure that we want this, or doubt our decisions or are in great anxiety and disoriented. High risks and major mistakes with long-term consequences are possible.

An additional negative factor will be the Solar Eclipse and the entire last Lunar quarter from April 23 to April 30. This week, like the day of the eclipse itself, is not suitable for new beginnings. It is better to finish what was started, get results and summarize.

At the same time, at the end of April will occur very intense harmonious aspects: the connection of the energies of Venus with Jupiter and Neptune in a sextile to Pluto. They close in a bisextile with Mercury, forming a positive stellium with the participation of Lunar Nodes.

The mix of their vibrations will carry many promising opportunities in our personal life. But only psychologically and Spiritually mature individuals who have come to this point with maximum awareness, a clear understanding of their path, and a willingness to make a strong-willed leap to great, inspiring goals could use them. The week from April 25 to May 2 (with the exception of April 29 and 30) can be a launch pad into a new life in 4D/5D.

**By Lev


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