Sunspot Serenade

Scientists at the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” (NASA), at the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” (NOAA), and from the “International Space Environmental Services” (ISES) have noticed that in the month of March of 2022 sunspots from the Sun of our solar system have been more prolific than in the past seven years.

In March there were a total of 146 sunspots—13 of which were strong “M-Class” flares, 1 “X-Class” flare, and the rest were of the medium-strength to upper level “C-Class” range.

What is also very interesting to these scientists of various educational degrees (Physicists, Astro Physicists, Chemists, etc.) is that these were sunspot groupings rather than single sunspot explosions.

Further, helioseismology research indicates that magnetic echoes from the far side of our Sun have become very pronounced.

It is expected that the month of April will be even more heightened with solar energy.

All “Suns” in all galaxies are vital conscious life force illuminations. Our Sun is one of them.

We receive much nutrition from the Sun which gives health to our entire physical system strengthening bones, the nervous system, the brain, and every molecular structure, and also activating the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland which are gateways to higher frequencies of information and are parts of the entire endocrine system.

The brain and nerves in the human body temple have a chemically perfect formula.

The Pineal Gland is known as “Pingala” in Sanskrit and is connected to the electrical circuitry of the spinal system. “Ida” is the “Pituitary”.

Together, these are known as the “Cerebellum”.

Fluid carried by these two nerves, “Pingala” and “Ida”, crosses at the point where the Cerebellum begins.

When chemical perfection occurs, absolute control of the emotions is possible so that situations which may be challenging do not affect an individual in a disharmonious manner.

Erratic emotions rob the body temple of nerve energy, and perfect nerve energy is necessary for spiritual elevation.

Thus, a person is able to hear from the DIVINE REALMS more easily.

Besides all of the amazing benefits that our Sun provides for our emotional health via perfecting the glands mentioned, it also provides us with cell salts that keep the physical vessel flourishing with wellness, and they are the following and relate to the twelve zodiac constellations:

Aries=KALI PHOS: regulates the thalamus, optic nerve, and all parts of the head
Taurus=NATRUM SUPLH: cerebellum, medullah oblongata, lower jaw, throat
Gemini=KALI MUR: cerebro-spinal nerves, respiratory system, nerves
Cancer=CALCAREA FLOURICA: breast, upper stomach
Leo=MAGNESIA PHOS: heart, upper back, diaphragm
Virgo=KALI SULPH: bowels
Libra=NATRUM PHOS: kidneys, spleen
Scorpio=CALCAREA SULPHATE: genitals, prostate, reproductive system
Sagittarius=SILICA: hips, thighs, sciatic nerves
Capricorn=CACAREA PHOS; knees, bones, teeth
Aquarius=NATRUM MUR; lower legs, plasma
Pisces=FERRUM PHOS: feet, hemoglobin

Humanity has been taught that each person has a particular zodiac “sign” which governs their potential life experiences based upon their date and time of birth in the Tropical and the Sidereal system of Cosmic Science.

This is true; however, we also technically have all of the “signs” in our “being” because we are comprised of all of the health-giving solar energetics such as the cell salts discussed above.

The Sun is vital to our physical wellbeing and also to our ability to elevate spiritually.

The Sun’s flares, winds, coronal mass ejections, etc. are all vital to our overall health spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, transcendentally, and cosmically—our six “Selves”—knowledge which has been taught by great Avatars and Sages long ago.

Some people in our so-called “modern day” accuse ancient people of worshipping the Sun, and this is not true.

The most advanced ancient civilizations always taught that only SOURCE (known by many names) is to be worshipped, but the creations of SOURCE are to be honored.

The orb of the Sun is one of these creations.

In Sanskrit it is known as “Surya”, and a healing mantra of the Sun is the following: AUM SURYA NAMAHA”.

In Medu Neter, the Sun is known as “Aten” (“Solar Disk”).

Psalm 104 in the HOLY BIBLE was originally written by the ancient “Nes” (“King” known as “Pharoah” in Greek Ahkenaten).

Readers of this article can refer to that Psalm in their bible.

With all of the different versions of the bible, however, expect the wording to vary in whatever language the bible is read.

I also offer the following in this “Now” as a healing petition to the Sun:

“Oh Divine Source Of All, Allow Thy Solar Rays And Waves Of Ethereal Power
To Heal And Sustain My Every Atomic And Subatomic Particle.
Transform Each Of My Six Selves—Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental,
Transcendental, And Cosmic To Thy Sparkling Crystallized Divine Design.”

(End this prayer in the manner of your choosing such as with “AMEN” (which translates as “Hidden Eternal”) or with “AUM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI” (“Oh, Divine Peace Peace Peace”) or with TUA NETER (“Sacred Praises”).

Recite the prayer while sitting or standing outside in bright sunlight.

You can also be inside with the Sun beaming from a window onto your face where it will bathe your “third eye”.

Spend quality time outside meditating in bright sunlight when the weather permits in your part of the planet.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali