Message from God: The End Will Be The New Beginning

The end will be the new beginning!

I am,

Do not be afraid of anything and of no one! Go through life upright, with joy and with peace in your heart! Time works for you, events unfold for you! No time was like this and no world brought forth people like you are! You are still little aware of your true power and strength, but you know yourself and you know reality. The memory returns and slowly you sense which light you are and which spiritual power plant beats in your heart.

You reveal yourself to yourself and that is the greatest event and the greatest miracle of these days.

This is how the processes roll on the reel of life and with every test you master, you become more perfect, more conscious and more powerful.

What emanates from a person is the light of God’s love, and what man has most denied until now has been this reality of his.

God does not dwell in any distant place, neither in the 7th heaven nor in unreachable worlds. God is the living presence in you! And God is revealing Himself to you in these days as you begin to claim your power and reawaken your spiritual strength.

The final battle

The great awakening is taking place now, and more and more people are called and being called to take their lives into their own hands and align their minds with the Divine.

This last battle, in which everything on earth is at stake, needs this awakened and conscious human being. For this purpose, Heaven provides tools and light to an unprecedented extent and more and more people gratefully access them – they let themselves be inspired and guided by the light of the Creator.

People become the gods you are, you become what you are.

No time was and is like this one and no upheaval resembles the one which now takes place with the human society and happens on earth!

Yes, many people will not live to see the new beginning, but some of you will be there when it is said: The end will be the new beginning!

Beloved man,

trust in your power and loosen the fetters of time.

Blockades, self-limiting beliefs, adopted opinions and ideas are a big obstacle and chain you to this matrix – imprints since childhood, which never let you become awake, big and conscious.

Throw overboard everything that clouds your consciousness – and when you ask, “What is this thing you want me to throw overboard?”, I tell you, “You know.”

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


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