Opening the Sun Portal

Spring is bossy and pushes her pretty way into every pore of our being. We feel a sense of expectancy as the need to birth another level of our inner-light kicks and prods at us from the inside out knocking on the windows of our soul. All of earth mirrors this urge to move forward out of the long season of waiting into a place of knowing.

We look at ourselves seeing a newness that has not made its way to the surface as of yet. We feel compelled and driven to move out of our wintry blues trying on the rose-tinted glasses to see a rosier future filled with glad tidings. We are all emotionally seasoned like a good wine that has never been poured. Every interaction gives us another fragment to digest, an appetizer that keeps us from getting too hungry for the truth of all matter. People we know and love pass from the earth leaving a big hole in our heart. Regrets pile up like laundry as we cling to the past, what was and what could have been. We grieve for easier times and reflect upon what once was.

The element of time itself has quickened our pulse and our desires. Like a speedway driver we go around and around never seeing the exit of emotions. Earth herself heaves with fault-lines as she points fingers at her inhabitants. Memory comes to the surface just in time to be fed by the solar emanations and gamma bursts from deep space. We are all changed; we are all becoming the galactic human that was talked about so many years ago. Many will want to leave the earth and not stay for the cosmic curtain call. Those of us that signed on for the duration do our best to show the way home to our heart and Hope. Many have pushed the mute button on all that is streaming and do not hear (adhere) to any evidence that will allow them to move safely thru these energetic minefields.

This new 2022 energy is not about doomsday it is about a promise we made long before we came to earth. Within us lives a single rose of love, around it lives many weeds, do we focus on the rose or waste our time pulling up the weeds, forgetting all about the sweet scent the rose gifts us? More and more circumstances will suddenly rise like a full moon that faces the morning sun. More well placed interruptions of plans take us off the path we feel we are destined to walk. Everyday something tries to steal our hopes and our joy. Every day we try harder and harder to become a Divine being in human form.

When God created humans, he stretched creation, pushing his creations to become more god-like. The Universe sees the whole picture and stays the course. We the mere mortals have a much tougher job of it. As soon as we see the future, we change it. Every time we look at the future, even for just for a fleeting second, we shift it with our observations. The future changed because it was seen. As seers, we are all destined to shift the outcome every day. It is not fate versus freewill, it is fate and freewill. A vision is just a snap shot of a possible future.

The energies coming from deep space via the portal of our sun are photonic of nature. Solar winds (The outward flow of solar particles and magnetic fields from the Sun) blow us hither and yon as the solar limbs reach out and touch us as a planet. The geomagnetic field of the earth shifts as geomagnetic time is accelerated. A light bridge is formed as the solar noise storms (A transient enhancement of solar radio emissions.) These storms may last hours to days as they Increase in strength.

The sun is crowned with polar plumes as many a solar event of unexpected proportion enters the magnetic field of earth. As we enter these liberated solar vibrations we as a planet will have access to this field of inquiry. Quantum Entanglement will become a way of life. Slipping in and out of time and memory may become an Olympic sport. All episodes of solar activity influence time and how we perceive it. The past, present and future meet for a daily coffee and scone discussing the future of time and Earth herself.

The numerical vibrations of the words Prophecy and Prophesize
The word Prophecy numerically is a 14 vibration. Most Numerologists see the number 14 as indicating a time of great change and transformation. The change and shift may appear in a number of undetectable ways. This is an auspicious number; however, it bestows success only after firing multiple challenges.

The word Prophesize is a 56/11 numerical vibration. In this numerical energy Humanity seeks the keys to total complete awareness. Hallways of time are exposed to all that are dimensionally astute. Scales of life shift into a new definition of balance as this formation of light plays with sacred time. Experiences quicken, several lives are experienced within one, shortening the need for reincarnational cycles on earth. Needs are met vibrationally before matter time-shifts and resets itself.

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