The Telosians: The 5th Dimensions Reaches Out To You

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. Today, we are going to talk to you about what may happen in the times to come. For many of you it does not seem very happy between the pandemic experienced for two years and the struggles that currently exist on the side of Russia and Ukraine.

Many of you are in sadness, in the incomprehension of what is happening and the why of all this. As you know, when there are difficulties, human beings ask themselves an impressive number of questions, the mind comes forward strongly and a certain discomfort arises in each of you.

But it is important that a difficulty later brings a renewal, an improved understanding of life. Life on earth is so made that after difficulties comes renewal through the appearance of Light. This may seem rather difficult to you to understand because you have been buried for millennia in dark energy thinking that life on earth should be like this and not otherwise.

It is time, high time to see things differently. You have reflected, you have asked yourself a lot of questions about the veracity of everything that has happened during the past two years and about what is happening now. You have wondered about the veracity of the sometimes very muddled words of your government leaders. You finally wondered if you were not being manipulated etc…

This is how you will be able to change things: by waking up. The sleep in which you lived for millennia is fading to open the way to the understanding of life and freedom. You are ready, for a large number of you, to see Peace and Serenity arrive in yourselves, in your hearts and to offer them around you.

Of course, the more humans there will be who do this, the faster your delicate situation on Earth will stop to make way for the release of thoughts of Love, mutual aid, respect etc… We will say that you are on the right path but…. ATTENTION! Do not relax your vigilancecontinue to be centered on your heart and to offer his Love around you, but in priority to yourself because that is how you will be able to help humanity ever more: by the Love and the Light within you that you will offer to it.

So, we are going to tell you a bit about what can happen more or less quickly, depending on your desire to see the New Earth arrive. As you know, nothing happens by chance. For two years of your earthly time, you have been living in tumult. But you also know that to awaken the human who had fallen asleep in his habits of life that he considered true and natural, it is good that electroshocks appear.

Electroshock is therefore this pandemic and what is happening in Eastern Europe. It took this to open your minds and hearts to real understanding of life and understanding of who you are. Because, do not doubt it, these confinements that you have experienced have allowed a large number of sleeping humans to wake up from the catalepsy in which they reveled.

Now everything is different. Indeed, thanks to these events you woke up, for a large part of you, to different degrees from one human to another, and others are waking up at their own pace. This, as we have already discussed, will cause the Great Doorway of Light to open which will project you into what you call the fifth dimension.

This dimension is opening up to you in this intermediate space between the very low and dark third dimension of consciousness and the fifth dimension. The opening of this new dimension which will project you into the accentuated Light is currently preparing strongly in what is called the transition. This period seems difficult for you to live because, to let go of the attachments to the third dimension and the opening to the fifth dimension, there is a great work of purification to be done in you and around you.

We have already talked about this in previous posts. The purification in you is the letting go of fear, the attachment to material goods, the attachment to money which will disappear at a certain moment, etc… You have a lot of letting go to do before you enter the fifth dimension, the dimension of Light, and it is now that it absolutely needs to be done in order to go ever further forward.

transition is not often a piece of cake as you say because it is important to let go of the old to go towards the Renewal, towards the Renaissance to something more beautiful, more luminous and towards freedom in all things.

Dear children of the Earth, have confidence in what you are currently living. Do not let yourself go to sadness, but on the contrary, understand that what is happening is the springboard to reach as quickly as possible the moment when you will find the True Light, the True Love which is in you and which you will spread around you.

The fifth dimension is reaching out to you, rejoice in this and, boldly, with a happy heart, let yourself be carried away by the energies of help and Love that we offer you continuously so that you can experience the great happiness of being in Pure Light.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


3 Replies to “The Telosians: The 5th Dimensions Reaches Out To You”

  1. Trisha S.

    I enjoyed this message and the encouragement to let go of fear, attachments of material things and money.