A Message From The Ascension Energy: Bringing Heaven To Earth

I am The Ascension Energy. I come at this time to be with you, to be able to express with you in these moments.

For I go from place to place, from system to system. Wherever there is an ascension process happening, there will I be, and there I am.

And in this moment now, in your ascension process, I am here once again to be able to express and share with you an opening. An opening that is happening right now in this moment. You are coming to a great happening. Not so much the Solar Flash, although that is a possibility, and certainly a potential at this time.

But you are approaching an awareness. A time of awareness that is going to take you beyond the old expression of the old illusion of the third dimension, and take you into the higher vistas that you are all wanting to be in, that you are all wanting to experience.

And in your wanting, you are creating. You must understand that. Just in your desire, in your wanting, in your visions that you might have or in your dreams, you are creating the higher expression of the fifth-dimension right here on the Earth.

You are bringing heaven to Earth! You have to understand that. Because what is heaven? It is that fifth-dimensional expression and beyond. That is heaven. And you are bringing it right here now in this moment to the Earth. All of you.

All of you express as one consciousness coming together, Even though you are individual consciousnesses, you are all expressing as one. More and more is this happening. Because those of you that are the Light-Warriors especially, you are the ones that are spreading the light, even when you may not be aware that you are doing it–just simply by your thoughts!

Your thoughts go out every time you have a thought. And if it is a positive thought, which they are more and more as we are finding it here, that you are expressing more and more these positive thoughts, which are then created into positive creation here. Because those that receive these thoughts then take them within themselves and feel it within themselves. And when they feel it, they are raising their vibration. And as they raise their vibration, then the collective consciousness is raising the vibration more and more. It cannot be stopped, as you have heard many, many times. It cannot be stopped, will not be stopped.

And the happening that I am speaking of right now is coming to you. You are expressing more and more to come into the truths that are coming forward. And forward they must do. They cannot be held back. Those that have attempted to hold back the truth can no longer do so. And you are seeing that. It is is still for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, but there are many more eyes that are opening to see and ears that are opening to hearing as well.

So all of this is expressing forward in the Spring now that you are in. And as the Spring continues on, you are going to experience much that is bringing change to the world. You can look out at the vista now. You can look out at all that is there, even within the illusion, and you can see the illusion collapsing everywhere. It cannot be stopped, and will not be stopped.

But it is up to each and every one of you to hear The Call within you, to reach out now more and more, and express what you know. Express your awareness. And more importantly, express your Light to all that are ready to receive it.

And I can tell you now that more are clamoring for the Light. They want the Light. They want the truth. They do not want to be held in the darkness any longer. And they shall not be held in the darkness. Because the Light is shining forth everywhere. And you, those of you, are carrying the Light! You are carrying the Christ Consciousness to all parts of the world.

So I want you more and more to see the various places around the world, and see those still yet pockets of darkness, and send light to them. Send light to all of the areas that you know of.

But also know that as you are sending light to those areas where you think there is darkness–there may not be such darkness, because everything that is being told to you is part of the illusion, in many respects.

But again, if you are looking for the truth, you can find the truth. And many of you are beginning to understand what is true and what is not true. You are beginning to understand that you are able to discern what is true and not true.

So allow yourselves to continue to bring this forward, to bring this higher level of understanding, and the ability to discern what is right and wrong for you, for you, not for everyone, for there is no right or wrong for everyone. You just simply need to follow the universal laws here–not the laws of your 3D government–but the laws that you know deep within yourself to follow. That is what you need to do more, and more, and more.

And we find—we, being all part of the Ascension Energy, although I am embodying this Ascension Energy at this point and will continue to do so, but we of the Higher Expression of this energy are all aware of all of you, and following your every move as you continue to move through this process.

All of your guides are working with you. You are never ever alone here. So understand that. And as you continue to move through the ascension process, you will have more and more of those guides expressing to you, and showing you the way. And guiding you into the next principle that you have for your mission.

So everything is happening. As you have heard many times, everything is happening exactly as it needs, to in the moment that it needs to happen. So just allow. Allow. Just as This One, James, is allowing now for my expression to come through, even though he was somewhat reticent, as I appeared to him in a dream here, and gave this understanding to him that he would bring this message forward. He was somewhat reticent of this, but has allowed it.

And we ask you now, I ask you now, to allow the expression to come through you whenever the opportunity arises. And I can tell you that the opportunities are going to begin to arise more and more.

Because as these happenings continue to come forward here, you are going to feel the understanding as it happens. And that is going to propel you onto the next phase of your mission. And the next phase you are entering right now in this moment.

That is all I have for you at this time. I will be with you throughout this process, and will be encouraging you, and encouraging your guides to encourage you to continue to move through this process, and find fully at some time in the not-too-distant future when you will fully move through your ascension as you are ready to do so.

Peace and love be with all of you, my dear brothers, and sisters, and friends, and children that are here to express out their love and their light.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

5 Replies to “A Message From The Ascension Energy: Bringing Heaven To Earth”

  1. Harriet

    Cowley, Everything God Creator creates has a consciousness. Not only that, everything is energy. God Creator is energy, our Souls are energy, our bodies aren’t solid – they are vibrating energy. Nothing in the universe is solid, it’s all vibrating energy. Everything that exists is its own Master and has consciousness. I.e. Master of Time, Master of Color, Master of Space, Master of Void, Master of Portals, Master of: Fire, Electricity, Sound, Vibration, Music, Light, Atoms, Water, Gold, Radiation, Discomfort, Radio waves, Oxygen, Patterns, Black Holes, Happiness, Dimensions, Resonance, Gamma Rays, Taste, and on and on. Everything has consciousness so it can perfect itself, keep it’s integrity and keep the Universe running as it was designed. And it is all aware. It has to be so it can maintain its place in its placement. For example the Master of Particles needs to be aware of its relationship and placement in atoms. Atoms need to do the same in its relationship and placement with other Atoms in a nugget of Gold. Gold needs to do the same with its relationship and placement in rock, soil, water, space, time, other metals, sand, plants, animals, weathering, and erosion. All of that needs to maintain its relationship and placement in spite of mining, construction, pollution, and every other millions of variables that all beings are part of and exposed to. When you think about it, it’s incredible how it all fits together exactly how it’s supposed to and all of these Masters help Creator in making sure it all goes smoothly.

  2. Cowley CI5

    Bollocks. There is no way the ascension energy had a consciousness. What absolute bullshit.

    Energy is directed from a source to a recipient. Both are conscious. The matter transmitted enables an activation, but it in and of itself is not self aware.

    Why would a person write such an article? Because they are driven by ego, they seek adoration just as the movie star or pop star.

    Question everything and believe nothing unless it happens to you. And then, keep it to yourself for fucks sake, it was meant for you and you alone.

  3. Harriet

    This is very inspiring and makes me happy. It confirms what we want to hear. More and more of humanity wants the positive changes. We will start seeing action this year from people marching to the beat of Truth, love, light and the need for Heaven on Earth.
    Thank you!