Excellent Intel From QSR

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The corruption of the Biden administration is in clear view//

TRUMP also mirrored the drops of several TRUTH speakers…
In his speech last week admitting BIDEN ( deep state , /)
Had to win the elections ….

It was the only way the world could see the Corruption…. In his speech he high lighted this concept and more over being direct stating that if he had won the Election things would not have changed and the corruption of MSM and DS would have created much more harder problems and issues to address…… But by BIDEN taking office the Corruption is being EXPOSED….

( It’s becoming clear that what many of us Truthers have said in February of last year is coming to past….>The election was given to BIDEN as it was part of military OPERATIONS, continuity of government, DEVOLUTION, that will all connect to laws of Wars that ACTIVATED on January 21, 2022 – 12 :a.m….
Since 2017 TRUMP had signed many Executive Order(s) that pertain to DEVOLUTION PLAN and continuity of government ..

_everything your watching and have been watching is well placed PLAN to catch all the atrocities , government corruptions.. and crimes against humanity taking place within United States three branch systems of government which in turns connects to OTHER world government’s and leaders and Elites,> organizations<)// )

Like I stated many times… BIDEN (actor(s) is a turn coat
he was placed for a reason after
By white HATS who placed him for a reason [ INFILTRATION] into the world DEEP STATE SOCIETY CABAL….( My understanding is all his assets were frozen and he was given/ a choice of DEATH >MILITARY TRIBALS < and everything taking from his family including his future grandchild inheritance…. Or he could become the WORLDS MOST POWERFUL MOLE  directly placed in the middle of the DEEP STATE sector [ INFILTRATION]<

Everything your seeing is designed… PELOSI> BIDEN*.
>FAUCI>hunter’s laptop that holds the key to DEEP STATE PLAN ( and how it was placed inside the shop in DELAWARE shop<
Hunter had to place it was)

connected to a world wide of WHITE HATS inside the STING OPERATION OF THE CENTURY
to save the World.
These final moments CABAL DEEP STATE are FIGHTING for their life across the world and using every last evil plot they have to not be EXPOSED>>>

As you see now more and more countries are EXPERIENCING the COLLAPSE.. Food, gas, supply chains ..> ( if you don’t know…. Food supply for cattle in chaos and ranchers are looking their cattle in many parts of the world…./ Chicken prices are soaring…. Even tuna will become a delicacy in the near future….
> Riot’s have started.. Over food and gas.. Inflation.. supply chain shortages
>EU is final announcing a recession in TV
> World ELITEs have pulled their MONEY from wall street and sold their stock
> Delaware companies are collapsing

The U.S. DOLLAR is COLLAPSING>> but behind the fake [DS] dollar is real coins, metal ( precious gold/silver)//
Which will create the new Dollar/system
Backed by gold……

( Did you ever see that video where RED CROSS is shipping
hundreds of BILLIONS in gold
In an airplane?….. > That was actually white HATS Military using> red Cross banners for transport..[ infiltration ]>>

The LARGEST recovery of stolen World GOLD and ASSETS holdings was recovered in 6 underground bunkers including the VATICAN, Venice, Roman Underground bunkers in 2016 December. ONLY days after TRUMP took office and placed by WHITE HATS>> military INTEL….

The GOLD is in SECURE LOCATIONS and recently been delivered to Major countries..
And will be used after the COLLAPSE of the current deep state money system..
( If you are new to the Great AWAKENING And the story of gold seized in VATICAN… Please go back in my posts and read)//

The world is connected
Buckled up…
Stock up!

**By Sierra NZ


6 Replies to “Excellent Intel From QSR”

  1. Gustavo Frein

    More Q nonsense. The Q crowd just constantly rationalizes away every Globalist power grab and genocidal advancement as part of the “plan”. It’s all utter BS designed by the very people trying to wipe us out as a means of anesthetic for the most aware of us to not take any action – you see there is a team of White Hats who have things under control, and Trump is really in charge. No matter how bad things get they just keep rolling it into the “plan”.

    And anyone who understands monetary theory at all know that gold backed money is not the solution. I would go into that but the post would be too long and most people are incapable of grasping it.

  2. Harriet

    Yes I agree with Molly. Spell edit, fix grammar, use complete sentences and punctuation. I didn’t understand most of the article.

  3. AA-G

    Something feels off about enough of this to question the veracity and motives of the poster. People have been sayng these same things for YEARS and nothing has changed, nothing has moved, nothing has happened. And if lots of people swallow the hopium they tend not to want to storm Castle Frankenstein. Well, it’s time we all took stock of where we are and where we want to be… and then light our own torches.

  4. John

    Wow thats not a view i have seen before but i like it and when you realise there is nothing to fear it all makes sense. much love to all.

  5. Molly

    Good article, but dang y’all. Use some basic grammar. Punctuation. Edit your stuff. It matters.