Fauci Praises China’s Lockdown in Shanghai: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated”

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, Anthony Fauci let the truth about lockdowns slip… that they are theatre designed to scare people into getting vaccinated.

When asked by host Andrea Mitchell about the unfolding lockdown hellscape in China, Fauci actually praised the Communist government’s actions.

Fauci stated “China has a number of problems, two of which are that the complete lockdown, which was their approach, a strictest lockdown you’d never be able to implement in the United States. Although that prevents the spread of infection, I remember early on they were saying, and I think accurately, they were doing better than anyone else.”

Then came the kicker as Fauci declared “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections.”

Completely ignoring the concept of natural immunity, Fauci added “Because you’re dealing with an immunologically naive population of the virus because they’ve not been exposed because of the lockdown.”

He went on to state that China’s vaccines are not good enough.

“The problem is the vaccines they’ve been using are not nearly as effective as the vaccines used in the United States, UK, EU, and other places. So, they don’t have the degree of protection that’s optimal,” Fauci claimed.

He continued, “Also, they have a lot of their older population, which are the most vulnerable among us, and so, there’s a double negative there. One, they don’t have people who are protected, and B, the people who need it most, are not getting the vaccination. That’s the source of the problem in China.”


5 Replies to “Fauci Praises China’s Lockdown in Shanghai: “You Use Lockdowns to Get People Vaccinated””

  1. Harriet

    We all need to ask cocreators to help us in removing power from Fauci and any human or otherwise who is not behaving in our and all Earthly being’s best interests. They said they can help if we ask.
    Thank you for this article.

    1. flazak

      Well he is doing a service so until that service is complete he will still be around. It would be nice though if he could retire to his home somewhere but maybe someone else would simply do the work he was doing. It’s a complicated thing when you think about it, like I said just press the off button for now.

  2. Energy of LOVE

    I saw where they arrested this Monster!! He shouldn’t be allowed to even speak.

  3. flazak

    We need the Lords help to assist us in stopping these ghouls or to simply stop them himself. I guess he is waiting for the right moment, until then turn this ghoul off in your own life experience by pressing the off button.