Archangel Michael: You Can Get There

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael.

It has always been up to me to close each week, and I do it with much joy, with much love. In order for you all to be happy, we have been watching you, and we can say that we have hit the nail on the head. You are working hard, you are transforming, seeing what needs to be seen, changing where needs to be changed, and learning every single lesson.

This was our idea. And be sure: you are on the right path. Make this walk a journey; an amazing journey, where you don’t know the next step, but with each step you take, you seem to become lighter and grow in size. There is no size to a soul. There is no limit to a soul. It attaches itself to the physical structure when it incarnates and adapts to stay in there.

When the soul is too wrapped up in so many wrong ways, so many unaware attitudes, it is as if the soul doesn’t show up, it is wrapped in too much crust, in something even shapeless around it. And it doesn’t expand in Light, because there is no room for expansion. It imprisons it. But she continues the walk, and with each new incarnation, more crust grows around her.

So this walk has as its goal, to clear away this crust, to clear away all that has stuck around the soul, preventing it from growing and becoming enlightened. No, I wouldn’t say that your Souls are already liberated; no, they are not. There is still a long way to go, but I could say that there are many holes already in this crust, and the Light of your Souls is already reflected outward. And the soul is very happy, because it now realizes that it is following the right path, that it is also evolving, that it is also becoming aware of the mistakes it has made.

And with each consciousness acquired, at each point of the journey, a piece of this crust falls off. And your soul starts to see itself almost free, but the possibility of freedom, the possibility of becoming again what it once was, enlightened, beautiful, free, makes it walk bravely forward. I wouldn’t say without fear. Her Souls still feel much fear for all that they have been through, but it is up to you now, as human consciousness, to emanate this love that you know today to them, and make them feel that today is different.

Today there is a light up ahead. Today there is a path to be followed: a path of love, an enlightened path. And if you believe in it deeply, your Souls believe in it too, and they let themselves be cleansed, they let themselves be scraped away from those scabs around them no matter how much it hurts.

So the walk is not just your Souls’ walk; the walk is you and your Souls’ walk. Walk with much Love in your heart. Walk with great faith. Believe in every step you take, and for sure, no matter when, no matter how, the day will come when your Souls will be free, and for sure freedom will bring them so much joy, so much Love, that they will carry you around as if you were small animals, where they will exude pure Unconditional Love for having made them what they once were. They will take you in their arms and be very grateful. And at that moment you will ascend, because your Unconditional Love plus your soul’s Unconditional Love will take you to the 5th Dimension.

This walk, and all the ones to come, are not just for your minds; it is for your minds and your Souls. You need to walk together without judgment, just overcoming every obstacle that comes your way, with lots of Love. Just that: Love. Not yet Unconditional Love, but Love as you know it.

Be ready. The next phase is that of Consciousness, and this is where you will find all the support, all the armor, all the tools, all the weapons of Light you need to walk.

And believe me. You will get there! We know that.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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