The Group: Critical Mass

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Observer and I join you with great pride, for your world is changing. Every moment and every breath that you take is bringing a new opportunity of light, a new expression. It is one that you probably haven’t seen before. Yes, we know it’s difficult moving into the darkness, not being able to see where you are. But we also tell you you’re well-guided. Each of you has an internal guidance system that is incredibly finely tuned. The hard part about it is that first you must let go, in order to fully engage the system. You can do that now, especially since you are here amongst family.

Take a breath, dear ones, release all of it right now. Release all the challenges and difficulties that you’ve been working with today. You can pick them back up in a few moments, but right now find your core energy. And now feel the smile moving to your face. Take a deep breath and release it very slowly. Excellent. Energetically, reach out your hands. Perfect, now let’s get to work.

Healing Circle

Know that your unique abilities are coming together to create something very magical. You made it and you’re on time! Oh, yes, we know many of you still don’t quite know what that means or where it is that you’re going. But you’re closer than you think. There’s a beautiful change coming, dear ones, for all of you. You’ve been talking about it for some time. Actually, you’ve intrinsically known about what is taking place and it’s magical indeed. It could not happen until everyone was in place, until each of you had taken your spot and there was a balance of energy and power. All that is starting to unfold now. But as it does, let’s loosen some of the kinks in the system. Let’s straighten out some of those energy difficulties that all of you have worked with. If you are ready to release them, offer them up to the collective of light. Place any problems you are dealing with right now in the circle in front of you. Feel the pain ease as the kinks in your own being begin to straighten out and release.

Let go of all the problems in your world that you can’t quite solve, those things that you have been trying to balance. Let them all go for now. If there are any physical attributes that are amiss in your own body lay those out here, too. Allow this energy to circulate in a grand fashion as it is drawn into the larger circle of light, clearing your energy as it does. Excellent. And so it is.

Well done, dear ones. Well done. Now we have some news to share, for you’ve reached an important marker. You now have an incredible chance to consciously take this to the next level. The Keeper of Time will share more about that shortly. Your world is changing, dear ones. You are masters of the game board. You are masters of love, for each and every one of you have great hearts. Reach out to one another and reflect that light every chance you get.

Share your light whenever possible, but also allow and encourage it in others. Let people see it in your eyes and your smile, in every part of you. So, take a deep breath. Anchor that beautiful energy in your own heart and know that anything you bring in here can be smoothed out, especially with the aid of the family of E. Well done, dear ones. Well done. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together. Espavo.

I am Observer… and I like to watch.


Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time, but mostly I AM. Those are the most important words. Your magic is now starting to pervade the planet in different ways.


Before we get into the full message that we wish to share with you today, we wish to hold hands in a rather unique way. There are some very interesting things taking place. You see, you are having a war of sorts on your planet. But only the governments are at war. This is not a people’s war, although they will pay the price of it. From our perspective, war is the ultimate failure of communication and a stain on humanity. Just like the last ones this will take many years to recover from. If you were to eliminate the governments and just bring the people together, you’d be able to resolve this very quickly. Only then would you be speaking truth to truth. You see, there are no real difficulties.

What we can tell you is that you can bring it back. Holding the energy, holding your light in different ways, and connecting it to others is huge. That’s one of the aspects that we’re going to ask you all to do right now, to reach out. Know that many of those who you are connecting with are on the other side of this war. You see, it’s only governments that are involved with this. Also, watch for the misinformation campaigns as they will determine how long this persists.

What we suggest is to hold the hearts of the people directly affected. Bring it in, as if you were impacted yourself. Doing so can have a profound difference right now, for you are creator beings. You’re just in a different location and opportunity. Much of this is starting to move at a new pace, so take your breath and send that love to the opposite side. Whatever illusion you have of the sides, create that now. Know that all of you are truly one, simply pretending to have separate lives, desires and needs. Take a breath, dear ones, and release it slowly.

Family of E

A while ago we started talking about the family of E. Well before planet Earth existed, the family of E were the troubleshooters of the universe. You are not the only game like this around. There are so many that you can’t count them all. You can’t even count the stars that are there in front of you.

The family of E are specialist spirits, because they would be sent to a game to help elongate it and stretch it out. You see, you’re playing a game in the illusion of time. And in that illusion, it’s very simple. You have only so long to play the game in a certain area. Well, interestingly enough, you have much longer than you thought. Different things are now starting to unfold, because of the way you’ve been playing the game. The family of E were specialists who would show up at different places throughout the universe. They would see a planet starting to go in a direction that would be harmful, or even possibly ending the planet early, and the family of E would jump in to help. They would try to plant the seeds to be able to alter that path and extend the game. We tell you, dear ones, that’s the whole game.

So, the family of E would send out these experts in different places throughout the universe to try and elongate the games whenever possible. Family members were adept at being able to find out where the difficulties were, and what the challenges would be in different games. All in the family developed incredible gifts of being able to do nothing more than plant seeds to help a planet correct course. Sometimes, the seeds would grow and manifest as world changing events. Other times, it would just be a pervasive energy that made it easier for God and beings to get along. Most of the time these seeds were about equality, which is at the base of the game you all are playing. It’s also the reason for many games ending prematurely. You did well as the family of E, but then came another opportunity. That one chance to try and start a new game, where even the family of E could take off their wings and pretend to be human.

What was the purpose of that? If you pretend to be human you lose all your memory of who you were, and of all the attributes that you brought to Earth. But you don’t really lose them, you simply lose the memory of them; they are buried deeply within your essence. And every breath you take exudes a little bit of that energy, even if you’re not conscious of it.

The family of E decided to start a whole new game. In connection with “All That Is,” there began a new game with no rules and total free choice. Being a free choice planet, the family of E would not be able to work in the same manner as they normally did. They were free to take off their wings, as we like to say, then incarnate on the planet themselves.

As a result, many of the family of E decided to come in and actually play the game. They took off their wings to lose their memories of who they were, to become finite for a while and try to elongate this game by carrying the energy. It was hugely successful, dear ones. The planet made a space for your evolution that was to last for 11,000 years. The Holocene, which is a time on Earth of less than one degree change, is now 10,000 years old.

A Welcomed Critical Mass

There’s an especially fascinating element now, as several things are happening at the same time. First, there are those of you here from 300 years in the future. Yes, but you’re not the only ones here. In recent years, the family of E has been incarnating in massive numbers. Although they are quite young, most of them are less than three-years old at this point. You have 12 million beings on the planet with these special attributes. Many of the Family of E will now also come in spirit as the game evolves, but they are not actually here to save your way of life. Instead, they are coming to help in the evolution and the next stage of humanity. They are spread everywhere, as if planting seeds of light on the game of planet Earth.

With all of this light being brought in, humanity has reached a critical mass. Although there is still a way to go, celebrations are in order as a new game is emerging. The 12 million new children, the existing family, those that will come in Spirit, along with those that came back from the future, have now put Earth over the critical mass needed. But that was only the base number that you needed to make this possible. You held it in your dreams as the family of E, and now you’ve created something very unique. Every part of your world is starting to come together in a fascinating way, for the family is gathering.

Enter Creator Beings

The most important part that we wish to point out is that you are all creator beings. Oh yes, you cannot always see the evidence of it because you set out to create something and it doesn’t always happen. Or perhaps it doesn’t always manifest the way that you think it will, so it keeps you from understanding that you’re the one who actually created the situations you experience. And, of course, you don’t create alone. It would be easy if you were the only one who manifested anything on the planet, because that would be simple. You would see every single creation that you have. But because you’re creating in harmony, if your creation is slightly out of harmonics then it won’t manifest in the way that it normally would. That means that creating in unison becomes incredibly important. Now that you have your critical mass of light beings playing the most important game on planet Earth, your world is about to shift again.

Yes, you’re due for a change. And you’re ready for it, especially with all the challenges that are happening right now. However, this also sets the stage for awareness. You will start to awaken from the dream to consciously take your places, even though you may not know exactly what it is you have brought to the table. Dear ones, it will channel through you quickly as a re-membering. Suddenly you will be saying something, but you’re not even sure what the next word is going to be. But it will be clear and concise, because you’ve set this up. These ideas have been residing in your heart, and now are simply finding their way into your head. Many of you set this up around the big table, before you ever came in. Keep in mind that you are creator beings. Everything that you hold between your heart and your head will manifest in your world.

The Golden Ticket

It’s an exciting time to be on Earth. Dear ones, you have a golden ticket or you wouldn’t be here. And furthermore, you have something important to bring forward. You’re part of the family of E that will have natural abilities to elongate the game and allow people to live in a harmony.

Here you are on Earth, going through your different phases. The first phase is learning to follow the leader; the second phase is learning to follow yourself. It’s all about harmony now. How can you be harmonious? You have the powers of God, but you’re not the only God. How can you harmonize your creations and manifestations? They are needed, now that the critical mass has been reached. It’s an exciting time. We tell you, all eyes of the universe are now upon planet Earth. We have the greatest visions for what is to come, but it’s not up to us. It is up to each of you, as you individually choose the path of your highest vibration. We invite you to dream your highest visions of life, dear creator beings.

You’re following the path of least resistance, so step forward and own your power whenever possible. Know that to hold your power and consciously create does not mean that you take it from someone else. Because that is what creation is all about, and it’s what you’re all about. Take a breath, dear ones. Step forward into the light every day, and know that your place has been waiting for you. You’ve done very well. It’s where the greatest of honor that we come together to bring you these reminders from Home. They are just that, re-minders, for we see what you had in mind when you came to planet Earth. We also see where you are now. All we can do is remind you of who you really are and the incredible power that you hold. Hold it well, hold it consciously, and use it often. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. So with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another. Hold those doors open at every opportunity and play well together in harmony.

I am the Keeper of Time and you are dearly loved.


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