Cosmic Update 20 April 2022

The lyrics to the song “What a Difference a Day Makes”, published in 1934, were written by Stanley Adams, and the music was played by Harry Roy and his orchestra.

It is still a popular song today and was made very popular in 1959 by the jazz singer Dinah Washington.

The song was originally written in Spanish by Maria Grever—“Cuando vuelva a tu lado” (“When I Return to Your Side”).

This is a perfect title for solar blasts that have occurred within the past 24 hours. Thus far, there have been six “M-Class” solar flares (one of them being a strong “M.7”), a powerful “X-Class” flare (“X.2.2”), and the rest have been medium-strength “C-Class” flares.

The “X.2.2” flare, however, is believed by NASA scientists to be an even stronger “X-Class” than just an “X.2.2” explosion because its blast from the far side of our Sun caused radio black-outs around the world, and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is expected to have been unleashed along with this “X-Class” flare.

In fact, potent “M-Class” flares with a high numerical level (such as “M.7” and higher) are almost “X-Class”, and they can cause the same black-outs.

Solar winds are currently traveling at approximately 514 km/s (kilometers per second), and the planetary magnetosphere is filled with plasma particles.

People may have not slept well last night, may be fatigued today, may have aches and pains, digestive issues, ringing ears, headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety, and all of the other usual symptoms of the continual elevation of our planet and its greater vibration of LIGHT.

It will get easier once enough clearing and cleansing of DNA is accomplished and when LIGHT is more easily received and acclimated to in our physical vessels.

Some people are further along in the process than others, but everyone is offered the LIGHT.

There are some who choose (even unconsciously) to remain in density, and therefore, their cellular records are filled with “debris” (disharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, actions) which continues to out-picture as chaos.

If they do complain of a physical issue, they just take a chemical medication and endure its side effects rather than trying to understand HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and receive comfort from the spiritual and natural modalities gifted to us by SOURCE, who, in “ITS” supernal wisdom, realized that humanity was going to need assistance with the procedure of birth into the “New Golden Age” after humanity had spent hundreds of thousands of years disassociated from DIVINE PRINCIPLES in the “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) era.

Those who endeavor to share what is actually happening to our planet and throughout the galaxy are often criticized by people who are “hypnotized”, “controlled”, and easily “manipulated” by mainstream media.

Their reasoning and analytical ability has been removed. Many seem to bend their backs, stare into space, and hump over like the servants of Dracula.

It is best to stay clear of such people.

They only do the bidding of the “current establishment”, which, however, is being steadily removed from being capable of doing further harm and hypnosis.

Be aware that with all of its other properties, the LIGHT is also disciplining, re-structuring, lesson-giving, and removing.

Not only is Earth/Gaia receiving tremendously strong and bright doses of LIGHT and delivering it to those of us who inhabit this planet and galaxy, but “Her” poles are steadily reversing as well.

North is now in the direction of Siberia near Russia.

Also, “Her” inner core spins in one direction while “Her” outer surface spins in another direction.

On top of this, our planet is moving in a bit of a wobble as “She” spins.

This makes some of us think of the 1950s and 1960s “Rock’n’Roll” lyrics: “Shake, rattle and roll!” from a song sung by “Big Joe Turner, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, and others written in 1954 by Jesse Stone.

Is this why some people report feeling shaky inside or feel a strange energy vibrating in them or feel tingles? Most likely.

After all, our planet and we, “Her” citizens, are transmitting and receiving with each other.

Scientifically speaking, LIGHT consists of photonic waves and particles of electromagnetic radiation that travels in a vacuum which is visible at between 400 and 700 nanometers (nm) with infrared having longer wavelengths and ultraviolet having shorter wavelengths.

Spiritually speaking, LIGHT is SOURCE FREQUENCY which can neither be calculated, measured, nor totally defined.

“IT” is “Self-Created” and “Self-Creating”.

All of “ITS” creations have some of “ITS” essence—“ITS” vibrations—“ITS” energy—“ITS” life force.

The realization of this does much to elevate consciousness to SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS where a greater connection to SOURCE FREQUENCY can be experienced.

So, while we intellectualize our planetary and cosmic environment with poly-syllabic language forms in the various subject areas that we have studied which we must do in order to be considered worthy of our university degrees, it is most important to remember that SOURCE is not impressed with manmade concepts and theories.

However, SOURCE is impressed with how well we try to employ spiritual principles to our lives as we move through our daily activities.

Yes, we should take pride in our accomplishments, but we must realize that it is SOURCE which has made them possible, and it is SOURCE that is giving us advanced understandings.

In this space/time continuum of our shifting, brightening, higher vibrating planet, our “Professors” have become blasts of PHOTONIC LIGHT and SUPER-CONSCIOUS VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES.

Our “textbooks” are our newly-forming cellular records, and our “qualifying research papers” are our multi-stranding DNA.

We continue to study, and as the narrator in Charles Dickens’ book A CHRISTMAS CAROL stated at a certain point: “We do but turn another page”.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali