Q & A With The Elohim and Kejraj

Q1: Why do you withhold information from one of your own? This seems to be a theme of the higher dimensional beings, when asked certain questions. You often come back with “we cannot elaborate more on this.” Are there karmic reasons, universal laws preventing you from doing so?

Answer: We never withhold information that is appropriate for you. You must understand that are a large number of things in play, and for you spiritual growth and the importance of your path, the right information is given to you at the right time. And we would like to remind you that there is a different calling for information from your inner higher aspects compared that that which you might call your personal interests. Our main focus is the ascension of the people and the planet herself. However, if we feel that knowing particular things would be detrimental to your path, we may not answer in the way your personality may be asking for. However, you have free access to all truth inside you, so we do encourage you to go within and forge that bridge inside so you can have the access you wish to have. This is a great issue with the human race right now, the seeking of answers from outside, when indeed, you have instant access right now, you only need know and live this.

Q2: Based on my personal energies and timelines, and akashic records, would you be able to share if I’m going to return to the Andromeda Galaxy one day, where I first began experiencing physicality. Or am I just going back to the Pleiades, and choosing that as my home?

Answer: Dear one, we smile at your question, for why do you believe you path is determined by that which is outside you? You create and write your path. You may go wherever your energetic signature allows. This is part of the awakening process, for you will indeed awaken to understand there are no should’s and shouldn’ts. There is that which you choose. You may even go to other places once you master your energy properly and can change that dynamic at will…

Q3: Is the Orion Star System next on the list to be cleansed and liberated?

Answer: Much has been done so already, only small pockets of discord still remain in places. But the wave of the mother, the creator will sweep through and undo that damage done. We ask you to be less concerned with out worldly things and to focus on your mastery of your vibration and energy. When you have done so, you will be able to go to these places and see for yourself, if you wish. But until then, please know that everything is in hand, the creator misses nothing

Q4: “I am a fully awakened and realized Eloah.” “I am one with the highest version of myself.” What reaction do these two mantras cause or create in my consciousness and soul?

Answer: That which you say with the phrase “I am” you will align with and become. We ask you as a creator to be aware vibrationally of the truth to which you are attempting to align yourself with. How does it feel when you say these words? Does your heart expand and fill with joy, or does your energy field contract, even slightly? We appreciate you have many questions from your mind, but your heart already knows the greatest joys to bring you, trust it dear one, it is your greatest teacher and way shower. The mind, although a great tool, has come to act from a place of the past and social agendas.

This we observe in peace without judgement, it simply is. But for as long as you reference and compare yourself to that which you think, you are not in alignment with, nor attaining your highest joy from the space of your heart. Dear one, and all, your heart is the most sacred of spaces, it sits waiting patiently for you to connect and merge with it, it is your calling card, your direct connection to source, why do you continue to put so much trust in outer directors and thoughts from the past? At has everything need and will ever need, it holds your truth, the real YOU.

Q5: The last question for this session. About six to eight weeks ago I was driving in my car going to the store, and in the middle of the road approaching a red traffic light, my heart started beating out of control, felt like it wanted to beat out of my chest. I did not feel any chest pains, however, my upper left arm, the humerus bone started to hurt, like a sharp pain. I cannot say that I felt panic or fear as I was having that experience. I was aware that it was happening, though there was no panic, and no other physical symptoms. I want to ask was this a mini heart attack, which may lead to a more serious one, I hope not, because I want to ascend with my family and the Collective. I’m not quitting just before the celebration, haha! Or was this some type of an activation of the heart center, high heart and heart chakra activation. I will also mention that a month or so prior to the said experience, I did have an acupuncture session on the chest, face, and scalp.

Answer: Dear one and many reading this, you have been through an intense patch of heart upgrades. Be aware that your resistance to embracing your heart and heart wisdom have been at the heart (they’re smiling) of these changes. The discomfort you feel is equal to your unconscious, subconscious and even conscious resistance to letting go and blending into your heart space. Nothing is going wrong, and though uncomfortable, even unsettling at times, these are necessary changes, even markers to bring you into awareness of the resistance you didn’t know you had.

If you feel such ascension symptoms, relax, breathe, ask you team, your Highers Self to help you ease through without resistance. You have this dear ones, the only thing holding you up is old programming telling you to resist that which asks you to let go. It’s as if these parts of you feel something will go terribly wrong if you let go, that you need to be in control to steer your ship. We ask you, from where does that need come from? What do you fear will happen if you do? Remember, your natural state is complete and total surrender to your creator, source self. There is no grip except that which you apply, and apply it because the programming tells you to. Let it go dear ones, be free and float, your lives can become blissfully easy, regardless of what is appearing to go on around you. You are not the result of what happens around you, what happens around you is the result of you. This also is old programming we would dearly love to see you free yourselves from.

**Channeling the Elohim is Davey


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  1. Divsy Pafe

    TY dearly for this very inspiring Q & A.
    It has filed some missing slots in my spiritual understanding.