15 Questions to Determine if You’re an Empath, Old Soul or Both

If you’re reading this, I expect you’ll already consider yourself to be an Empath?

Would you also say you’re an old soul? Or have you never really given it much thought?

It doesn’t really matter either way whether you’re an old soul or not, but one thing I know about the majority of ‘old soul Empaths’ is they are always on the lookout for kindred spirits or even just to have confirmations of what they naturally experience.

You would assume that all old souls are highly Empathic, which most are, but not all Empaths are old souls. People can be sensitive, as well as being sensitive to energy, without having deep, old soul wisdom.

I should also note that just because one Empath is an old soul does not make them more superior to another. This life is a journey of evolvement for everyone. And everyone has different jobs and lessons to learn…. But still, it’s nice to have confirmation of what you feel inside.

If you want to know if you’re an Empath, see this post first. If you already know you’re an Empath but want to know if you own old soul traits, here’s some questions and explanations that will help you make that determination:

  1. Do you strive to live authentically with yourself?

One thing an Empath is known for is zoning in and abhorring the energy of a lie. But an old soul is also striving to find the truth in themselves. Which, let’s face it, is not such an easy task when you’ve had many layers of programming to unpeel. An old soul strives to understand their own actions and insecurities and are constantly working to release implanted lies and beliefs.

  1. Do you love spending lots of time alone?

Many people love alone time, especially Empaths. But time spent in solitude is a necessity for an old soul. It’s a way to unplug from the external energies and cleanse oneself of that which does not belong. Sort of like regrouping with self. It can also be classed as a spiritual experience for many old souls.

  1. Would you say you have a strong intuitive nature?

Empaths just know things, but so do old souls. An old soul might not understand or be able to control their intuition, but it certainly proves to guide them through life. Over and over again, their intuition proves itself to be accurate, if they listen.

  1. Are you always on the lookout for new ways to improve yourself?

At a higher level an old soul knows they are here to grow, evolve and learn. The knowledge, and love, gathered on this journey are the only things we get to take with us. No material stuff or riches come with us when we leave our body. So, it makes sense that the old soul instinctively knows the more life experiences they collect, the ‘wealthier’ they are.

  1. Do you feel like an outsider?

Many old soul Empaths often feel like an outsider to other people, even other Empaths and highly spiritual people. They may feel like they don’t quite fit in anywhere.

  1. Are you always plotting new adventures and wanting to see the world?

This is an inbuilt trait, just like needing to learn, there is an instinctive desire to visit new places and have new experiences.

  1. Are you sensitive to the needs of others, even those who have shown not to care about your own needs?

An old soul is understanding of the requirements of others. They understand why others act in certain bad ways (doesn’t mean they like it), and in turn are more understanding to their needs.

  1. Do you feel overly mature but still remain childlike?

Somewhat of a contradiction there, wouldn’t you say? Having maturity, yet at the same time feeling immature, especially in comparison to others. Being childlike is seeing the wonder in everything, becoming excited about new projects and always looking for the new escapades that can be had in life.

  1. Can you change people’s energy with your gaze?

Although this may sound like a weird type of mind control, it’s more of a way of telepathically communicating energy through projection.

Imagine having a conversation with someone and all they are doing is putting others down or being angry, when an old soul holds their gaze they can project their peaceful energy, soothing and calming them down.

  1. Are you naturally drawn to spiritual concepts and ideas?

All things magical and spiritual will draw an old soul in. Crystals, natural healing, ancient magical mysteries and powerful energetic places capture their interest.

  1. Can you not help but learn?

An old soul has an in-built desire to learn. They may take breaks, from time to time, from learning new stuff, but a theme of life will be study. Generally, subjects have expiry dates.  When all has been learnt from a certain topic, then the interest in it often expires.

  1. Do people say you have a naturally calming and healing energy?

When in balance, an old soul has a naturally calming energy. People and animals love to be around them. They get drawn in by their calming light energy. When out of balance, however, the opposite is true. They might actually repel people. Reason being, they are powerful projectors. When out of balance, this energy is projected out.

  1. Do you have a tendency to be introvert, but can easily transform to being extrovert?

Many old souls would consider themselves to be an ambivert, sitting somewhere between the introvert and extrovert. Depending on life circumstances, jobs, etc, will depend on where their tendencies lie. Also, their age. The older they get the more they embrace introvert tendencies.

  1. Can you spot insincere behaviour in others a mile off?

When someone is faking it, no matter how well their behaviour is masked, an old soul senses it in their energy. Manipulative people and grandiose narcissists are exceptional at masking their behaviour in pleasantries and fake kindness. They could have the world fooled, but an old soul will sense their insincere and calculating behaviour.

  1. Do you find the more you know, the less you speak?

Last but not least. This is something all old souls become aware of. If someone is not meant to hear an old soul’s wisdom, it won’t matter how loud they shout, or how articulate they are in their wording, others won’t hear them.

They soon come to understand that they have no need to try to convince others of their knowledge or findings. Everyone is on their own journey of evolvement and information comes to them when the time is right.

The voyage into ‘awareness’ has a unique starting point for everyone. Information is rarely delivered in one big package. It generally comes in many small parcels over the years. For this reason, the more one knows, the quieter they become.


The more nods you gave to this list, the more chance you are an old soul.

It should be noted that just because someone is an old soul does not mean everything in life will be easy. Far from it. It certainly seems that the more evolved the person the more challenges they face.

It doesn’t help that most old souls become out of balance because they are overly sensitive to this toxic world.

If you are an out of balance old soul, from being around bad energy, toxic environments, or from consuming inappropriate diets etc, you will not necessarily identify with all the above traits. You will be very disconnected from your higher self and your inherent ways of being.

I discuss the ways in which most Empaths, whether old soul or not, become out of balance in some of my books. Three in particular: 7 Secrets of the Sensitive, Become a Super-Empowered Empath and The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs.

As already noted, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re an old soul, an Empath or both. ‘Labels’ just help us understand our ways. And sometimes it’s just nice to know that we’re not alone in our behaviours. Our traits are shared with many others, who are having similar life experiences…

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time,

**By Diane Kathrine


4 Replies to “15 Questions to Determine if You’re an Empath, Old Soul or Both”

  1. Eunice Daniel

    I’m still searching for the truth about life. I’ve been decided, lied to and thrown into utter confusion. I don’t know what to believe anymore. However, I will say many thanks to you for making me nod in affirmation of some of the questions.

  2. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    I am not amazed at all about. For sure I had to many challenges in all ways haunting me as today too. Am I thirsty of knowledge? For sure start at early age point till now still True I don’t want ask questions because I am not interested in people answers. For all empathy things everyone is at different levels. Old soul? I don’t know how an old soul look like I am not a Master by any means .The jury still out till the last day of this thing call life. Hopefully at that point few answers I will receive for true understanding.
    For now I maintain alive the faith of all my believes. In the case will be none of that then my life was a big fat lie. And I will not feel any extra disappointment because will be not any other choice than accepted the loss.

  3. Lori Jo

    I have realized that I am an empath ever since my young adult son told me he was an empath. I never had a “word” for it before that. I had not even known about “old souls” in the context of this article before today but I fit the description perfectly. I truly appreciate this article as I understand myself more now. Thank you!

  4. zuza

    Amazing, really. Someone just summarized my own beingness in a few paragraphs. Funny and amazing. Thank you 🙂