Saint Germain Q & A: Disclosure

Questions from Jordan:

Question 1
When’s disclosure is it gonna be this year?

St Germain: Mr Jordan, thank you for your question, however Disclosure is already ongoing and has been for many years. There is much information to be had but still the extraterrestrial factor is limited to those who are interested in it.

However, how disclosure to the general public will be carried out is not yet sealed in wax. There are many potentials for Disclosure starting with a fake alien invasion set up through Project Blue Book, or benevolent extraterrestrial intervention by the Galactic Federation. There are many many potentials and as of yet, no particular course has been determined. What the Galactic Federation chooses to do depends on what the DS decides to do.

There is a potential for this year in Project Blue Book, as well as the Galactic Federation’s disclosure of the DS playbook. All remains to be seen.

Question 2
What about the grand solar flash? Any knowledge on that topic?

St Germain: The potential for the grand solar flash increases with the increased awareness of the people of earth and the refusal of the DS agenda. There is speculation it is to occur before 2025.

Other than this we can tell you nothing more, as there are still too many potentials to be played out before this Event. The sequences which will lead to the grand solar flash are all sequences to be carried out in logical order, as this is universal law – the Law of Cause and Effect. One effect will create the next cause and so on and so on. The grand solar flash is simply a result of many causes having lead to effects and it will be the last effect for those who are contracted to rise to fifth dimensional frequency on the earth.

Be assured, however, because we are working to steer the people of earth in the correct direction all the time.

So many of you have been listening to many players in the light community who discussed this topic at length prematurely. What this did was set up your expectations far in advance of the Event. I wish to discuss with you the importance of listening to people who do not appeal to your fears – when a person is appealing to your fears, they are manipulating you in order to achieve an end, quite possibly that end being a financial gain or popularity. Sharon recalls two people who seem to have fallen off the radar lately, who were doing this.

We wish to warn you that there are many scam artists within your community and these scam artists typically appeal to your fears in order to manipulate you into paying them for something.

This is a time of great revelation, and the fakes are being revealed just as much as the ones who are truly working for the Light are. Your jurisprudence….

Me: Your what?! Nobody knows what that means, Saint!

StG: Very well. Your discretion is highly advised. Will that suffice?

Me: Yes. English has changed, Sir! Very much so!

StG: I see. I rely upon you for accurate translation.

Me: Arguably, my English is already outdated but my implant is programmed to use this only but it’ll work for the time being.

StG: Very good, Sharon. I bid you adieu.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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    Thank You Saint Germain,Thank You Jordan,Thank You Sharon Stewart,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.