The Grandmothers Speak: The Eleventh Hour

“Your world is in crisis. The energy in certain areas on the planet must be pulled back into alignment. We are asking you to again call on Mother Russia,” the Grandmothers said, “to call especially upon this aspect of the Mother who holds an area in grave distress.

“We know the concept of the Divine Mother is foreign to many,” they said, “strange to some. But strange or not, it is time for humanity to get used to it. Earth Herself now sits at what you call ‘the eleventh hour.’ And because of this, God the Mother has returned.

“You no longer have the luxury of denying the Feminine Principle of creation. There is no time to hang back and pretend that things are not as bad as they are. They ARE that bad,” the Grandmothers said, their faces grim. “It’s time to let go of denial, let go of ‘what and how’ life should be. Life is what it is,” they said, “and right now, life is change. Enormous change.” Standing tall, they said, “Pay attention to what we’re telling you. Listen and be brave.

“If you comprehend what we are saying, you have work to do,” the Grandmothers said. “We ask you to drop remaining attachments to how you think life should be and stand with us. Stand with us and call on the radiant Net of Light. The Net is busy holding the earth steady, holding all life on your planet steady, and it needs help. Call on the Net and see, feel or think of its brilliant filaments of light threading outward from your heart. Pouring forth from you and rushing to all life on Earth. It will do this! Just think this thought once,” they said, “observe as it happens and notice how you feel as your heart responds.

“Then see, feel and think of the Net of Light holding Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the entire Earth in its embrace. Let the Net wrap and lift Vladimir Putin, lift him into the arms of Mother Russia. The Mother loves and cares for all Her children and She will hold him tight to Her so he can do no more harm. Let him rest silently with the Mother, cocooned safely in light.

“See this Mother of All as She draws generals, politicians, soldiers and everyone to her—enfolding them, holding them tight to Her heart. Her children have turned on one another in selfishness and rage, and seeing this, the Mother is now confining them, drawing them home to peace, home to rest.

“See Her as She spreads Her blanket of peace over Ukraine, comforting, healing, and soothing Her suffering children. Protecting and defending them. Watch as Her love flows into the earth itself and see nature’s response as she comforts all beings. Relief,” the Grandmothers said. “Love and relief. Healing will begin now,” they assured me, “full healing.

“You have a part to play in all this drama,” the Grandmothers said, “for within yourself you hold the energy of the Great Mother. Because you are part of the Net of Light, you are at one with the Great Mother,” they explained. So,” they smiled, “you also comfort and bless. You protect. And each time you call on the Net of Light, each time you call on the Mother, you call everyone home. Do not deny your own power!” they said, wagging a finger at me/us. “Own it now, and do some good.

“Call on the Great Mother,” they said. “Let Her hold you, speak to you and guide you. Let Her love pour through you to others. This love that automatically flows to you and through you will bless the Earth and all Her beings.

“This time was foretold long ago, the time when the Mother would come back to Earth. That time is now, the Grandmothers said, and She has returned. And not a moment too soon.

Rely on Her.

Work with Her.

Call on Her.

Call on Her ceaselessly.”

“Have no fear,” the Grandmothers said. “We stand with you.”

**Channel: Sharon McErlane


9 Replies to “The Grandmothers Speak: The Eleventh Hour”

  1. Nan

    This channeling has to be the most absurd thing I have ever read on this site. Clearly, this channeler is aligned with Darkness.

  2. Christed Light

    I would take this message with a pinch of salt. It is not even fourth dimensional. It is straight out of 3D black magic spell masquerading as light. Fancy holding Putin in your heart so he could do no more danger to Earth, which should read so he could do no more danger to the Dark witches and wizard forces of Nazi Ukraine

  3. AlwaysLight

    I agree with many comments here, this channel seems to be heavily overlaid with the channels own earthly perspectives and narratives from the msm. As positive feedback for the channeler, please be careful of filling your head with msm lies, it’s affecting your ability to be a clear channel for an original message. Also, things are not ‘very bad’. This is a needed cleansing, massive evil has festered in ukr for a very long time, and it needs to be removed, which it has been. This unfortunately is the only way to do it… When the truth comes out, and it will, you and many others suckered into the mainstream narrative will be shocked that you have been unwittingly supporting it…. Please be careful and discern from your heart (not your lower emotions and msm programming).

  4. Tricia S.

    It started out ok but went into MSM disinformation. I haven’t “heard” of Putin doing anything but rescuing children and raiding biolabs.

  5. Dana Francesca

    This Message of great Love and Power rolls like thunder direct from the heart of Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia. Her voice is far more vast than tales of intrigue and conspiracy whispered from our various screens, where information/misinformation/disinformation mingle hopelessly thanks to the cabal which has infiltrated everywhere.

    That’s why many Higher Plane beings like the 9D Arcturians urge us to step away from our screens and out into Nature. Also why St. Germaine just in the next article cautions us about those who spread fear rather than Love.

    Our angelic and galactic guides urge us to anchor in Cosmic Love and Compassion, then radiate this immense Force out into the tumult engulfing our world. That will transmute “evil” and hasten Ascension far more effectively than thinking we know secret stuff that others don’t.

  6. viki

    This channeling is suspect. What about the DUMBS and biolabs Putin is destroying of which Russia and the world will suffer from no more? What about the space arc being activated in Crimea that Khazarians were trying to capture? What about Russia saying ENOUGH to the Nazi Satanists trying to obliterate Russia and humanity for decades? This particular channel is misled ill-informed mental bias chatter, obviously not from any legimate benevolent connection. Zelensky is a cocaine addict.

    1. Jan Myers

      I so agree! Russia is doing a service to this world removing the evil. I choose to support Mr. Putin in his actions to help us all and save the children.