Can You Crack This (TOP SECRET!) Code?

It is the code that cracketh the matrix. The file that corrupts the system.
The breakthrough, the revolution, and the gamechanger beyond all gamechangers.

Once known, can never ever be un-known.
A code that is best known as: E-I-E-I-O

Allow me to illustrate its sheer power with a truly simple example…
Imagine the life of a guy. Comes to work late one day thanks to a traffic jam that he had absolutely nothing to do with. And, instead of being compassionate towards him or even understanding of his plight, his boss decides to scream at him instead. And that’s that. Everyone goes back to their desks and the story ends.
Or does it really?
This guy then drives back home. And since he’s already in a sour mood, he too ends up flipping off a couple other car drivers on his way back home — thereby ruining their moods (as well as their entire days) in that very process. He then reaches his home. His wife’s made him an amazing dinner that night. Steak, cake, and a (not-from-the-yard) milk-shake. The whole dinner buffet, if you will. Unfortunately, owing to his having had his fill of pure salt for the day instead, the man is unable to see even as much as a shred of his wife’s love, her hard work, or even her truly caring efforts towards him that day. And so, he ends up snapping at her (for some random meaningless reason) that night. Great. Now her mood and day have been equally ruined, too.
IF ONLY all of this had just stopped THERE!
Now his wife goes and checks her kids’ (exam) grade reports instead, to have some change of scenery. Turns out Timmy’s got an A and Hannah’s got a D. Well, not only did Hannah choose a really poor day to get the said D, even Timmy had the misfortune of not getting an A+ or an O on that fateful night. And thus, both get scolded (for academic as well as other unrelated reasons) by their (now) pissed off mom.
Timmy and Hannah continue to let off steam, spread further negativity all across the place, and wreak havoc all around town accordingly (be it at school or elsewhere) over the next week or so.
But even that’s not where all of this even really ends…
Because you see, the very universe in which we all live is very much so ALIVE. All sentient to some degree or another, even though we don’t always see it all too easily with our own eyes. For remember, not too very long ago in our own recorded history, even plants were considered as being “non-living”  merely because they appeared to be all stationary to us all and whatnot.
So then, here’s what also took place during the course of This. Very. Story…
The very trees all around town absorbed these people’s endless streams of negativity, as they walked towards their schools and drove towards their (respective) offices. The wind carried it, and so did the waters. It seeped into the soils and added all of its negative-energetic overloads into the very food that was being grown in the said soil. This in turn (negatively and toxically) affected all of the foodgrains and fruits growing in that area (and even elsewhere). This in turn also lowered the very quality of the soil itself.
The said negativity was captured by the ethers and transmitted through the very skies; and all throughout the very length and breadth of our beloved planet, that too. And many upon our world who cursed chemtrails at great length and made enchanting powerpoint presentations in school about the many dangers of radiation poisoning, all contributed greatly to this (unconscious) cause of spreading further negativity, rage, fury, hatred and anger across all of our planet — through but their Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Words, Actions, and practically countless other forms of (unrecognized) Negativity alone!
And now, just go do some math to multiply the effects of this situation, by taking into account Every. Single. Being. that each of these people individually crossed or passed on the street, drove past, flipped off, or what-else-have-you!
What else even is Karma, but this exact energetic cycle?
Call it the never-ending wheel of (unconsciously) perpetrated cause and effect, that has souls going round and round in circles (of incarnations), until of course, one of them (finally!) awakens to the nature of our top secret code, and ascends above and beyond them all!
Which brings us all yet again to our great big secret code. The great mystery. The absolute enigma. The grand understanding that has been endlessly hidden away from humanity by the powers-that-were. The realization that changes absolutely everything…
E-I-E-I-O: “Everything’s Inseparable. Everything IONE.”
That everything that has ever existed or will ever exist is eternally CONNECTED.
And the sooner that you even really realize this truth, the faster our very world begins to change, and very much so for the better at that!
So the next time that you think up a thought, say a word, set an intention, or take an action — just take a quick moment to think and really CONSIDER as to just how many unknown lives “out there” will you even end up affecting accordingly…
…and all around the very planet at that, either positively, or negatively!
This whole discussion is not just about some “karma” or a“do the “right thing” (lest it boomerang right back to you)” type of philosophy or whatever. Instead, it is about the sheer power that all of you even really hold over the rest of CREATION ITSELF, and the sheer amounts of RESPONSIBILITY of wielding the said limitless power WISELY!
I mean sure, you can “repent” all you want — but can your hands go and un-slap a person that you’ve just slapped, only and simply because you couldn’t get your volatile AF emotions under control?
Sure some God or Master or Messiah or Jesus can “forgive you” for your sins or whatever — and yet, can they really turn back the clock and bring back the raucous streams of rage that you’ve endlessly rippled out all across (and throughout) the very fabric of our very creation (in turn triggering God-only-knows-how-many messed up situations, violent incidents, murders, and potentially what-else-have-yous) as a result, all due to but ONE brief moment of un-compassionate behaviour?
What if but just ONE of your very Thoughts, Words, Actions or Intentions ended up becoming the trigger that led to somebody losing their very source of livelihood, somebody getting domestically abused, or somebody getting straight up killed or brutally murdered?
What if your “brief little” domestic argument was the “inspiration” that got innocent little kids next door to become entirely traumatized all over again, by having to witness yet another violent and disturbing showdown between their own parents that same night?
What if the Butterfly Effect wasn’t just another fancy little “theory?”
Not ONE amongst us can ever really take back what it is that they’ve already put out there into their very worlds; so there’s absolutely no use whatsoever here in crying about it all, or feeling all guilty and ashamed of it all, now. However, we can indeed very much so choose to learn and grow from it all. And we can indeed choose to do BETTER. And above and beyond even that, we most certainly can choose to EXEMPLIFY this very KNOWING in our very lives, and also SHARE IT with absolutely whoever seems interested enough to even really LISTEN!
Our very world’s schools and colleges train us all quite so diligently in the many sciences of “debating” one another; but never ever do the same when it comes to teaching our kids the subtle and tasteful arts of being diplomatic. We’re taught to value Domination and Dastardliness over Discussions and Dialogue. With the one “C-word” that you’re barely allowed to even as much as imagine contemplating, a word known to the whole world out there as Compromise.
For here we are taught Counting before Kindness, Competition before Compassion, and Fierceness before Forgiveness.
Is it any wonder then, that a whole lot of our world now appears as being helplessly stuck and entrapped within such duality, polarization, hatred, dichotomy, and more often than not, straight up hostility?
Quite the grey matter fodder for our (collective) consideration, and even for our many (future) conversations, eh?
For it is indeed, about time that we all went and fixed it all.
For good!
And it is also about time that most parents upon our world didn’t just stop at merely “teaching” their kids to just “be good”, but also (thoroughly!) explained to them as to how it all even really, works, MECHANICALLY. And then, actually went ahead to truly and deeply practice what they preached — because, the very last people that a child will ever really care to emulate are, well, lying and disingenuous PARENTS.
Because, where we go as ONE, we do indeed go as ALL!
IMAGINE a world in which ALL are truly ONE — where German engineering meets Japanese inventiveness, South American shamanism meets Indian spirituality, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu meets New Zealand’s Haka, African traditions meet ancient Chinese medicine, and Canadian politeness meets American sincerity! What a world would that even be!
There’s a damn good reason as to just why our world has a SUPER FAMOUS best-selling book titled ‘The Art Of War’, and yet, not even as much as a single best-selling title that expounds upon ‘The Art Of Love’.
So now, let us ALL join our hands here together, and go RESTORE this beautiful world of ours back to the very highest imaginable levels of Sanity, Love, Light, Abundance, Compassion, Forgiveness,  and Peace — TOGETHER — all with but ONE impactful Thought, Word, Feeling, Action, Emotion, and INTENTION at a time!
DO SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD AROUND (using whatever means you so have at your disposal at the moment), just in case this article truly and deeply RESONATES with you. FEEL FREE TO ENDLESSLY SHARE THIS in ALL of your online and offline groups and communities; your chats and group chats; your one-to-one conversations with people; your Discord servers; your Tinder profiles; your LinkedIn pages; Forums, or even some of those highly active comments sections (of various posts, videos, threads etc.) nonetheless! BOLDLY PUT OUT THIS KNOWLEDGE across your very Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube videos, Vines, Reels, Snapchats, or even your local Morning Radio Shows! Finally, if nothing else, just simply TRANSLATE THIS into every single language that you so know of, or just go MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE to all those who have any kinds, forms and manners of absolutely any sorts of debilitating difficulties or disabilities having to do with Focus, Reading or Learning!
As always,
You. Are. Loved.
I N F I N I T E L Y .

16 Replies to “Can You Crack This (TOP SECRET!) Code?”

  1. Phillis Stein

    Thank you for such an excellent reminder. I immediately started humming Old MacDonald Had a Farm EIEIO! I did this as soon as I saw the title. Amazing how knowledge is hidden ALL over the place? Coincidentally, as I’m only reading this today – yesterday I ended up meeting a complete stranger, who I happened to park next to in the shopping centre car park. She appeared to be struggling with her shopping and so I offered to help, as she seemed to be in some pain. She didn’t really want THAT help, but we ended up speaking instead and I was actually quite proud of how patient I was! She basically told me many of her woes, and we really just had a conversation about how relationships can be difficult with families just now, and so on. So, I took the TIME to speak to this lady, instead of writing her off as a bit of a nutter – and we ended up having a lovely conversation, and she lit up several times at things I said. At the end, she said she felt so much better, and didn’t feel alone anymore! I suspect she wasn’t far off from homelessness – so, I hope I can bump into her again, because she indicated she would very much like to bump into me again. Had to go at that point, as I care for my mum, and she was standing out in the cold with me. But this passage describes exactly what I think you are talking about here. Initially, her trolley was strewn across the parking space I needed. Instead of getting annoyed with her; I’d offered to help her. Then, the next day – I see this passage from Era of Light! Thank you.

    1. Supernova Spectacularis Celestialis

      First off, this is SUCH A B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L story; and secondly, thank you SO MUCH for being a LIVING, BREATHING EXAMPLE of what Love-In-Action even really looks like!

      Stay blessed! And much, MUCH LOVE!!!

    1. Evan Nonge

      This is big, collosal, gigantic and maybe humongous as another superlative can describe it better.



  2. A2riversgirl

    Thank you, I have been unable to get this across to my guy but you have expressed it perfectly with a format that I know he will pay attention to. I send all my love……

  3. Harriet

    Thank you for this wake up to how our own butterfly is so powerful in sending out our love each day.

    1. Supernova Spectacularis Celestialis

      Cheers Harriet! 🙂 Don’t forget to spread the word around too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 💖💖💖

  4. Illenna Kay

    It begins with one….and one more….and one more….we have the spark to light the universe

    1. Supernova Spectacularis Celestialis

      Thank you so much Sylvie 🙂 Glad you liked it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. alan

    Hello and GO*D Day Family DIVINE;)))
    Thank you Don on your Mass CONSCIOUSNESS training on how important this is and when you are the cause do the Ho Oppono Pono and ask for Forgiveness of the other self.;)))
    Always Love. Grandfather.;)))