Yeshua: Love Revelation

Beloved humanity, you lights from Being, you heirs of Heaven, you guardians of the worlds that you are now creating through your decisions to ascend into the Light and to anchor yourselves in it.

I am the life, the love and the light – JESUS SANANDA.

The love therefore, the love is it, which ennobles you, ennobles you and makes you what you are: ennobled creatures born from God’s shoot!

Go and love! This is the supreme commandment, it is the only commandment that ultimately matters. If this is obeyed, all the other attributes, the “commandments”, are fulfilled, because everything comes out of love.

In this revelation, the fifth – it is the quintessence of all life – it is about leading you to begin to apply love actively, consciously and comprehensively.

That you get out of the passivity that you still give to love, because love was for you until now, a feeling that had to endure, that had to surrender, that was allowed to serve, but it was never allowed to be powerful and to expand before the eyes of the people of this world.

In the silence you loved, in the mute denial of life the love served you to bear this. That time is over and will not return.

You have passed through the times in which love was sold to you by the authorities, skillfully presented as a feeling of powerlessness; thus you remained calm and you endured everything that was made to endure, what was expected of you, what was taken away from you, always believing that you were thus corresponding to love, thus serving it and thus paying homage to it, in order to thereby bring it to life.

The opposite occurred, the inversion of what you thought you were doing, a complete inversion of a force that is powerful, that is the most powerful in all creations, the inversion into a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness.

The old religions knew excellently how to keep you behind the light and made use of love, which they offered to you and shouted in your mind.

Love, in that a man gives himself up, in that a man withdraws, in that a man resigns himself to fate, in that a man endures what is done to him by those who, because of it, allow themselves a life that brings an abundance of goods, while those from whom it was taken are starving.

All for the sake of love, since you have been given a false image of this living power.

The Catholic Church

the religion created by men to serve purely human purposes, is the guardian of darkness, for it has seized love itself, disguised it, deposited it in the shadows in order to keep all men themselves in the shadow realm.

Love that does not cry out has no voice, love that does not name the injustice is hollow, love that does not stand up and show itself, that offers the forehead where it is required, is impotent and in vain, does not do justice to itself and evaporates in the ether.

Yes, you have been held back, put off to a hereafter full of love, in which I am to expect you, but for this world you have been given very little only, hardly the basic equipment, because love is the basic equipment of a being, no matter where it is, no matter where it works.

Love is omnipotent! It is the most powerful, the most powerful energy in being!

Today it is for you to dissolve the old patterns, which still work in you, and to help love to new life.

Work with love! Please do it now. Go to the people and know that your love can do everything – create reality and life. But you are not to put this any longer – like your light – under the bushel, rise and be the love itself.

Do not wait that you become aware of my love in the hereafter, no, because this is to happen now!

Do not postpone it, because you are great, if you love, and you are puny, if you live only the shadow of love, since you call up the wrong images for it in you.

In the time that is now, world-changing events are taking place – yes, many world-changing events. And there is only one power that brings this about: Love.

Obviously, powerfully and unmistakably, it is now for each and every person who claims the fifth dimensional plane to love, to go and remain upright in every wind, to love and to create new reality through love.

Go in peace and with love, so you will achieve every change, because a peaceful heart and a loving being has a vibration 13 to the power of 13 times higher than a fearful person exposed to aggression.

Get out of the passive “giving love”, “sending light” by all means! Be the light, be the love!

In this end time, since still people with “right to stay” stay on 5D, still old patterns interfere. And you yourselves have not yet looked closely at many patterns. The essence of love is therefore still very hidden from you.

The people who are not to receive a soul transfer, but still remain on 5D for some time, are your teachers so that you begin to live the power of love.

There is only one ornament in being, which every being should openly display: Love.

And not to keep it hidden as before, so that you comply with the wishes of the rulers, so that you remain quiet because of the many injustices they have inflicted on you.

That is over, we are far beyond that point – energetically, not yet factually – but that is what matters.

For energy is timeless, and as you put aside time, you find yourselves in the energy that already is, created by your loving hearts.

What love is

– Love is so much and so much you did not think was love.

– Love cries out. Love intervenes. Love contradicts. Love acts. Love creates “unrest” where the calm that prevails is deceptive.

– Love never pretends to be modest, because it is the most powerful instrument of creation, and “modesty” is foreign to its nature.

Love does not explain itself, because it is. Love does not fear the other, it meets it calmly. Love addresses injustice, expresses pain, forgives everything, but does not put up with everything!

– Love endures and does not endure!

– Love grants and does not grant!

– Love is silent and is unmistakable!

– Love is in the heart and springs unceasingly from a heart!

– Love stands at the highest place in the village, is at the town square the highest monument and on earth the most deeply anchored power in Mother Earth herself.

And you, you have hidden this power until now, you have shifted it into your innermost; certainly, there where it takes its exit, but you have granted it this exit only too rarely.

The dark goes, if you meet the dark in love, not if you avoid this encounter and take refuge in the lonely perception of love.

“Call things by their names”

– how often is this proclaimed! Do this in love and through love, this is “action” and not the passivity into which you have slipped so far all by yourselves, so it was necessary to raise your voice, to give love a face, by naming the things that burn in your heart and lie on your tongue.

Love is the silent being in God and is the obvious emergence of God’s intention when it feels restricted, when it is hindered in expression, in the strength and in the power that it should be on all levels of being.

So love, you sons of men and you daughters of the One God. This is what you are called to do. Less is too little, because thereby you limit yourselves and the divine status remains unrecognized for yourselves.

Only through love are you divine – through the love that expresses itself in all forms, and not through a love that is misunderstood and only limits itself in its power, force and strength.

I am Jesus Sananda, my life on earth has been committed to this purpose, to remind people of their power and to bring them into their power, so that they may meet the dictates of the rulers differently and finally escape them, seeing through them as part of the deception, as part of the game.

Today, in the time when the world is uplifted, the earth brought back to the light, it is necessary to give back to love a new place, the place that is its rightful place, because truly: you are powerful, so you express yourselves through the infinity of the unconditional love that rises above everything and everyone.

Beloved Jahn, my beloved brother from the light, I am very much looking forward to the conversation* on this, for verily:

People will be transformed after they follow these lines and after they regain the strength and the power that love gives them.

Go and be servants worthy of love,
but also masters at the same time.
In infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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