Ask the Elohim the Questions You Need from Davey

This is a (1-2 weekly) Q&A for those on the path, who would like to submit questions for the Elohim to answer.

Dear readers, in channelling and posting messages, it is apparent that many have a lot of questions, especially after reading channels. I feel the Elohim are very keen to answer questions and reach out to those that need help or have specific or general questions in this time. This is free of charge, and I am happy to do this as an act of loving assistance to my fellow Gaian’s. It feels as if they are keen for questions that many could find helpful, but if a needed personal question is asked, I’m sure they would be happy to answer those also :).

I asked Kejraj if he would put this message out for general release. So if you have questions, I plan to do 4-5 at first (per message), and see how it goes. I may change that number depending on how long the answers are :).

So for the first message, Kejraj has kindly offered to take emails(email to for them and send them direct to me. But after that, you can put your questions in the comments section and I will feel through which ones the Elohim would like to answer first.

If you would like to remain anonymous or happy to have part or all of your name, that is of course up to you, so please specify when submitting a question (if nothing is specified, I will assume you wish to be anonymous).

Depending on how busy this gets, I may need to be selective as my time is a little on the limited side. But I’ll do my best to get the message from the Elohim to you.

My aim is to submit the answers each week or perhaps 2 weekly, if my time is squeezed. And although these Q&A’s might be published on other platforms (to increase the help needed) this is offered to Kejraj’s platform specifically and you will ONLY be able to post questions on Era of Light.

With love, peace and light – Davey.

8 Replies to “Ask the Elohim the Questions You Need from Davey”

  1. Paulo Urbina

    Hace poco se publicó en esta página una supuesta canalización de Aton, lo que más me llamó la atención fue que mencionó que un cambio del eje de los polos era inminente
    Es cierto aquello?

  2. Argent

    I hear often that the dark has lost. The light is the truth. And yet there are still so many psyops clouding minds and distracting light workers. When will the blinders be lifted? And please don’t reply “soon” as that answer is unhelpful. And what actions (if any) can lightworkers take to facilitate the awakening?

  3. Zuza

    Maybe he would want to answer, why transmuting dense energies is so physically painful, what actually happens there in our bodies during that process?

  4. Harriet

    Wow Davey – this is really wonderful, thank you so much! And thank you Kejraj and Elohim and Era of Light.

  5. Eunice Daniel

    I’m glad for this privilege, please I am new here, I need Elohim to; make me understand who I truly AM, ( starseed or lightworker); I feel lonely and left out with no husband, no children, no money to do certain things I desire. I really need help, I desire to live a fulfilled live here on earth to be able to love and be loved. I need husband, children and stupendous wealth.

    1. Chris Raborn

      I’ve got a handful of questions;
      1. Is the crystal light body transmutation facilitated or is it an individual process?
      2. If it is facilitated how can we be sure it is not due to manipulation into a “medically assisted suicide”?
      3. Is commander Ashtar truly the high ranking demon prince Ashtaroth?
      4. Is Sananda truly Jesus or is he “lucifer”?
      5. Are the 3 days of darkness going to take place on June 6th, 2026?