Great Quantum Transition: Our Socials

Interacting in blogs on websites, socials, and society, on a Subtle Plane we become a neural node in a network of connections, a cell of this society that attracts the attention of others, thereby jointly creating a neural web comparable to a crystal grid, but man-made.

Wherever consciousness concentrates, nodal neural connections, Portals and egregores are created through which gigabits of information are transmitted in a millisecond. Every person we meet passes us codes about their knowledge and experience; it’s just that this code is not always possible or necessary to read.

In school and university education, we go from simple to difficult, accumulating our knowledge through specialists who themselves accumulated knowledge before us. Professors, teachers, politicians, showbiz stars and other social butterflies are all the nodal points of a social network that exists on the Subtle Plane and manifested in physical reality.

One of the methods of artificial influence on this grid is the recently banned Facebook which decided to create its own virtual copy of Meta Reality and even named itself accordingly.

With its help, a virtual network of social connections was imposed, where the rules are dictated by completely different players and concepts than was previously possible.

Such networks are Matrices imposed on society, the rules in which are supposedly written by society itself but in fact are used to manipulate it. The wars of sofa critics about situations with the events of recent months and weeks are a perfect example of this.

Socials serve as a method of initiation into different layers of reality. We constantly initiate each other into our views and deeds, thereby activating the understanding of the issues of our life in others, and others activate us.

We exchange consciousness cells at different levels of reality, and this is normal. The more information recipients cell has, the more connections with the network, points and methods of entry into reality.

The greater the force of our attraction, the more attention we can collect as a neural network, the greater the impact on society and the network as a whole.

Meanwhile, the initial crystal grid is the creation of neural connections between the participants of not only a social (human), but also an entire planetary network, including animals, plants, the mineral kingdom, Nature Spirits, elementals, Guardians, Power Places, and the consciousness of Gaia.

This is a single planetary neural network, access to which is given as soon as it is ready and necessary. It’s this primordial crystal network of natural interconnections that is duplicated by Internet analogues.

Socials have their ecology. In them, the main defense is to use it for good, sincerity, without trying to create an idealized artificial picture (which is harmful), if we go there initially with an open heart, with the intention of a Spark.

If pure information is laid out in our blogs, then there will be nothing to connect to parasitic and vampire plug-ins. If a person puts the info or comment out of vanity, then that’s what he gets: plug-ins cling to vanity, and then they wind up like poison ivy.

Parasites are attracted vibrationally to those who do not go with the intention of just sharing info from the Heart. They are like guards, throwing out their warriors. It’s a huge vampire army.

The egregore of socials is initially neutral, it is fed with fakes but it can also accept pure information, that is, it can be a pure channel. If insincere info is received, then the guards are stepping in.

We can safely leave the socials; the egregore reacts neutrally to it. To use this network for good, we need to initially be honest with ourselves, decide why we are going there: to brag about us or find a reason to pour out all our malice and hatred in the comments so as not to be killed by them.

If we share info from the Heart, with the idea that it will help people, we go with an open Soul, then everything is fine. Haters and parasites will not even have anything to cling to, what to link to.

If we act from the position of our Ego, vanity, the desire to get admiration, envy, likes, etc., then the result will be appropriate. And, for sure, there will be a connection of vampires, sucking out someone else’s and draining their negative energy on others.

What we bring to our blog, we get in response. Any social network is a great opportunity to prove ourselves. But at the same time, it can turn into a big drain of energy through dependence on adoration, vanity, etc., especially, if we compare ourselves with others, and try to adapt to them.

Being ourselves on socials, posting what really resonates and benefits without waiting for praise – this is a simple and effective way not to lose our energy and not attract the parasites.

While using social networks, our brain secretes hormones of happiness, for example, dopamine.

That’s why many people like to receive likes and laudatory comments, count their number, return to old posts and watch the dynamics of the popularity of their blog or website.

If for some reason they stop growing, we wonder “what am I doing wrong” and start spamming friends with new posts, in an attempt to regain our former glory, to gain a daily dose of raised fingers.

For the same reason, many people like to receive text messages. They also bring drops of happiness, so the phone is usually checked with high regularity, and leaving the house in the morning without it is tantamount to losing the compass of life.

In other words, it is a drug with the highest degree of addiction, the lack of which leads to withdrawal. In the era of technology, we are closed from direct communication in our virtual worlds.

Socials project a surrogate of happiness, success and perfection to the outside world, assuring friends and, above all, ourselves, of a kind of triumph of perfection and rightness, but in many cases we remain in deep depression and loneliness, closed in our cocoon.

In a technogeek utopia, where any desires are fulfilled on-demand by pressing a button, interpersonal relationships become strained, artificial and superficial, the degree of impulsivity increases.

Therefore, we do not see each other and cannot determine the exact emotion of the opponent by a careless remark, comment and a double smiley.

Socials are dangerous by laziness, incompleteness, disappointment, emptiness, loss of interest in life and self-confidence, inability to learn full-fledged Soul-to-Soul interaction.

Any problem that arises today has a virtual solution. We don’t have to ask for help from a living person, because we are used to working with a computer, server, and application. And this suits us, more than.

The problem is that there are no instructions, applications and robots that can give us a real satisfaction to our relationships and goals. Sacred texts and motivational trainings do not always work, because we can go through and understand real lessons only in the real world with real interactions, through trial and error, and not by simulating them.

Hence is our craze for virtual realities. This is an opportunity to gain experience outside of self, outside of our life, at someone else’s expense or under someone else’s flag.

Checking email and incoming chats overnight first thing in the morning is tantamount to a deep addiction. Any addiction, one way or another, leads to a loss of energy, connections with the world, close people, our Soul. Here’s the flip side of socials and apps.

The Creator must look through our eyes, they must radiate, saturate the world with energy. But today, 3D Matrix to which we are connected looks through many of us. The eyes of such people devour, drink someone else’s energy. Their minces- Portals lead not to the Soul but to the Matrix void, the vacuum of feelings and life as such.

And they fill this void with malicious comments, other people’s likes, emoticons, because they themselves can’t do, offer or share anything new and can’t even think.

Of course, this does not happen to everyone. It all depends on the level and strength of the Soul and personality. It’s like alcohol: someone drinks all his life and copes quite well, and someone ruins for the second year. Everything is individual.

It is especially dangerous to post photos of our children on social networks. They can be seen by an ill-wisher, an envious person. The charge of their energy may well be enough for a breakdown, even if they just “looked askance”.

The story of the boy whose photo dad attached to the banner of the advertising campaign is widely known. The kid lost all his energy in a few days, the doctors did not know what to do; the baby was dying under the eyes of all.

He was saved only by a clairvoyant woman who, on a Subtle Plane, saw thousands of threads reaching out to the boy and pumping his vital energy. A child of this age simply couldn’t withstand so many karmic obligations. Fortunately, dad quickly understood what had happened: 15 thousand visitors to his website wanted his son to fulfill their dreams.

Comments and the egregore of the social network gives in full, if it is kept in working order. After deleting our account, complications, breakdowns, depression, withdrawal are possible.

However, just as any medicine can become a poison and vice versa, any aspect of social networks has many sides that are invaluable for obtaining a multifaceted experience. The fundamental premise is the balance.

Socials, as a tool, have many codes, levels and values. Every photo of us posted in it takes away a piece of our Soul. This is a reason to think about how many particles are scattered by fans of posting their selfies on social networks.

This is not a superstition. If a person is unconscious, it is much easier for him to lose himself, including through photos. Conscious people don’t do it at all.

If a man has several nicknames on the network, can each be considered as a double?

Yes. And then the effect is enhanced. Our persona in the network is so much our double, how much energy we pour into it. We can have 10 nicks, and everyone will be our part in the virtual space.

If we play poker for money, we can be connected to egregores of finance, gambling and many others. If we play World of Tanks for excitement, they can connect us to schizophrenics, we will go to the illusory worlds for food, hence the teenage gamblers who are sucked out in front of our eyes.

The more nicks and assignments for them, the more our consciousness is fragmented. We really create sub-personalities for ourselves with each new character and open up to plug-ins because the fractional personality loses its identity.

It does not know who it is and where its decision is in general, and where someone else’s impulse is. Where is external impact and where is our choice. In general, few people think about it, they just become a puppet. If earlier there were instincts for this, today there are socials and other egregores.

What to do in such cases?

To be as aware of ourselves as possible as a multidimensional being who knows different realities, but not one of them is not going to get stuck for a long time, not to fan out, not to stick.

Do not multiply your clones on the network; do not associate yourself with names, nicks, and passwords.

Do not multiply your images, especially with your eyes open.

Open eyes are not just a mirror of Soul; it is a direct entrance into the subconscious of a person, opening up the possibility of interception of attention, intrusion, and possession.

Only a true passion for our work can give us genuine fulfillment; only a genuine interest gives rise to a real desire for development that does not need reward and recognition, which means that it is unlimited by them and open to infinite possibilities; only passion and love experienced personally can transform, fill and turn us inside out. The rest are banal fakes.

Leaving any egregore, especially socials’, is fraught with loss of nourishment, which is clearly visible on the stars of showbiz, politics, sports, etc. As soon as they retire, and egregore lose interest in them, many immediately get drunk, fade away, and suffer from mental illnesses.

For this reason, many stars are trying to make a comeback with scandalous and absurd actions. They do not just lack the former attention and love of the public of social networks. Their sub-personalities and possessors lack a dose, which means that they can now extract it only from their host…

Put likes and comment on those authors who really give you something. This indicates your gratitude, maintains a certain degree of return-receive balance and motivates them to new posts for YOU.

**By Lev


3 Replies to “Great Quantum Transition: Our Socials”

  1. Linda Rosa

    Lev – This is amazing, informative, truthful. Thank you. I pray that people will understand it, appreciate it and adjust their thinking accordingly.

  2. Kay

    Artificial Intelligence feeds on data…it matters what we feed it and what feeds us. The main building blocks of AI are: facial and speech recognition, NLP (neural linguistic programs/written and spoken word), M2M (machine to machine learning), data analytics, VR/AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality programs), object and screen detection, conversational AI programs/social media bots, Predictive programming (news/Hollyweird), IoT, etc.
    What we feed AI, matters…what AI is feeding us, matters. Be Sovereign so AI cannot influence into Transhumanism.

    1. Linda Rosa

      Kay, thank you for your comments. I am most concerned for our children in these days. They are particularly at risk to be taken over and subject to dark entities.