Yeshua: Love Revelation Part 2

Beloved Jesus,

the 5th revelation of love, (THE LOVE Part 1) is the most beautiful “declaration of love” I have ever read, ever received, ever perceived through a word!

JESUS SANANDA: Good morning Jahn, yes it is the essence of love that is revealed here, the essence of love as you now begin to live it. The old patterns, opinions and ideas of love are going, must go now, as they no longer stand up to the light of the level you have now arrived at.

Love is enough for itself, love is! And this is now becoming apparent.

JJK: May I begin with the questions?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, go ahead, Jahn, I am already waiting for your questions, because they are at the same time also the questions of the people who encounter these lines worldwide, questions that arise and to which answers may be given.

JJK: So now the 3D earth, the life on this planet has destroyed itself, destroyed itself. I am the transmitter of this message, which may well “drag down” many people.

Very quickly these people get into the energy of anxiety, fear, and then begin to turn away from the message itself because they can’t get it together. On one side the loving Jesus, on the other side the Jesus who proclaims these things – am I hearing correctly, some people may think, or am I just falling for a false prophet?

JESUS SANANDA: A significant question, Jahn.

So let’s look at the context.

Many people are still full of inner images of what love should be like. Exactly what is expressed in the 5th Revelation is still unimaginable for many. They have such fixed fixations as far as love is concerned, and the fixations as far as the figure of Jesus is concerned are even more pronounced.

“Calling a spade a spade”, there is absolutely inconceivable for many people, to name what has happened, to describe it so that people are oriented, so that they know what is happening, is simply too much for many. Why? Because they were never allowed to experience it like that.

They were never allowed to live the outcry of love, always only obeying a vague feeling of “nice and sweet”, keeping the light under a bushel, ducking away, so one encounters an injustice or an event that takes one’s breath away – powerlessness, powerlessness, powerlessness. And it is precisely from this that we are now stepping out, that people are now stepping out.

Due to this fact that many people cultivated such a false and displaced image of love, which is far from the truth, these creatures do not endure the truth that is now proclaimed. They lose the allocations and their orientation, since my clarity does not fit into their picture of me, let alone into their ideas of love. Therefore, many then blame the message or the bearer of it, instead of that they would shine in themselves and look what is still there, what is not redeemed, what pretends to be love, although it is only a shadow of it, that shadow, which they were used to so far and in which they led a leisurely existence in their limited ability to love.

So these people also do not grasp the content of a message, neither the energy from it nor the light, the love, which I am.

They go into an anger, into condemnation, thinking that Jesus Sananda would never say such a thing, would never say that the one world will be extinguished, because people have decided so. They simply do not want to hear the truth, since they are not yet up to it, and this is due to the fact that they have not yet grown within themselves, since they carry their ideas of the old eras like orders in their souls.

But I say to you…

I am the one who names things, it is up to me to break down everything in love, it is up to me to give you a new understanding of love, but it is up to each one of you to accept it and to grasp it.

I bring the sword, yes, the sword of love, which separates the one from the other and assigns the energies, since it is me and since it is Archangel Michael who cuts all energetic ties to the old time – if you want it.

Because still the free will prevails, always it is you on whom it depends.

And another thing is pointed out here. Many lightworkers hardly endure the high light and they fall back into old behaviors. Every clarification that has been postponed so far is now having an effect, and the false image of love, which is powerless instead of powerful, is causing many people to slide into the hitherto so familiar concepts about it.

The power of the old time works until a being becomes aware of it. Then the ground is prepared for the complete solution.

Cycle of the independence

And still something works into it, many humans were used to receive answers to their questions so far. The consciousness-raising of the people brings this with itself. Many seekers on the path, many who belong to the “spiritual scene,” are used to finding a guru somewhere who will then explain to them what they don’t understand.

What used to be done by the churches is now done by the “prophets”, the gurus of this time, new high priests in a new dress, but paying homage to the old gods.

Instead of appealing to the self-knowledge, the self-responsibility, the divinity of a being, they emphasize themselves as the “great knowers” and explain sometimes this sometimes that, of which they understand sometimes more sometimes less. But this is enough for the “seeker”, he finds his mind satisfied and moves away until new questions are formed with which one comes to the chosen guru.

Thus, the cycle of unsearching just kept turning, it was shifted from the established churches to the level of the seekers of meaning on the spiritual path; new masters joined and new priests, but the methods remain approximately the same. That means, the mind is still taken as a guide to knowledge and not the all-knowing heart – and not even these answers are born inside, no, they are picked up outside from second and third parties.

Why did I always speak in pictures when I was on earth, in the time of the second Jerusalem? So that people could reflect, deepen themselves, go into their innermost, so that they themselves participate in the knowledge, since they bring it forth themselves.

And why did I advise you, Jahn, that you should no longer answer any questions of the people, yes, so that the people themselves enter into communication with themselves, so that they go into their innermost and do not continue to operate the wheel of restlessness, the questions that the mind raises.

So many people can’t cope with what is now.

It is the greatest paradigm shift on the spiritual path, because everything is within you, and nothing can you find outside that is not already there within you.

And then there is love! And love always has to do with the truth! With the courage to the truth. A loving heart is the truth itself and expresses this where it is appropriate.

And the truth that now the worlds go apart, some people can hardly bear, because they have worked so long for the preservation of the 3D plane. They have created “circles of light”, sent light, given light, created love. And now: Gone.

It is so simple, beloved ones, you have acted appropriately according to your development at that time, according to your abilities, you have contributed a lot to this upliftment that has started rolling because of your loving intentions. But now it is necessary to recognize this – as part of the time that has now passed.

Now you have to let go of the fixed ideas of what love has to look like. Now it is necessary to give love a voice and not a silence, which is oppressive, because this paralyzes and does not move.

In summary, the false images of love and of me create difficulties for your mind and create irritation in you.

JJK: But how can people dissolve these images?

JESUS SANANDA: It is always the one principle that works, that begins to work, if a person wants it. And that’s what matters, because know that many people hold on to these images in ways you would hardly suspect. They need them to be able to justify their actions. Because many who believe themselves to be on the spiritual path are really just on a new loop that serves the old patterns.

JJK: Often have the impression that many people do not want to part with their previous guiding patterns, I observe that too, but what happens now that they are elevated to 5D?

JESUS SANANDA: There is a time of complete clarifications, which has now begun. We have to wait for that, then people will be placed again where they feel comfortable, where they want to make themselves comfortable.

A large number of people use the equipment of the old time also on the “spiritual path”. The fact that they can never progress with it, escapes their knowledge, as long as they are ready to discard it completely.

As long as the answers are looked for in the outside, so long one goes astray, what yesterday the churches had done, today the new gurus of this time cause.

If this is seen through, then the turning into the knowledge, into the love and into the truth begins – into the reality of all life. Everything else is an illusion, because the way to God is full of illusions, if the simplest thing is not considered, because every question needs an answer. In this restlessness the silence stays away and only in the silence HE comes and puts the answers into your heart.

JJK: May I ask you to say something about how to live love “practically” now?

JESUS SANANDA: It is the simplest thing in the world. Be it!

That is, be truthful, undisguised and clear in every moment, express what you see, if it is appropriate, meet ignorance with the knowledge that has awakened in you, as a matter of course and without shyness.

Love is enough for itself

Don’t ask what it will bring you, don’t ask how it will be accepted, don’t ask, will I scare anyone, don’t ask about the consequences if you release your flow of love, don’t ask who it will serve, don’t ask about the purpose, about the meaning of the love you scatter, because love doesn’t explain itself to a dull heart and is self-sufficient if it meets an opened consciousness.

Be it! It is. Give up every “caution”, put away every shyness, it is the most natural tool of a being, so use it also naturally, and never put the love in the shadow, because there it does not do much and will become slack, blind and deaf, until it goes out completely.

Love is like a fire that never goes out, while some are warmed by it, others are burned by it.

And now Gaia TERRA XX5 is about exactly that. Love comes forth in a new power. This requires a new “understanding” of love and a new life of love. Powerful and determined, pointing out and clear, mighty and strong – and not everyone who calls for love means this love that is described here, because many still trust the old shine and don’t realize that it has long since faded.

JJK: The term “spiritual tourism” comes to my mind now?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, this one is still widespread. But now people are being focused exactly on this, so that they can decide, do they really want to stay in the light and continue to grow with this high light vibration, or do they still need one or the other “adventure”, because also the spiritual path, holds much; ready from the illusion, which is omnipresent, as long as one is looking for experience in this present.

The awakening has begun decades ago and now we reach the all-important point: Who is ready to look at the last truth, in which all “truths” acquired so far are examined again and must be also given up if necessary.

Who continues to define his new life with old parameters or who is ready to dress completely new and to take off the old clothes completely before.

Many “seekers” enjoy the “search” and do not want to find yet. These people are full of restlessness and no sooner is a question answered than the next questions are formed; the silent observation, the looking at, the letting be, grasping a state as it is, that is not their intention, they always let themselves be guided and misguided by the mind so that they are busy and stay busy.

Thus they believe to search and come far around, but never they consider the most obvious – everything is in YOU.

And in love, in the comprehension and grasping of love, the measure of knowledge that is granted to a being is revealed.

Truth is love and love is truth.

JJK: Have also made the observation that, as one speaks the truth in love, people simply fear the truth, slide into fear and then think that what is said is itself unloving.

So these people always deflect from themselves, shift the responsibility back to the outside and again don’t need to look – that, I think, is still very common.

JESUS SANANDA: Yes, as I said before, Jahn, it is the truth and it is love. In truth, everything is love, and before the truth many children of men are frightened, because they are not yet truthful in themselves. Every pattern that is still active is an obstacle to the truth, because for the truth one needs a clarified being, on the one hand, so that one can receive it, on the other hand, so that one recognizes it and does not immediately go into a defensive attitude, because an old pattern feels threatened in its existence.

Truth and love belong inseparably together.

JJK: Don’t know how many and how long we have been writing, am a bit tired now…,

JESUS SANANDA: We are progressing very well, Jahn, soon we will go further and the book will be complete.

Finally, I call you, you who have followed these lines until here: Your love is able to do everything! But it is not able to do anything, if you continue to limit it, if you tame it, if you take wrong consideration, if you limit its power and strength by your retreat. Do not make yourself small any longer, be powerful and sublime, be the light and be the love and let all people participate in it; equally as they experience it, so you claim your power.

The world changes only by raising love from the shadow into the light.

I am JESUS SANANDA, in eternity the One to whom all life obeys – since I am love. And you – you are equal to me.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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  1. Betsy Conger west

    These two readings touch my heart to the core. I have a new found love birthing within me that feels so real and like “coming home”. Thank you Jesus Sananda and Jahn for speaking the truth of love. It’s needed so deeply now by all those who are ready.

  2. Jack Davenport

    “So now the 3D earth, the life on this planet has destroyed itself, destroyed itself”

    Did you notice that happen?

    No, me neither.

    Keep believing Jahn Kassl all you want, but you are on a hiding to nothing.

  3. TheNOWTeam