Argorians Update: New 4D/5D Space

The space squadron of 25D Argorians continues to transport 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the fifth dimension in the Gerios Galaxy, on the Star Oryx orbit.

From the destination point, throughout the Gaia multiverse from 12D to 3D, powerful quantum waves arrive on Earth, forming a new 4D/5D space and the distribution of Souls in different dimensions in accordance with the frequencies they emit.

Argorians are closely monitoring these processes through both the Siriusians’ Lunar bases in 23D and on the Moon’s neutrino twin.

The squadron is preparing for a new change of vibrations in the channel between dimensions. The ships complete the movement through the ninth stage of the cascade filter of the third spiral (of six in total).

The cleaning of 3D Earth continues. The necessary work is carried out. The energies of space are increasing. The repeater-converter on the Moon works at full capacity, directing the Star Oryx energies to the planet. They change the fields of Gaia and the entire near-Earth space enclosed in a protective cocoon of red energy ERMA.

Earth has already fully entered the fourth dimension, although many earthlings do not notice it. A new SOLARIS has fully developed, combining dimensions. The buffer 4D space completely disconnected from 3D and entered the next stage of 4-6 densities.

Now, the entire transit 4-dimensional world has begun to move into the worlds of the 6D quantum level. The Time programs have been completely replaced. The planet is shaking, and even those who do not believe what is happening feel it.

The squadron command carefully controls the route through the filter cascades between dimensions. Ships and the 3D-12D planetary multiverse are approaching the entrance to the cycle change point. This is a serious stage. The whole team of Argorians is in a state of tension and attention right now.

The desire to save as many earthlings as possible for the Transition to 4D/5D still faces serious difficulties. Many people are not interested in the problems of the planet. They are completely immersed in their small personal issues of everyday life. Hence crime, aggression, anger, grudge, and wars.

This is the legacy of the last, Third Atlantis, which is repeated in full bloom. There is nothing to do with such baggage on a five-dimensional planet.

To accelerate the destruction of the remnants of Atlantis on the Subtle Plane, the entire complex of 144 thousand pyramids is actively used. Earth cannot on its own to cope with the legacy of Black Archons and their Dracos-Reptiloids Hierarchy.

For a gradual and less harsh transformation of earthlings, habitat zones in some points of civilization are temporarily closed. The radiation system of the planet is being rebuilt from wave to pulse, preparing it for a new rhythm and systaltic energies.

How it’s carried out is shown on the scheme.

Against the general background of the white energy ASTEMO, which forms the 5D Intelligence plasma from new information, Argorians combine the quantum spectra and corrects the work of the entire system.

The four-dimensional space of Earth is schematically depicted in the form of a square.

It is formed by wave structures from the yellow energy SFAS which eases the adaptation to the space of new wave pulses.

The segments are separated by golden LOBE energy.

It forms Temporary programs and the signal system of the planet, and soft of unnecessary 3D energy removal.

The four-dimensional space is divided into four radiating parts (on the scheme – the sides of the square).

The wave dark orange energy LEKAS pumps temporary programs for the formation of 5D matter.

Dark pink SLESURIS builds Matrix structures of five-dimensional plasma and contributes to its preservation, as well as impacts on the thermal processes of the planet.

The wave brown energy GLASSO collects knowledge from the previous stages of human development; and FIRSCO, the energy of the blue spectrum, cleanses them, and stabilizes a new vector of earthlings’ mental upgrading.

The wave green energy of FEASK runs Intelligence plasma, magnetic fields and climate. The light green FEARO creates new thought-forms in Earthly space.

The dark purple wave energy KAROS compacts particles and clears the space for 5D formations; the maroon BAROGS condenses the finished five-dimensional plasma for the new matter of the planet.

Plasma spheroids continuously move in Terrestrial space (on the sheme they are depicted as oblique dotted lines at the corners of a square).

Orbs of ready-made plasma of scarlet FERMO energy are building Matrices with new programs for info-fields and a new consciousness of earthlings.

The spheroids of the dark blue energy GRIKADO form the structures of the life support system for the 5D of the Earth in the red energy spectrum.

Spheroids of bright green ERGINO energy are cyclically radiated, awakening the vital forces of 5D matter. They accelerate the fluctuations of magnetic fields, equalize the energy of the planet, and regulate the climate and the work of the 5D Hologram.

The purple spheroids of GRASIMO energy synthesize 5D plasma, neutralize and remove side effects.

In the Mediterranean, which is spheroid Portal of the planet, the finished plasma is directed into a single radiation system of four-dimensional space. The pink-red energy with blue sparks GREMO (energy of Love) fuels it. On the Subtle Plane, it’s a heat emitter, affecting the formation of 5D Earth’s new life programs.

The system operates on the wave energy of the lilac-colored GLESIS, which condenses Intelligence l-gamma particles in space, and builds 5D energy structures from them through Portals. Green energy FEASK stabilizes all processes of Intelligence plasma.

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO transforms the removed 3D energies, separating particles with great potential.

The system operates on the wave energy of the lilac-colored GLESIS, which condenses Intelligence l-gamma particles in space, and builds 5D energy structures from them through Portals. Green energy FEASK stabilizes all processes of Intelligence plasma.

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO transforms the removed 3D energies, separating particles with great potential.

Into the 5D Hologram, the blue and silver BLISKO uploads the software of the intellectual development and thought process of earthlings.

Earth’s force fields are purified by the yellow-lemon energy SFARGO. A new information field of space and its structures are formed by the pink SLAGO impulses.

The spheres of vibrational ERMA energy (red dots on the scheme) are building a new Matrix, its energy structures and matter.

The Matrix (on the scheme – in the form of interpenetrating triangles) is divided into force spaces with different frequencies. 5D plasma generators saturate Earth with the energies of the fifth dimension with power fields. Portals, the planet’s core and the channels coming out of it are actively used for this.

The condensed 5D plasma flows through them, and removes the spent 3D energy and restores the stable operation of the five-dimensional crystal lattice.

Waves of blue and gold ERMO energy (the sinuated line in the center of the scheme) radiate from the Quasitron (formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea).

It dissects four-dimensional space to form an environment with a certain kind of matter, loading the initial Time programs of its development.

The Quasitron’s fields rotate to the left.

The interdimensional influence on the climate is produced through the connecting channels of Earth’s crust.

The Quasitron consists of multidimensional life-support parts with a gravitational (conscious) system that forms fractals.

It also includes a pyramid complex of Earth, connected to a Hologram field and a system for forming a six-dimensional space, where 5D is created.

Several energies are used for this. Namely, the dark blue GRIKADO, with the help of which the life support systems of 5D Earth are built; the dark red BAROUR, forms the info-field of five-dimensional space and new types of plasma formations in the atmosphere; the lilac GLEGES, cleanses near-Earth space from 3D energy and matter; the red-brown URBAH affects the processes of matter development on the planet.

In part, this information is delivering to earthlings through crop circles.

Some of the latest examples are in the UK’s counties Dorset (the planet’s core creates a 5D information field with a force field), and Hampshire (the formation of spheres of four-dimensional energy exit from the Earth’s core).

**By Lev