Benjamin Fulford Report: Justin Castro, Chrystia Freeland, Jill Biden and Others Flee to Ukraine as KM Collapse Continues

Khazarian mafia agents Justin Castro, Chrystia Freeland, Jill Biden and others have fled to Ukraine as KM rule collapses, CIA sources say. They have fled to avoid arrest for war crimes as their crimes against humanity become impossible to hide, they say. That is why “actors, actresses, rock stars, comedians and world leaders are visiting Ukraine,” another CIA source notes.

If you still do not believe these people are fleeing to avoid being rounded up, take a look at this Google Earth screenshot of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. That is clearly a facility designed to hold thousands of KM criminals. 

That is why their overlords, the Rockefeller clan, who were behind the entire fake Biden regime, are now trying to negotiate a surrender, Asian secret society sources say. In Europe, meanwhile, their other masters, the Rothschild family, are trying to get protection from their former slave colony of Israel by claiming exposure of their crimes is “anti-semitic.”

The problem is a critical mass of Jews is now aware their ruling families were deeply involved in the Holocaust (burnt offering to Satan) as a part of their messianic project to chase the Jews out of Europe and into Israel. They wanted to become kings of the Jews, against the will of the Jewish people. The fact that Israel refuses to support their campaign to create greater Khazaria in Ukraine is proof of this.

The collapse of KM rule in the West may be the trigger for something that has never happened before in our history. Russian, Asian and Secret Space Program sources say some sort of earth-shaking, mind-blowing event may happen soon, with some predicting it for this week. As usual with such predictions, we will believe it when we see it but, as we will report below, there is some extremely unusual project blue beam-related stuff going on in Antarctica and elsewhere.

Let us start by looking at the situation in Ukraine, where the last of the KM leaders are seeking shelter. According to Western experts, Ukraine has already lost the war, as it lost:

80% of oil and gas fields

All refineries and large tank farms

Fields for sowing

Coal mines

Four major ports

A significant part of nuclear and a significant part of coal generation

Oil and gas fields on the Black Sea shelf.

That is why the United Nations Security Council issued a unanimous resolution calling for an end to the “dispute” in Ukraine. Notice they did not use the word “war.” In other words, they are admitting it is an internal Russian matter. The fact the US, the UK and France are going along with this resolution speaks volumes. It is a surrender

Ukraine is now being dismembered. The southern and eastern parts will become part of Russia, while Poland and Rumania take over large chunks of the Western part.

That is why The President of Poland called for the abolition of the border between Ukraine and Poland. “There will no longer be a border between our countries. So that we can live together on this earth, building common happiness and strength that will allow us to repel any danger,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said.

The question now is whether Russia will allow a small rump state of Ukraine to function as a sort of reservation for the last of the Khazarian Mafia.

Probably not because, as Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on Saturday “The US leadership should also be held accountable for the crimes committed by the Kyiv Nazi regime in Ukraine, thus expanding the list of war criminals,”

Their crimes have been by no means limited to Ukraine. In Syria, the KM military branch, going under such brand names as Al Qaeda and IS, was systematically murdering men to claim their children and women as war trophies, says US Colonel Richard Black who was there. The KM 

(who want to enslave all of humanity), 

held slave auctions there where the highest bids were for children, he says.

In the United States, according to the FBI, 40,000 children have been vanishing every year for decades. Most of these children were probably tortured to death to harvest adrenochrome, multiple witnesses are now saying.

When this comes out, as it now is, there will be nowhere either on or off this planet for these criminals to hide.

Speaking about criminals hiding, let us look again at Justin Castro, the election stealing Manchurian candidate who tried to turn Canada into a totalitarian slave camp. Our sources in the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service tell us the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS) has been compromised by the KM. They charged a series of top generals with vague sexual offenses (all of which are being denied or have been disproven) in an attempt to prevent the military from doing their job and arresting the traitor Castro. The last straw for the Canadian military was when Castro and his KM cronies appeared to have murdered general Trevor Cadieu.

Cadieu was supposed to take over the Canadian military before he joined the long list of generals sidelined by spurious sexual harassment charges. Now, they are trying to explain his sudden disappearance by putting out slanderous reports he was caught by the Russians heading a bioweapons laboratory in Ukraine.

When we contacted our Russian FSB sources as well as Canadian and US intelligence sources they all agreed he was never captured by the Russians. The implication is this was a cover story put out to prevent the Canadian military from retaliating for the probable murder of a top and popular general.

Castro and his fellow KM criminals have been desperately trying to neutralize the Canadian military because their vaccine crimes are now being fully exposed and they fear arrest by military police.

The vaccine crimes have been written about extensively elsewhere so we will only point to a few highlights. The most important was probably the release of Pfizer documents that confirm 1,223 people died within the first 28 days after being inoculated with the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine during trials — and it was still approved for use.

This has already caused the first domino to fall. Rady Johnson, the Executive Vice President of Pfizer, has been arrested at his home and charged with multiple counts of fraud by federal agents. Will he sing like a canary or hang himself in his cell. Or maybe have a sudden heart attack from the stress?

No matter what though, the attempt to use Covid as an excuse to permanently enslave humanity is failing. As an example, listen to the avatar Bibi Netanyahu state that you have nothing to fear from corona, it’s all nonsense. 

That is why Israel said on Sunday it was ending mandatory COVID-19 testing for arrivals at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

To see what they were planning, look at this Covid concentration camp. This is located in Australia, not China.

In China too, there is a revolt against the drastic Covid totalitarianism there. China is facing sustained criticism and public discontent over its lockdowns. The Covid outbreaks are forcing the party to choose between the economic growth that has provided a source of legitimacy for more than four decades and Xi’s efforts to show China’s model is superior to Western democracy.

Asian secret society sources promise that big changes are coming. In the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos, a member of the Dragon family, is about to assume the presidency. He is working with the Alliance, and documents are being signed to release funds for a planetary revival, the sources promise. The ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte will also mean that David Rockefeller Jr. will lose his protection there, CIA sources in Asia add. That is one reason he is trying to negotiate a surrender.

The election of Marcos is just one of the major changes expected this week. Sources in the secret U.S. space program say something will happen in Russia, too:

The claim that Putin needs to go to the hospital and have surgery for a possible cancer is just a smokescreen. Putin has undergone what we might call an upgrade. When he actually shows up for the World War II victory parade on Monday, May 9, you will see the difference. It will be obvious. If a double or a CGI hologram appears, you will see it as well. Pay very close attention to what is being broadcast on the news. If the latter appears in the celebrations, it means that its upgrade is not completed yet. If the treatment is completed, we will see a younger looking man as early as Monday, May 9.

When this report was about to be published, pictures in the media of Putin at the victory parade made it clear that a new and improved Putin will represent Russia. So, if the sources are correct, there will be regime change in the U.S., Russia, Canada and elsewhere starting this week, followed by the disclosure of previously hidden technologies.

For example, the space program people say that babies are now being produced in artificial wombs. This will allow a massive increase in the human population in preparation for colonizing the universe, the sources say. The following videos illustrate this.

We find this disturbing, of course, but it is important to inform people about this so that a collective and democratic decision can be made about this technology.

Now let’s learn more about the latest from Project Blue Beam. Here, our senior classified space force sources tell us:

“A huge ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered in eastern Antarctica. (The area that has been very hot in recent months). Its diameter is estimated to be more than 1 mile. The excavation is still in progress. Next to the spacecraft is some sort of ancient city. This is completely off the radar. This recovery is controlled by Trump, Putin and the Alliance. More finds are being made almost daily. No one is allowed to enter the area. The scientists, specialists, and Russian/US Special Operations Command are not allowed to leave the area until further notice. News blackouts are in effect. This seems to be one of the reasons for the heating of the area. One is using the magnetic shift of the poles along with DEW’s from space, which are NOW controlled by the Alliance.”

The sources continue:

“There are many very old ‘things’ under the deep ice that have been buried for tens of thousands of years. Like the huge temple complex in Cambodia that is buried under the forest, but with a new kind of radar called LIDAR, SCIENTISTS have found it. It’s bigger than Angkor Wat. It could be the largest ancient city in the world.

Of course, we will try to get permission for a TV crew and a group of journalists to visit Antarctica to confirm that this is real.The sources have also provided us with a video of the “Northrop Grumman Corporation’s TR3B antigravity device.” The fact that they mention the manufacturer is a good sign that this technology will soon be made available to the general public.

Last but not least, we’ll share some more project-related Blue Beam images this week.

In summary, when the KM is finally defeated, a cornucopia of futuristic technology will be released to the public and quarantine on planet Earth will end.

As always with such things, you can’t believe it until you see it for yourself. In the meantime, we must all keep fighting until humanity is truly liberated.



23 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Report: Justin Castro, Chrystia Freeland, Jill Biden and Others Flee to Ukraine as KM Collapse Continues”

  1. D

    You are worshipping the second beast and Fulford is just another shill. Read the Bible and repent

    1. System Buster

      The Bible is a corrupted book.

      Please show me where it is written that the Bible is protected from being corrupted by Satan/Lucifer.

      Tell us where it is written that the Ruler of this planet is not allowed to alter the content of the Bible. Please! I really want to see that, as I have been unable to find that concept supported in a believable text.

      Those who believe the Bible is divinely protected need to explain to us why there are many versions that present many different concepts.

      If the book is not protected then it has been corrupted in the same manner as the rest of our history..

      Thus telling us what the Bible says is referring to a corrupted document from the past.

      If you disagree please present a cohesive argument.

      Why is the book protected? Where is it written that it is protected? And why do you believe that the Ruler of this world has been prevented from altering the content of the Bible.

      1. D

        repent and ask God to show you the truth, because we are not wrestling against flesh and blood. If you keep thinking materialistically then you are trapped into the spirit of the air deception. Also in Job , God allowed Satan to do what he wanted but not to kill job…this is to answer you question why the Bible is not corrupted…or your version maybe because you are not asking God to help you

  2. Nicole

    The Vancouver Times link is labeled “SATIRE” and when you click on that category you get a bunch more made up stories. Follow the link and look, it’s like the Babylon Bee.

  3. John Robbins

    What is the closest thing we have to the GFL specifically on Gaia at this point? Look no further than Russia and her supporters against a cornered satanic cabal.

  4. Lily

    Nice fantasy on the fleeing officials…but no. The Canadian officials are now back from their quick weekend visit to Ukr through Poland and continuing their great work of destroying canada. They did not flee, although I wish they did. It was just more virtue signaling garbage and biased judgments. Accusing Putin of “heinous war crimes” and how dare Russia celebrate the anniversary of the defeat of the Nazis, they have nothing to celebrate.

Is that because said Nazis are back or never left, and now are out in the open?

    Having said that, it is odd that they made a sudden and unscheduled visit to a war zone to re-emphasize ‘standing with Ukraine’ over a weekend isn’t it? And Jill Biden apparently wanted to be with Ukrainian mothers and their children on Mother’s Day. Umm…ok but what about your own children Jill? Are they such a disappointment? Also, she only met with Mrs Zelensky, not exactly a representative of said mothers/children.

    Also most intriguing how the UN appears to be downplaying the whole thing and avoiding calling it a war. I wonder whether this is for insurance reasons (as war losses are excluded on insurance policies)?

    Thanks as always for the interesting takes!

  5. John

    Thanks Ben stirring stuff and as you say seeing is beliving but i would rather belive this than the trollop on the media, much love to all.

  6. CJ

    BF has been saying for years, all speculation supported by vague headlines that may allude to what is being reported, that the KM are being or have been defeated, if you have been following BF you will know this. My question to you is “do you not care for the credibility of this Site, are you controlled opposition, are you a BOT set up indirectly by an Intelligence Agency?

    1. Viloyon

      “Take it or leave it,” CJ. It’s that simple.
      Why do you keep ‘taking it’ if it doesn’t resonate with you?

      1. CJ

        Its nothing to do with resonation, Fact is Fact, fiction is fiction. Fiction dressed up as Fact is speculation, are you happy with fiction, a pleasant sounding story, or will you only settle for the Truth? The Ball is in your Court.

        1. david k gates

          ……..and then the ego attacked with subtlety.

          Folks…learn how the Ego takes control at the mere thought of being attacked and how it then ATTACKS back to defend itself, often due to “perceived” slights.

          RELEASE the EGO and tell it to STFU because the human Being is in charge, not the ego


          1. CJ

            Ego, lol. Human is ego, human is a state of not Being, Being is Being, not a conditioned sense of self that is just a collection of judgements, beliefs, memories acting as a trojan horse called human, lol

        2. Evan Nonge

          CJ, philosophizing about this doesn’t help, I think you are RESONATING with all this, however, your are just still in DENIAL, hence the resistance. Have u READ The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, CJ???? If not yet, please do so, for that would serve as a Golden Gate towards The TRUTH.

    2. Evan Nonge

      You don’t appear ho have even the slightest CLUE of what is happening, hence your doubts. Yes, Humanity is to be LIBERATED, however, this liberation is TIED up with ASCENSION, and no man has CONTROL over its TIMING, except our MAKER.

      It is said a required number of PEOPLE according to The Schumann Resonance Scale must be AWAKE from their slumber land for the ASCENSION PROCESS to be complete.

      The Cabal pulled the VEIL over the eyes of Humanity ever since they CONCIEVED their SATANIC PLAN to TAKEOVER Planet Earth, and one of their best STRATEGY was to ascertain that Humanity remains forever in the DARK. To accomplish this, they used LIES, DECEIT, SUBJUGATION, MURDER, WARS, DEVIDE, CONQUER and RULE. In fact they used their Operation Mockingbird to the best of their advantage.

      The Earth Alliance is DISMANTLING a millennia old ENTRENCHED SATANIC SYSTEM that has somehow managed to EMBED itself in the MINDS of Humanity as the Absolute TRUTH. This is the reason why it is getting a bit longer to AWAKEN The MASSES, however the Lightworkers are making major in roads in this regard of late.

      It is all about PATIENCE, of which as a VIRTUE is UNSURPASSED by none. However, it appears like we are almost there. It has been a longest JOURNEY about FAITH, where Humanity chose to EXPERIENCE separation from its MAKER, and we have trying to FIND our separate WAYS back to him – It is called SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. This is the main PURPOSE of Humanity on Gaia, thus to SEEK for The WHOLE TRUTH after being BLINDFOLDED by The LOCIFERIANS, so to SPEAK.