Benjamin Fulford Report: Fake Biden Regime Collapsing As Bezos Bails

The end is near for the fake Biden regime as Jeff Bezos, one of its chief backers, has bailed out and joined the earth alliance, CIA sources say. This was shown when his Washington Post mouthpiece reported the truth; the Ukrainian government and military are collapsing. The Khazarian Mafia project to rule the world from a greater Khazaria (Ukraine + Kazakhstan) is thus now totally doomed.

The other thing to notice was the complete collapse of the Davos world economic forum and its sister organization the World Harm Organization (WHO) as they gathered in Switzerland last week.

The WHO was supposed to mark its 75th anniversary with a victory lap granting its head absolute dictatorial powers over all world governments. Instead, its’ top staff have been arrested for spreading bio-weapons, Mossad sources say.

The same has happened to the vaccine pushers who attended Davos, CIA sources say.

Let us look at who is being defeated.

“On the left, you can see the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. On the right, his father, an intimate confidant of Hitler, the industrialist and fascist “Eugen Schwab” (who married a Rothschild) in uniform. 

At the WEF Schwab boasted “The future is built by us, by a powerful community as you here in this room.”

Then the Rothschild propaganda news network Bloomberg contributed by once again producing a CGI/ avatar of George Soros to warn ‘civilization may not survive’ the Ukraine war.

What he really meant was “human domestication may not survive” as the KM project to enslave humanity is collapsing.

Now take a look at the CEO of Pfizer-Albert Bourla bragging his company is on track to kill 50% of humanity by 2023. It is a pretty good guess alliance white hats used a CG version of him to say that.

Bourla’s frog throat certainly seems to indicate some sort of (deliberate?) CG malfunction. 

Now listen to the avatar Bill Gates blow it by admitting “Vaccines do not have a long duration and do not have good infection blocking”

Next see Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia say “Smartphones will become obsolete. All technologies will be directly embedded into our bodies by 2030.”

Finally, take a look at Gabriela Bucher, Executive Director of Oxfam International say “Covid has been one of the most profitable products ever”

To me, it looks like they have all been captured and either being forced to say or have CG versions of themselves say incriminating things.

The following Fox news clip about Davos was sent to us separately by the CIA, the Russian FSB and Mossad, in a clear sign of inter-agency agreement about who the real enemy is.

While this Davos farce was taking place, the fake Biden was brought to Japan and South Korea to assert the line of control in Asia won by the US military in World War II. However, the trip was a failure because India refused to join a military alliance against China and Russia. Sources close to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi say India believes an iron age, the worst of all possible ages, is ending and a golden age is about to begin. They believe their best strategy is to sit back and watch events unfold.

Some of the biggest events are taking place in the oil market where OPEC and other oil producers have agreed to refuse to sell oil for KM funny money.

The Western Propaganda media tries to make it seem the opposite is happening with headlines like:

“Sharp Decline In Russian Exports Could Send Oil Above $150.”

The reality is that oil is now 30% more expensive in the West than it is in the rest of the world.

The noose is now tightening. Turkey has decided to attack US troops in Syria who are subcontracting from the Rockefellers to steal that country’s oil.

The boycott of KM funny money is why in the less than two months between February 25 and May 20th the US used 50 million barrels of its 532 million barrel strategic oil reserves. Every week the number of barrels is decreasing by 5.3 million.

This is proof of the reality the West can no longer print funny money to buy oil.

Statements of the West about Russia’s default are absolutely out of touch with reality, This is the default of Western countries before themselves.” Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Friday.

This is not the bankruptcy of the US or Western countries. It is the bankruptcy of the Rothschild and Rockefeller owners of the United States of America Corporation. Here is Fed Chairman Jerome Powell admitting the corporate money he produces is backed by nothing.

REPORTER: Are you prepared to say you flooded the system with money?


Yes we did

REPORTER: Where does it

come from do you just print it?


We print it digitally, so We as a central bank have the ability to create money.

The fact one of the first acts of the so-called Biden regime was to cancel the Keystone pipeline shows it is a regime only interested in promoting Rockefeller-controlled oil, not the interest of the American people. The Keystone folk are not owned by the KM.

Now Russia has captured 80% of the Ukrainian oil they were counting on stealing in order to keep in business.

In a sign of their desperation, the so-called president Biden last week signed a bill to provide $40 billion for Ukraine. The only problem is it turns out Ukraine only gets 15% of the money, CIA sources say. However, the Ukrainian people will be responsible for 100% of the $40 billion in debt used to finance this, they add.

Of course, the collapsing Ukraine puppet government will never be able to pay for this. Jeff Bezos let the Washington Post tell the truth about their defeat because he saw the writing on the wall.

The fact is neither the US military, nor NATO nor any major government is supplying the Ukrainian military with heavy weapons.

Even Israel is refusing to supply weaponry to the Ukraine

“Don’t be surprised if there is a military coup against Zelensky by his own military commanders very soon. It is already game over,” a senior CIA source says.

The distribution of proof to world governments that Ukraine was a center for bio-warfare against humanity is why nobody supports the regime there except for KM-controlled media.

Now the KM is throwing away 30 million doses of Moderna’s vaccines because the whole world has figured out the Scam.

This is the tip of the iceberg of revelations about the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, there have been ZERO Smallpox Deaths or Injuries in 40 Years but 5,755 Injuries and Deaths from Smallpox Vaccines.

Nobody is buying their monkeypox story either. Monkeypox is rebranded COVID injection-activated shingles, based on a PCR that is not designed to diagnose disease, according to a CIA doctor. This is taken right from the eight pages of potential side effects from the first Pfizer FOIA data dump. 

Isn’t it a coincidence that Canada Ordered 500,000 Smallpox Vaccines Just Weeks Before Monkeypox Outbreak? Never mind that smallpox was declared eradicated in 1972.

In fact, according to the CIA, ALL of the so-called Viruses are patented. Does this surprise anyone?

Africa never went along with the Covid/Vaccine murder scam in the first place because they were its biggest victims. Here, for example, the London Times reports “The W.H.O. Gave 50 Million Smallpox Vaccines Laced With Aids To Africans.” 

We also have more evidence that a large portion of the Covid illness was caused by an electromagnetic attack. Last week a French court ordered a 5G antenna (the article mistakenly says 4g) switched off after a farmer said that following the antenna installation, and 40 of his 200 cows had died. Philippe Molhérat, the mayor of Mazeyrat-d’Allier, who had previously authorized the antenna’s installation, testified in favor of the farmer.

The Chinese have gone on a full war footing to catch the perpetrators who killed millions with such an electromagnetic attack in Wuhan in 2020, Asian secret society sources say. That is one of the reasons why people are dropping off buildings all over China, they say.

We also see Adrenochrome harvesting being reported by the mainstream media in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria.

With all of this coming out, it is just a matter of time before the whole fake KM fake power structure collapses. A key is to watch what happens to the fake Pope Francis over the coming days.

Japanese military intelligence sent us this photo showing that Jonathan Pryce the actor who played the “high sparrow” in the Game of Thrones series, is now playing the real-life role of Pope Francis.

A source in Canadian intelligence said: “to the controllers, it is all a stage. They use disinformation to throw off the investigative alliance and keep the sheeple happy. They may have used Pryce on occasions in an emergency situation. They mostly use CGI with green screens and body doubles with latex masks” 

A CIA source said “the KM controllers may have used him if he passed their audition but only for brief segments. The important point is there is no pope Francis. He left this world a few years ago as I remember. “

When they lose the ability to foist avatars on us to create the illusion that the old regime continues, then it will truly be game over.

Here are some signs human liberation will come sooner rather than later. John Durham, the US white hat prosecutor has begun indicting key people behind the fake Biden administration. “This is just the beginning, they are singing like canaries,” Durham says of the initial arrests.

When Hillary Clinton Rockefeller goes down, she’s taking the whole swamp down with her, CIA sources promise. 

In Canada, traitor Justin Castro and his henchwoman Chrystia Freeland have already been removed, and in Australia, traitor Scott Morrison. Now Boris “Bozo” Johnson is removed from the United Kingdom.

As for “Biden”, why is the most important/powerful man in the world being picked up at the airport by Uber/civilian cab services? Where are the security personnel? Where is the secret service? Why is he carrying his own luggage? Is this the impostor who goes home after fulfilling his duties? Food for thought.

In another sign that the Biden farce has come to an end, the White House has declared that retired Admiral John Kirby “will be the new National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House. In this role, Kirby will coordinate interagency efforts.” This looks like a military takeover to me.

Now we see that the avatar, California Governor Gavin Newsom, has “tested positive” again. “It looks like he’s been picked up again. You can see from the photos that this is not the same man as the original,” commented a CIA source.

There is also a major purge of second and third tier KM traitors. Take a look at all the KM puppets who have recently contracted Covid:

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer tested positive for COVID-19

20 NYC judges tested positive for COVID-19 after retiring to Long Island | Reuters

Beverly Hills mayor and vice mayor tested positive for coronavirus

Charleston mayor John Tecklenburg in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19

District Judge Wolff and Police Chief McManus tested positive for COVID-19

Congressman Dean Phillips tested positive for COVID-19 and was isolated in Washington, D.C.

District Judge Wolff and Police Chief McManus tested positive for COVID-19

SAPD chief William McManus tested positive for COVID-19

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tested positive for Covid

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff tested positive for COVID-19

Galvez tested positive for Covid-19

Jaime Jarrín and Charley Steiner are among Dodgers broadcasters who tested positive for COVID – Los Angeles Times.

Detroit Tigers reliever Will Vest tested positive for COVID-19; manager A.J. Hinch sits out for non-COVID illness.

3 TWICE members tested positive for Covid-19 after entering Korea from U.S. – Manila Bulletin

3 TWICE members test positive for Covid-19 after arriving in Korea from US

Nelson Wolff, prominent SA leader, tests positive for Covid-19

Joe Parisi, Dane County executive, tested positive for COVID-19

New Zealand trio tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of Sussex warm-up match

The dismissal of these KM middle men is just the beginning. There is a related, long-term development that has been leaking under the radar. On Tuesday, May 24, Russia announced that it would reject the Western Bologna process for controlling higher education and develop its own “unique” model of higher education.

This is significant because “Western” higher education has been infiltrated and turned into a process of brainwashing, as any self-educated person knows.

H. L. Mencken:

“The aim of public education is not at all to spread enlightenment; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenship, to suppress dissent and originality.”

The KM, of course, is not giving up without a fight. They have staged more and more mock mass shootings in a desperate attempt to grab weapons before they are pointed at them.

Do you wonder why FREEMASONEN are seen at most filming locations? Do they openly give interviews or are they seen in background shots? Their blatant use of symbolism is their undoing. They believe they are untouchable. In reality, they are puppets who are pre-programmed what to do.

Even when KM orchestrated events fail worldwide, they are still very powerful. For example, according to Mossad, the Reuters news agency belongs to “Thomson Reuters.” This in turn is majority owned by Blackrock. Pfizer is also owned by Blackrock. So when Reuters says that Pfizer is not doing anything wrong, and they both belong to the same people.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper. Last week, Pfizer told a federal judge that Pfizer owns the federal government and is therefore immune from normal contract law. In other words, Pfizer has the legal authority to commit fraud that kills people.

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law

Then 12 “different groups” magically show up to oppose Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. Turns out they’re all connected to the Gates and Soros Foundations.

Current law is also skewed in their favor. For example, the Rothschild front company Glencore Commodities admits to decades of market manipulation and pays only a token fine of $1.5 billion. That’s pocket change for them and an acceptable price to pay for their business.

The KM is also still trying to starve us. According to Russian FSB sources, Ukraine’s ports are being mined to prevent food exports. They have caused shortages of baby food, chicken, eggs, etc.

For example, a factory in Kingston, Ontario, which received $225 million in taxpayer money, is sending all the baby food it produces to China, while Canadian parents are struggling to find it.

Taxpayer-funded factory sends all its baby formula to China despite domestic shortage

Canada also staged a massive train derailment involving 43 CP Rail cars carrying potash.

Potash is a chemical used as fertilizer, and fertilizer, of course, is something that is currently in great short supply. This kind of bandwagon sabotage is something the Rockefeller family has done many times.

Rest assured, however, that these criminals will be hunted down and their defeat is inevitable.

The only question is what will follow. We don’t know, but the people of the secret space program insist that there will be an event never seen before in the history of mankind.

So let’s take a look at the latest from the Project Blue Ray people.

The first is a very clear UFO that was recently filmed in Antarctica.

People connected to Antarctica claim that there is some kind of portal to other dimensions there. “James Forrestal, the first U.S. Secretary of Defense, was pushed (whoops, I mean jumped) out of the hospital in Bethesda in 1949 because he knew too much about Antarctica and its secrets,” says a U.S. intelligence program source.

Speaking of portals, here’s a video taken at a hospital in Thailand that shows a giant portal that appears to be connected to the sun.

Finally, a photo of three huge towers “supposedly” discovered on Mars. They are about 1000 meters high. The NASA images of the Red Planet are strong evidence of the existence of aliens, says the source.

At least we can say that the secret controllers are planning some kind of spectacular space show. If it’s real, we’ll all soon be buying flying saucers instead of cars. Stay tuned.



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  1. Earl Fisk

    This is more believable than mainstream media and if you’re watching that and believe anything there then you are a chimp !!

  2. Emma

    Pfizer (Bourla). The video i have seen says: bla bla bla … our goal to reduce to 50% the amount of people who cannot afford medicine.
    I dont know which one is true. If white hats has manipulated the video, its bad.
    I am sure Pfizer do feel like killing of 50%, but he may have said something else.
    I am sure Fulford did not change it, as I have heard the bad one once before.

    I really doubt he would be so blunt in public, but they are getting careless… so.

    1. Lily

      It’s sorcery with words. If they actually wanted more people to afford their medicine, then the speech would have been more along the lines of how they were going to reduce the cost to make it more affordable. That is not what was said. I’d interpret it as a veiled threat more than anything. And quite incriminating. Ben could be spot on with this.
      Also, no one paid anything for the injections – it was all funded by force with taxpayer funds and nations as collateral.

      1. Phillis Stein

        If we can’t get their version of medicine, then personally I would be very happy with that. However, I’m not convinced that’s exactly what they mean, because there are a couple of less savoury options I can think of, and knowing these guys, those options would be more likely coming from the particular clique we are speaking of.

    2. Phillis Stein

      So………clearly, the purpose is to awaken humanity, and maybe even some of the woke. Why? Because THIS is what we all came here to do, funnily enough – wake up and to know ourselves, and to finally break free of a system that has been an anti-human influence on this planet for thousands of years. In a nutshell. It’s not an easy task, so we must be patient. So, we are all making a choice in effect: Are we ready for the next level of the game? Or, do we need a few more laps at this level? The choices we make, the compassion we show, on and on are indicators as to which fork in the road we might take. That’s how I see the slightly bigger picture, anyway. The last part would be the higher perspective – because each event can be viewed in very different ways, depending on the consciousness and experience of the individual, and more. I think, for some of them, they’re in a position a bit like the Ukrainians, but some of these guys are smart enough to walk away from the table (or better still sit down to the table). Either way, the intent of what is occurring is good intent. I feel the tide IS turning. Things are moving very well.

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    Yngvar, sempre me peguntei como um cego não consegue enxergar, mesmo estando com os seus olhos saudáveis(?) Acorda pra vida !!!

  4. Yngvar

    I have always wondered what level of intelligence those who read this and believe it have? Probably somewhere at the level of a chimpanzee, no higher!

    1. P.S.

      So you’re saying you have the intelligence level of a chimpanzee? Because you took the time to read it and comment.

      You should really think higher of yourself.

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        There IS a difference between reading and believing… you clearly have a problem with reading…

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      Grow up, venture out of la la land and experience the shift in consciousness. Its wonderfull in the light.

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      Chimpanzees are very intelligent actually, and much nicer to be with than some humans!