Yeshua: The Kingdom Rises Part 1

The new kingdom is emerging!

Unstoppably it is on its way to you, it is part of a sacred process in which the light is asserting itself in the whole creation.

I embrace every human child who has been led to these lines with my love. You are honored, for truly you are unique.

In this, the 10th revelation, it shall be brought to your attention that the change on this earth concerns the whole creation, the whole universe. This “local event” affects the whole creation.

Why is this so?

Because the eternal struggle between the darkness and the light takes place on all levels of being. Because of the position, the location of this planet, which for a long time was at the very edge of creation, the earth has this significance. And therefore, because this struggle, the illusion of duality, was most pronounced there.

What Jerusalem means for world peace, Gaia TERRA XX means for peace in universal dimension.

That is, once the kingdom of peace has been built on earth and the transformation into light has progressed so far that even the last shadows have disappeared, then the whole creation has reached the point that removes the dark from it once and for all.

In the new picture of creation, the planets, all the planets, are restored to the divine order. And again here the events on the earth find a reflection.

The earth changes its face, where there is land there will be water, where there is water today there will be solid ground – everything will be rearranged; so also in the universal context.

The earth will appear at the end of the elevation of this universe exactly in the middle of the creation as its brightest star. The time in which the earth experienced its evolution at the outermost edge of being is over.

Be prepared for the fact that all calculations of the celestial bodies, which are clarified with the methods usual up to now, are no longer correct.

That is to say, as soon as the Earth is completely in the light and has repelled the dark, the whole universe rises into the light, because the Earth had to bear the greatest excesses of this evolution; the struggle between the darkness and the light raged nowhere more fiercely than here on this planet.

This explains why this impressive number of masters and proven light beings have returned to Earth.

The call of the people has reached us and we have immediately responded to it.

This call, voiced by 144,000 human hearts, on the basis of their free will, now allows God’s grace and makes our work possible, in the immediate presence among and with you.

It is not the earth alone that is raised, no, it is the whole creation.

As a second point it should be given here that every human being, who is stationed here on earth, is unlimited in his extension. Unlimited as you could not imagine it until now.

You are called “gods,” but what does that mean?

You are all creators of worlds. You are the creators of a multitude of planets, and all the stars you see in the sky from earth are named after you.

That is, the lines of creation, the principles of creation, through which a life experiences itself after it embarks on the great journey, run from the highest principle to the lowest principle; and this evolution is undergone by every being that detaches itself from the original source of being.

At first it is the highest divine expression and this co-creates in divinity at the universe, is ruler and shaper.

Then such a being distances itself more and more from the source. And the more this distance increases, the more the abilities to create decrease, until they are completely lost, until you have arrived at being human.

That means, before you can become a human being, you must have passed through all levels of creation from “above down” from the highest starting point, only then you have the qualifications to be allowed to come to earth.

Now do you know who you are and why you are so honored?

There are no greater angels in the universe than you, the human being.

The special thing now is that you are now starting the journey back. And again, it is the reverse process, you have to pass step by step through all the principles of creation until you arrive in all your creator power and divinity.

And I tell you, there is only one entity who has completed both ways, the way down and the way back, “up”.

He was the first and you know him: BABAJI EA’H SAT NAM’.

Do you now know what it is that you have arrived at and the uniqueness of this journey?

Do you now know where you stand and what it means to be human?

What predicate this is?

On the way down it is necessary to give up everything, on the way up it is necessary to accept everything. And this is what we have been practicing for decades, this is what all the transformation processes have been created for, this is why we come to you, to remind you of it, of who you truly are!


Do you now know more of yourselves and about yourselves? Yes, beloved ones, you know.

So go and honor your life, for it is evident to every being of creation that you have served as a human being when you return to the ethereal. And there is no greater order in being than that which is woven into your garment of light and which identifies you as an entity that has already experienced this journey.

It is revealed to you, in the 10. The one stands for the beginning, the zero clarifies your divinity, that ALL THAT IS.

And it is you, the beginning of ALL THAT IS.

The one who loves you infinitely,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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