Matthew Ward Message: Extraterrestrial Assistance, Ongoing Action, Elon Musk

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of you anticipated that by now some truths would have come forth, so let us begin by saying the international group working off-stage to rid your world of darkness is using good judgment by not publicizing their efforts. Be assured that everything underway is leading to the elimination of every vestige of darkness there.

We know it is difficult to comprehend that darkness even in small measure can in time become so massive that twice it caused all of Gaia’s life forms to perish and left her in deep sorrow. You can rightfully think of her as Mother Earth and all human, plant and animal life as her children, her sentient co-creations whom she loves and nurtures. She didn’t want to experience their devastation again, and during the millennia negativity deriving from darkness once more was accumulating, she kept struggling to keep her life forms alive.

What happens anywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and Gaia’s plight was known throughout this universe. But in accordance with the universal law that no civilization may intervene in the affairs of any other except by request, the myriad lighted souls could do nothing. Beings of light observe this law, beings of darkness do not.

Eighty-some years ago, when Gaia’s body had become so unbalanced it was at risk of hurtling into space and total destruction, she cried out for help. That was the onset of this unprecedented era in our universe. Instantly God authorized evolved civilizations to send Earth the vastness of light she needed to stabilize her axis and start ascending out of deep third density’s deadly grasp.

The highest universal council knew the dark forces intended their puppets on Earth to retain control by continuing the environmental destruction, disease, divisiveness and bloodshed that produces negativity. For long ages the masses had lived in a world of injustices, poverty, warring and fear, all of which emit negativity’s low vibrations. They didn’t want that kind of world for themselves and their children and their children’s children, and since it is their world to change or let be, they needed to know they are powerful divine sovereign souls who can change what they don’t want and manifest what they do want.

Therefore, light also was needed on the planet to awaken the civilization so they would know who they are and the power they have. Out of love for Earth’s members of our universal family, the first group of volunteers left their homelands to enter the global battle raging between the light forces and the dark. Dear brothers and sisters, some of you are those “first responders” and others are among the many, many millions that followed.

Regardless of how long you have been on Earth, you know just as we do it is not easy to live in a world where dark control is maintained by a double-edged sword—fear on one edge, deception on the other. Yet, as we often have told you, the vital mission you took on already is a stunning success in the continuum, where the peoples are joyfully flourishing in a peaceful, harmonious world and Nature is restored to health and beauty.

On Earth, the battle has reached crescendo. The Illuminati’s patented covid-19 virus adversely affected the populace physically, psychologically and economically, but it failed to meet their objective of killing billions outright. That made stepping up other activities even more crucial because the low vibrations they need to survive come from others’ fear and pain.

So, they are mightily wielding their sword via their mainstream media and social media propagandists who report Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, blame Russian troops for the atrocities and wanton destruction that Illuminati in-country operatives and hired mercenaries commit, and relay the fabricated speculation that Russia will steamroll through Ukraine and onward to conquer other countries.

The deceived public doesn’t know Russian troops, acting in consonance with light forces, took on the essential task of destroying bio-weaponry intended to eradicate most of the world’s people. They don’t know the troops are uprooting decades of Illuminati control in Eastern Union countries and eliminating laboratories and storage facilities, production and storage of chemical weaponry, and headquarters of sex trafficking, money laundering and worldwide computer hacking. They don’t know the troops are exploding tunnels and compounds after rescuing babies and little children held captive until they are shipped wherever ordered by pedophilia rings and for satanic rituals.

Yes, we have spoken about that before, but it bears repeating because many of those activities are commonplace in several countries. Ukraine may have had the Illuminati’s most extensive range of entrenchments, but they have clandestine operations and operatives elsewhere, too, most notably perhaps the United States, and, just as in Ukraine, it is without the awareness of the citizenry and the world public. Eventually that information will become known as will activity ongoing behind the scenes, including arrests, trials, executions and other killings of principals in that diabolical global network.

Dear ones, if there were another way to end pervasive darkness, Gaia and all other light beings would devoutly wish it to be, but there is not, not with the depth and breadth of demonic activity. There is no way to negotiate with an element of society that works secretly to achieve its goal to exterminate most of the population, make hybrid robotic servants of survivors, and continue jeopardizing the life of the planet. There is no way to negotiate with an element that has descended into such a density of depravity that they exist by indulging in unconscionable crimes against humanity.

The public, steeped in deception, is completely unaware of any of that and many thoughts are “send military arms to Ukraine” and “defeat the Russians.” Such thoughts are keeping violence going and that is exactly what the Illuminati want. They know this is a battle between them and the light forces and they have become desperate.

The fear factor in daily reporting of greatly inflated case and death statistics of covid and its mutants lost steam as the peoples wearied of restrictions and started regaining control of their lives. Since the dark ones require the energy of fear to sustain themselves, always they have action afoot that will create fear in at least part of the populace. Now it is “vaccines” soon to be available for infants, World Health Organization’s legal authorization to take whatever action they claim is necessary in the interests of world health, and a few cases of monkey pox popping up in different countries.

Let us dispel any concerns you may have about those situations. Scientists in the extraterrestrial special forces rendered as harmless as possible toxins and erased programming in the nanochips in the solutions falsely called vaccines for babies and young children. Not only would WHO not have the hundreds of thousands they would need from local to national levels to enforce compliance with any edicts, but backlash would be too formidable to handle. And, nothing at all in Earth’s energy field of potential indicates that monkey pox could become the newest “pandemic.”

However, just as the populace doesn’t know the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, they don’t know the truth about the aforementioned situations, either. Consequently, their collective thoughts about all of those matters are producing negativity’s low vibrations that are like fortresses between their focused attention and spiritual and conscious awareness. While this isn’t delaying Earth’s ascension—she is steadily orbiting into successively higher astral planes—it is delaying her people’s awakening.

This brings us to what many of you have asked, how you can help in addition to “just BEing.” Visualize Earth in golden-white light—visualization is powerful!—and send the light of compassion, hope and optimism to all of our Earth family. Send light to Gaia, too. Yes, she is rejoicing that the planetary cleansing underway is ending the long reign of rampant evildoing, but she also feels her people’s suffering, sorrow and fear, and she needs light’s healing energy.

Your contributions continue to be invaluable even beyond the healing and awakening aspects of world transformation. The light you radiate “just BEing” also is undergirding all truths coming to light, and that is an integral part of the cleansing process.

Dear ones, please do something for yourselves, too. Take time from busyness often to breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically so as to keep your energy flowing smoothly and body, mind and spirit in balance.

We have been asked if Elon Musk is working for the light or the dark. Well, “keep your friends close, your enemies closer” could be somewhat applicable insofar as the groups with whom he is working, but it’s much more accurate to say that in his drive to succeed, he needs access to the superstructures of both light and dark agencies so he doesn’t have to “reinvent their wheels,” so to say. In a third density world, money paves the path to success; therefore, he has been well provided with it so he can accomplish what he intends, and there is no darkness whatsoever in his intentions.

Elon is one of the few volunteers from a civilization that is not only highly spiritually and consciously evolved, but also one of the most technologically advanced. He is a brilliant visionary whose mission is to help Earth’s civilization “shoot for the stars” and take their rightful place as members of our multidimensional universal family. All light beings honor him and send light to reinforce his progress and overall wellbeing.

“Matthew, what is spiritually evolved souls’ opinion of abortion?” The opinion of anyone who isn’t living in your world won’t be given any credibility there. Nevertheless, we shall tell what evolved souls know, including that conception is the first step toward a potential life in a physical civilization and life itself begins when a newborn takes its first breath.

A soul that has chosen to incarnate hovers around potential parents and knows their feelings. If conception occurs and will end in abortion, which may have been chosen in the parents’ soul contracts, that soul moves on. This offers another soul the opportunity to enter the fetus so it can absorb the parents’ feelings about the pregnancy and its ending. That experiencing is solely the province of the three participating souls, and it is the same when souls know a miscarriage will happen.

Let us say a baby is born. Between conception and birth, and in agreement with the “primary” soul, a few other souls may take turns in the developing fetus to absorb the emotions of the mother if the father is not around or both parents if they are together. Whether the feelings are intense happiness, dismay or dread, that short period in the fetus can serve each of those souls as much as a physical lifetime would. The “primary” soul, whose cumulative experiencing already includes the mother’s or parents’ emotions during developmental months, enters the body of the newborn.

Now let us say the souls of the parents know conception will result in the stillbirth of the child they greatly desire. Again, other souls may take turns during stages of fetal development to experience the joy of the expectant parents, who chose in their soul contracts to experience the sorrow that their infant was stillborn. It is the same if the baby survives only briefly.

Our knowledge doesn’t mean we are cheerleaders for abortion; however, experiencing opportunities for a number of souls and the ease with which conception occurs in a third density civilization are primary considerations. Conception is a matter of science and spirit, which are one and the same energy, and since this affects only the participating souls, their choices are neither a religious nor a political issue. As a third density civilization evolves and dormant DNA strands become reactivated, conception will occur only when a couple genuinely want a child—the high vibrations of their desire put into motion the pregnancy process.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor your steadfastness in your mission to help Earth’s peoples awaken and support you with unconditional love throughout your journey.


**Channel: Suzanne Ward


12 Replies to “Matthew Ward Message: Extraterrestrial Assistance, Ongoing Action, Elon Musk”

  1. Lee Rasciner

    This is the first time I’ve read a post from Mathew & Suzy. Great Article.
    Thank You so much❤️
    Elon Musk is promoting freedom of speech; against much opposition from the dark cult.
    With enemies like this, who needs friends 😹
    It’s pretty obvious who’s winning.
    Much of the world; probably 2/3rds has left the Petro dollar system; and is functioning under a gold backed system.
    The mainstream media in this part of world is telling truth.
    The only captive nations left are the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of the E.U.
    The economies of these nations are imploding.
    Once The Ukraine is liberated it’s mostly over for the Cabal.
    It’s mind blowing the evil they had planned for humanity.
    One of the biggest problems with disclosure is the fact that most people have a difficult time believing that evil at this level actually exists.
    Thank you again for your article. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them. Hugs

  2. Phillis Stein

    Thankyou to Matthew and Suzy. This reflects my own thoughts on the situation here on earth, almost exactly, so is great confirmation that I’m on the right path to truth. I’m not quite there with Elon yet, but it certainly appears that he may be more light than dark, and it is my view that ANYONE helping our cause should be welcomed, and that there will likely be people who are playing both sides of the fence – after all, one does need to stay alive in order to complete one’s mission on the surface, and the Illuminati often assassinate (or attempt to) powerful ones who are working for the light. So, I had already made the decision to suspend any judgement of Elon, as he does appear to be batting for the light, and he certainly would be a good one to have on our side. Elon did however take one action in relation to Ukraine that benefited the dark ones – so, I’ve decided I’ll just keep an eye on him. I had already made my mind up about Putin, and knew he was fighting for the light and taking on much work to protect the WHOLE of humanity and, frankly, I’d like to give him a big hug! I understand more about what we are dealing with in terms of our “opposition”, and so I can understand why some individuals do have to play the fence.

  3. harrrrrie

    There’s nothing wrong with Musk. The fake news keeps painting him as a bad guy. Gates is the person to not
    Elon Musk is super smart, highly regarded by ETs and people who know him. He smart enough to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. He knows this is a 3D world and to get things done he needs to ‘work around and behind the bad guys’. Pretend he’s friends with them but not be friends with them. I’ve done that at work and school. We’ve all done that to get done what we have to get done. Make deals but not be illegal.

  4. Calgon Take Me Away

    The Elon Musk thing is just plain wrong. Makes me wonder what else is wrong in this reading.

  5. harrrrrie

    I had a feeling things were not adding up in Ukraine.  Why would MSM admit that Putin told all the citizens to save themselves and get out of Ukraine  before the Russian Troops arrived? What hell bent monster would warn the people to leave before he arrives to destroy?

    Also, once on TV they showed Putin saying he was not responsible for a certain military maneuver, he didn’t do it. What war monger maniac would say he didn’t do the destruction?

    The bioweapon labs and Illuminati crimes probably aren’t the only reason Putin invaded Ukraine.  I read Hornbecker’s belief that Putin wanted to keep the US out of Ukraine because the US military wanted to put missiles up against Russia’s border.  I bet Putin warned the US military to stay out of Ukraine and the US didn’t back down.  So Putin was forced to go into Ukraine to show he wasn’t going to let the US in. That explains why Zelenskyy didn’t think Putin would invade and wasn’t prepared.  It also explains why Zelenskyy doesn’t act stressed on TV news. He knows Putin is not after Ukraine, but is after the labs, Illuminati and the US armaments.

    The US media is so misleading and shoddy, it’s definitely under the thumb of the Illuminati/Cabal.

    1. Geoff Turner

      Exactly. Which now makes me doubt Suzy Ward. That is saddening because I had trusted her until now.

  6. TheNOWTeam

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    TheNOWTeam says:
    June 4, 2022 at 6:00 pm

  7. Diamond Black

    Musk is a grey area along with minions.
    My encounter with ETs concluded with the “virus” being the catalyst for humanity to rebirth wisdom and responsibility for ones own health and wellbeing.